Roulette Red by Rockalily London Ingnites Lorraine’s Love Affair With Retro-Fabulous Lipsticks

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rocalily red

Last week, I shared my beauty guilty pleasure – though the commenters with their Scouse brow confessions took the limelight. This week, I’m on about my cosmetic equivalent to a little black dress. Something I throw on when looking my best is essential, that makes me feel like the dolled up Lovely Girls of Craggy island.

My quick fix is a slick of red lipstick. Even the some of the men-folk, usually oblivious to what I look like, squint and tilt their heads – “you look … nice” they say, with all the eloquence and charm that an Irish bloke can muster. I call cac tarbh on the notion that it’s feminist sacrilege to get ready with the intention of impressing a few fine things. A girl has needs, dammit, and those needs take far longer to be met if you’re going the woo-with-personality route.

red lipstick

My holy grail lipstick is Roulette Red, £14STG, by Rockalily London, an indie English outfit that do nowt but a small selection of lippies – but boy, do they do ‘em well. The formulation is flawless; long-lasting, opaque and extremely comfortable. My shade, Roulette Red, is deep and blue based, making it super glamorous as well as flattering to my less than Simon Cowell-esque gnashers.

I do have a few more in my collection and, though I’m enamoured with Roulette Red, I’m still coveting others – particularly Besame’s Cherry Red. Admittedly, it’s mostly the packaging that I’m lusting after but I’ve heard it’s very nice to work with too. This, like Roulette Red, is a deep blue based red, the kind of colour that flatters my Celtic colouring. They also have warmer tones, like Carmine or Red Hot Red, to suit more sallow or yellow based complexions.

I’ve got a few tricks to keep my lipstick looking well throughout the day too. Here’s the dish:

  1. Before I start, I scrub away any dryness with a Lush lip scrub
  2. Then I rub in whatever lipbalm I have to hand
  3. I line and fill my lips in with red liner – Catrice’s 010 Ruby Red is what I’ve used here. This just prevents the lipstick from bleeding, helps get a precise line and increases longevity
  4. Conveniently, this lip-liner has a brush on the end so I just paint the lipstick on
  5. After one application, I blot, apply more, then blot again to make sure I get the best wear-time possible

I hope that this has redeemed me from the shame of my tacky-talon habit. Am I alone in conjuring up a game face? What do you pull out of your make-up bag to get heads turning?

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23 Replies to "Roulette Red by Rockalily London Ingnites Lorraine’s Love Affair With Retro-Fabulous Lipsticks"

  • Urchinette says:

    Nars’s Red Square matte velvet lip pencil is the most flattering red I’ve ever found – I’d wanted to find a good red lipstick for years because red clothes have always suited me, but somehow all the red lip colours I found looked wrong. Then I saw an assistant in a Space NK in London wearing Red Square, asked her what it was, tried it – and fell in love. It is VERY bright and really stands out but somehow it doesn’t look overwhelming. I strongly recommend it for dark haired, pale-skinned Irish ladies!

  • Right that settled it, I’m definitely ordering this! Gorgeous!

    My go to red when putting on my ‘game face’ is Dior’s Red Carpet.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Cornflake Girl – Sorry to have caused damage to your wallet. I’m LUSTING after Vintage Vixen by them too, but have to give my dad money and pay with his paypal because I ended up in tears when last I tried to use internet banking and I don’t want him to know the extent of my lipstick habit.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    P.S Bloody HACK of my skin! This was taking during puke-gate of 2012. Eyes are out of shot because they were full of tears :L

  • That’s a gorgeous red Lorraine, love the Rockalily shades

  • SparkleSparkle says:

    i decided to wear red lipstick on my wedding day a few months ago, and obviously needed it to last.
    i followed all the steps above, but inbetween blotting i also dabbed on Laura Mercier translucent powder ( i think thats what it is, white stuff anyway)
    i did the odd top up throughout the night, but the base colour really did last!

  • Lorrrrrraine-Haha! Don’t worry about it. Sure I’ll have to use my brother’s paypal too, I’m a disaster when it comes to internet banking.

  • Lornieloo says:

    Have to say Sleek Pout Paint in Pinup in my go-to red at the mo, it lasts and lasts and is a gorgeous classic vintagey looking red! i have smallish lips for my face (!) and this doesnt draw attention to that, in fact it makes them look oh so pretty and made up without being overdone! plus a little goes a long way so this will last and last!!

  • mademoiselle says:

    Great tip SparkleSparkle. I love red lippy, I was given three shades from Inglot, Dior and Chanel for Christmas. In the early throes of passion however so completely unable to wear red lippy around himself.

  • Lisa says:

    Another big red lippie fan here – Nars Red Square (as recommended to me by urchinette!) is fabulous, also Cruella (a darker red) in the same Velvet Matte line. Big fan of Poppy King’s reds as well. Why no, I don’t have a lipstick problem, no, no, no…

    Now coveting those Rockalily shades, of course!

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