Exclusive! Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette: First Look, Pictures & Information

By Beaut.ie | March 28 2012 | 43 Comments

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

Some of the whopping 66 colours on offer

I’ve had to sign two non-disclosure agreements recently: the first was to keep the Body Shop’s announcement of Lily Cole under wraps until they were ready to go public, and the other one was for this.

This? Oh, it’s Urban Decay’s May-arriving Build Your Own Palette launch, and it’s bloody bloody exciting.

Urban Decay 77 shadows

The entire colour range

66 smooth, creamy shadow shades in a new formulation with less binders and more pigment (they are beautifully buttery and you’ll have tried them already if you own Naked 2, for example) are re-designed to easily custom de-pot and pop from their pans to slot into the brand new six pan palette, currently available in one design, which you buy for €17 and which includes a brush, a large mirror and one shadow, Walk of Shame. Basically, you make your kit to your specs: you choose the other five shades and finishes you’d like – essentially, you custom-design your palette your way.

urban decay shadow single

The new shadow singles: the whole centre of the shadow now pops easily out and sits into the new palettes

There are mattes, glitters, shimmers, more neutrals than you can shake a stick at and lots of old faves are included like Oil Slick and Midnight Cowboy. Shadow singles will be the same price as now – €17 – and of course you can leave them in as-is if you don’t want to de-pot them. There’s no onus on you to do it all at once either; buy one shadow and your palette and build your perfect set over time. It would, of course, be a very expensive exercise to purchase in one go – €102.

the urban decay build your own palette case

The Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette: launching in a six pan version, it’s very similar to the Naked 2 packaging, sturdy aluminum, closes well and will be nicely transportable. Will they roll out other pan sizes? I think they’d be mad not to!

open urban decay palette

And the open palette with the included colour, Walk of Shame and brush. It’s got space for six pans, and comes with a large mirror in the lid.

urban decay build your own palette

For an Urban Decay junkie, this is exciting news. Better? This brand is cruelty-free.

(apologies for crappy iPhone pix – I had no idea when I was attending this launch I’d be previewing this so didn’t bring my Big Camera Wot Takes The Good Photos. But if you do share ‘em, please link back and credit, thanks!)

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43 Replies to "Exclusive! Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette: First Look, Pictures & Information"

  • Sarah says:

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAH- so expencive , so beautiful, so so mine :(

  • Sarah says:

    Amazeballs, they are my favourite eyeshadows, the quality of the pigment is unbelievable! When i can afford this i will definitely be buying!

  • Sarah* says:

    Hey other sarah, gonna put a star beside my name to distinguish ourselves :)

  • LauraLou says:

    Gorgeous, but so expensive! Think Ill stick to 20 eyeshadows from inglot for that price!

  • Aifs says:

    I love UD shadows. The quality is amazing. I really like the idea of choosing the shades for your palette. I’m a teeny bit disappointed that it’s not a little cheaper – like when you buy the MAC pans. It does show that their own palettes are good value. I’ll be purchasing this alright, but maybe not in one go.

  • Banjaxed says:

    Is it mad that I don’t care about the price of this – I still want it?!!

    I love Urban Decay shadows but there are so many of them that do not work for me (ie. with glitter) and this idea of building your own palette is brilliant!

  • chantelle says:

    Drooling (and saving)

  • Fiona says:

    So you can carry the shadows about as singles OR de-pot (!) into the palette? Fantastic.

  • Actionmags says:

    So pretty although (places grown up hat on) I am sure I have most of the shades from the book of shadows palettes – I always wonder how one shadow is 17 and the palettes around 40 … Wonky Maths

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