Tell The Truth and Shame The Divil: What’s Your Secret Beauty Guilty Pleasure?

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tacky nails!

I was a bit anxious about contributing this post. I have a healthy fear of my fellow readers, seeing as you’re quite a stylish-non-word-mincing-bunch. The fact of the matter is, I have a guilty pleasure.

It probably goes without saying, seeing as they are photographed here in all their square and shimmery glory – but my guilty pleasure is my big fake nail habit. Not just that, they’ve got to be coated in some acid bright or eye-catching glitter. Currently, I have a few coats of the bargain-tastic Blue Addicted by Essence, €1.29, on there in all its Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe dupe-based glory.

I like them to be terribly long, square and impractical. I have no idea what I enjoy about tacky talons. I just feel a bit fancier with them, even though I know most of you are giving side-eyes to your computer screens.

Slag you might, I know I’m not alone. Everyone I know has a guilty pleasure; a few shades too far with the self tanner, a heavier hand than needed with the blusher or going a few inches too high with the brow pencil. I think most of us have something that we know wouldn’t feature on the front cover of Vogue but that makes us feel more dolled up.

So, go on, don’t say I’m the only one – what’s your guilty beauty pleasure?


Occasionally we confess our sins to high priestess Estee Lauder (RIP). In these posts we dish on all the god-awful sins we have committed (wipes usage, spot picking, brow plucking till they bleed etc) – and you lot dish as well. Oh they’re juicy auld reads:


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55 Replies to "Tell The Truth and Shame The Divil: What’s Your Secret Beauty Guilty Pleasure?"

  • missyL says:

    hair backcombed unnaturally high with hair extensions and an aspiration to sometimes look like im in TOWIE

  • tabitha says:

    big tacky nails are the BIZ!

  • Audrey says:

    I have this habit too… My nails are veryyy long right now and covered in OPI Rainbow Connection, sparkle galore!! I think it defintely makes typing, or anything monotonous more fun :D

  • Miss female says:

    I love my gels the longer the better! Right now I’m purples pink glittery

  • Facewipes, all the time.

    Not waxing anything. Shaving rarely.

    Sleeping in my make-up, regularly.

    Not using body moisturiser.

    Biting my nails into shape instead of using a…whatdyamacallit?

    Not knowing what the thing is that shapes nails.


    Using too much eye make-up and feeling naked without it.

  • Rose says:

    @Karen your funny :)
    I’m guilty of make-up of all sorts and brands if its new i have to have it and my make-up bag has to be clean “always”i.e no dirty sponges,eyeshadow or powder products all over in inside of the bag,clean brushes etc its a must :)

  • AmberingRose says:

    I take the ”smokey eye” to a whole new level for a night out :(
    Bourjois intense black eyeshadow and mac satin taupe is a fav not to mention the big eyelashes oh the shame!!

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Use facewipes whenever I stay at himself’s place (cannot be bothered carting all my stuff over & less scary for me to just leave them). I never moisturise my face at night. My biggest proper guilty pleasure though is nailvarnishes of any kind. I have so many its ridiculous. And a lot of them are really similar colours. I have a problem & I fully embrace it! :)

  • glitzfrau says:

    Preposterously Mrs. Doyle-esque bright blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Or scarlet mouth and green eyes. Or anything that makes me look like a child with a posh paintbox. I can’t abide minimalism.

  • LauraLou says:

    I never body moisturise & i ALWAYS pick my nailvarnish off my nails

  • Sabrina says:

    Mafia wife! I try, but sometimes I can’t fight it. Fake tan, smokey eye and back combing like a mad thing.

  • Cat says:

    Yeah, sometimes it’s definitely wearing a little too much blusher.

    Or, on the contrary, packing on the concealer and/or powder if i’m going on a night out where I know there’ll be lots of photos. In the flesh I obviously look like a total cakeface, but in the photos it looks flawless – worth the risk considering you know the photos will end up on Facebook within a few hours!

  • Amy says:

    Are we meant to moisturise at night too? oh God…

  • OtherMary says:

    Nail polish! I meticulously do a manicure every Sunday with all the bells and whistles but it usually starts chipping a wee bit at around Thursday and I cannot be bothered to take it off. I pretend this is not happening. Otherwise known as the “real French manicure”.

  • Caitríona says:

    My biggest sin is wearing too much when I go on nights out. I have my day look down- Garnier BB, benefit big beautiful eyes, concealer, NARS Orgasm, Hypnose mascara and Benefit Life on the A List gloss. Nights out, I go to town a bit. I wear heavier foundation (Mac Studio sculpt so nothing crazy but considerably heavier than my day look) and then I go crazy spots/blemishes. Layers of concealer (I think it’ll make it all last longer), then powder. Then comes the worst bit, I always wear lipstick and lots of eyeshadow. Mortal sin, I know! I usually wear pale, nudey lip colour so it’s not too bad but I love a bright lipstick sometimes and I just can’t do without my smokey eyes on a night out. I look like death in photos without them! I tone it down to grey or browns from black but still. It should really be a neutral eye with bright lipstick but whatever!

  • Rosie says:

    addicted to facewipes and I sometimes put foundation on with my fingers even though I have brushes, oh the horror!

  • daiseeboo says:

    I also love square tacky nails. I’m guilty of letting them grow that little bit too long because I just love having long nails and then painting them in the tackiest/sparkliest polish I can find or going mental with some nail art. Every few weeks I feel guilty and file them back to a more respectable length and use a more neutral nail colour but it’s not long before I give in again.

    Audrey – I also like to have them painted up all pretty when I have lots of typing to do, the fact that I can look at them all sparkly and shiny tapping away on the keys makes me much more productive. :)

  • KittyTan says:

    Oh god! Oh the SHAME!

    Face Wipes (ALL THE TIME)
    Self confessed tanorexic (the darker the better)
    Picking off nail varnish
    NEVER moisturise at night
    Have SHREK toes (except for the cople of times a year I get them Shellac’d for a special occasion)
    Not being able to leave a spot alone!

    Jaysis I sound awful really!

  • RiRi says:

    Too much blusher, actually more the better. But I am very guilty of buying a foundation shade lighter than my skintone. I have seen pictures of me where my face is whiter than my neck, ohh the horror

  • girls world says:

    Been wearing HD brows since I was sixteen. So I’m either way ahead of time or just been sporting the most precision engineered brows since way before they r in fashion.
    Nailpolish – New in – then I just have to have it. Thats it.
    Baby wipes to remove make up. No body moisturiser till about May, stops in about September. Crocodile skin for the other months.
    OTT make up on school pick ups. I’m sure i look like a prat, but putting it on is so much fun!

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