Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette: Review, Pics, Swatches

By Emma | February 6 2013 | 26 Comments

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette

There is nothing quite like a new Urban Decay palette to get my heart racing, my cheeks flushed and bring out a feverish glint to my eye. Well, there is one thing, but it’s far too early to be talking about Tangle Twisters, so back to the makeup it is.

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette

I’ve gone on record as saying this brand makes some of the best eyeshadows on the planet – throw in a Disney collaboration and the chance to steal a little bit of Mila Kunis’ magic, and say hello to my latest beauty crush: the Theodora Oz palette.

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette

Inside a six-pan, Oz branded ‘Build Your Own palette’  (so you can pop out the shadows and mix and match them with other palettes in your collection) you get six stunning eyeshadow shades and a mini 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero (which you can check out here.)

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette

The set also comes with a get-the-look card to help you recreate Mila Kunis’ look from the film, and a Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora. Glossy, ruby-red and with a hint of shimmer, this is a gorgeous colour – but the eyeshadows are the real stars here.

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette

Shadewise, the palette comes with three shades of brown, which might seem like overkill, but could also seem like you’re getting three guaranteed wearable and universal shades – depending how you look at it! You also get a pale cream satin and two really interesting shimmery duo shadows – Jealous, which has a pale and darker green, and Spell, which is a glittery black and gold.

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette Swatches

Unlike some other brands, where the quality of a limited edition doesn’t always match the overall quality of the brand, Urban Decay have once more knocked it out of the park – and into the neighbouring district!  This is another beauty of a palette – each shade has the same soft, velvety texture, blendability and colour pay off that we’ve come to know and expect from the brand.

Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette Swatches

Theodora – and the more angelic Glinda palette – are both priced at €40, which strikes me as pretty amazing value, and they’re out now.  Do you need this? If you own either of the Naked palettes, probably not. But do you want this? Well, that’s a whole other question. Thoughts?!

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26 Replies to "Urban Decay Theodora Oz Palette: Review, Pics, Swatches"

  • LoCo says:

    Ok I know I slagged off MAC yesterday about the archie collaboration.
    But I love UD collaboration. The eyeshadow colours look fabulous. The fact that it’s a palette that you can pop in/out your own UD shadows, I think it a brillant move on UD part.
    And the price of 40€ for what you get is just fantastic.

  • littlesis says:

    Hellloo handsome! This looks just perfect. I’ve a hankering for that lip crayon.. anything to make me look a bit more like Mila Kunis!

  • Macloon says:

    I love the wizard of oz and all the Oz books.

    I didn’t know what theodora oz was so I googled it. I can’t wait to see this film now! :)

    This collection looks gorgeous.

  • EvieM says:

    I think it’s gorgeous, and the swatches actually make the colours look much nicer than they do in the palette. But I do have the Naked palette and don’t really wear red lippie so I’d probably get more use out of the Glinda palette. Still I wouldn’t say no if someone gifted it to me ;D

  • thefrog says:

    I’m like EvieM, I have the Naked, so this one is a bit too similar in shades. But I saw the Glinda one…. and well, my bday is in a month, so….

  • Andrea says:

    I badly want it…. it looks so sooo nice!

  • Babodpower says:

    I own the naked 1&2,and the Naked basic,the Smoked palette and the book of shadows 5(I think it’s 5 anyway) so I need another UB palette like I need a hole in the head! And the only one I really use is the Basics palette,I’ve used it to death since I got it. Just can’t justify another one!

  • beezer says:

    Nice enough shades but they don’t wow me too much. Since I discovered Sleek eyeshadows (through this fine website), UD has lost its shine, and my purse has felt less of a hit. Sorry UD, my old pal!

  • Emma says:

    I really want to see the film too…and of course I will be wearing Spell and the Theodora red lippie when I do :)

  • Shygirl says:

    I want it so bad!

  • Aine says:

    Must check out the Glinda ones but these are fab, would be brill bday present for anyone *note for sister’s birthday*

  • Jennifer says:

    I love this palette! I succumbed and bought Glinda’s palette, but I would’ve bought this too if I could have! I just felt I had enough browns thanks to Naked, so Glinda won me over first.

  • Peaches says:

    I am an Urban Decay FANATIC. I own, Book of shadows 1, 2, 3 and 4, plus the Alice in Wonderland. I also own the old Skull, Ammo, Fun and Deluxe palettes. I also have the 15th anniversary, Vice and Mariposa palettes. Finally I have all 3 Naked palettes. I did have the Feminine and ShowPony palettes but gave them away due to the dupes. And yes, yes I actually bought the 2 Oz palettes too. I have a problem. But I will say I use up all the makeup I have and do freelance makeup sometimes so it’s not going to waste! The quality is just so good.

  • Mags says:

    Repeating to self “I do not need another UD palette, I do not need another UD palette….”
    (Will probably buy another UD palette :( )

  • boo says:

    Feck ya’s!!!!want glinda palette so badly now and I already need new foundation and to get my hair cut and colored.thank god Feb is a short month payroll wise.I might just be able to stretch to it!!

  • Juleser says:

    Is this available to us mere mortals now? Where can I get it?????
    Tell me, godammit.

  • Betty12 says:

    Oh my god u read my mind. I was oohing & aaahing over these nearly all day yesterday didnt know they existed until then (whilst reading another article on here & made the descovery & had to google it!) i was v slow to get my naked palette so slow that naked 2 was out so i got that nearly a year ago in March. Have been using it since! Great. I used to be a divil for mac single eyeshadows. Havent got around to getting the basic one that I wanted yet & now this! Holey!!! I love browns wear them a lot. And after reading Babodpower & Peaches comments I may just by the bloody 2 of them! Tomorrow! If poss:)

  • babodpower says:

    @Betty12 Honestly get the Basics palette,you won’t regret it,I never thought I’d hear myself saying that i would repurchase a palette but if i lost or used it up(which i can definitely see happening) in the morning I would buy another straight away,I even use it for liner and my brows,and it’s perfect for travel.Can’t rave enough about it.

  • Urban decay palette What a fantastic palette. I am in love with this. The colors are perfect, exactly what I use. shades are too good !!

  • Betty12 says:

    @Bobodpower.. thanks I’m justloving the way you have so many of them!! I was going to get the basics one for my sis too (she hasn’t tasted the Naked palettes yet!)..Think I may be going to purchase Basics & Theodora on the same day! OH SUCH JOY THAT WOULD BRING!!! hehe. as my mum would say “well it’s not drugs or drink and if you like them” hahaha :)

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