Need advice? The Ask Assumpta line is open! Blather: Friday & Easter Bank Holiday Weekend

We thought that the chocolate-induced sugar rush of the weekend might see a lot of fast typing going on around here, so here is a special Easter Blather, complete with her blathering bonnet! We’ll be back at full pace from …

Blather champagne Has BIG News: The Changes That Will Make Us Bigger, Brighter and Even MORE Beaut.ieful!

The times, they are a-changin’. Well, they are changing just a little, but we have a LOT to tell you. So sit back, pour yourself a coffee and let’s get down to business! We’ve been working really hard with …

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Sheryl Sandberg (Image courtesy of Getty and Bloomberg)

Horrible Bosses: Sheryl Sandberg Leans In and Speaks Out About the Importance of Work/Life Balance

I’m not a big fan of giant multinational corporations in general, but if they have to exist, I wish more of them were run by people like Sheryl Sandberg. The Facebook CEO was in Dublin yesterday, and I was in …

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NEW! Indeed Labs Exfoliator: Gentle, Hardworking Product That Leaves Skin Soft and Smooth. Review

I’ve had many a rant about my aversion to physical exfoliants. In general, I think that they are bad for the skin, and should be used only when really necessary. Some should never get anywhere near your skin (peach kernels, …

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We’re approaching a DOUBLE bank holiday weekend. This is not a drill. I repeat, TWO bank holidays and a weekend are just on the horizon. So, tell us, what are your plans? Naughty weekend away or blissful relaxation at home? …

A good night of craic in Temple Bar

Poll: Temple Bar Is One Of The Top Ten Most Disapointing Places To Visit In World

Today  the Huffington Post published their top ten most shite places to visit in the entire world.  Among them they listed Frankfurt (snoozeville), Casablanca (again snoozeville) and Disney World in Florida.  But right up there in the top three was …

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Woman eye

What Mascara Are You Wearing RIGHT NOW?

We’re not ashamed to admit – here at we are obsessed with mascara. We road test them, we fan girl over the products that get our hearts and eyelashes all a-flutter, we get all Pinky and the Brain about …

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John Waters (Image courtesy of Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

Guest Post: Why John Waters’ Controversial Comments on Depression Hurt Me Deeply

Last weekend John Waters gave an interview to the Sunday Independent where he expressed the belief that “there is no such thing” as depression, referring to it as “an invention”. Many people were horrified by the statement, feeling...

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cc creams

Cream of the Crop: Five Fab CC Creams and the Difference Between BB and CC Explained. Sleek, Bourjois, Stila, Max Factor, Clinique

Earlier this week, we listed five BB creams to help your skin in the transition between Spring and Summer. So today we thought it a good idea to look at some CC creams, and to explain the difference between them. …

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