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Mascara: Have You Met One That Can Be Layered & Go From Day to Night?

By | April 6 2012 | 15 Comments

mascara from avon and mac

Legging it out of the office the other evening to meet a pal for a bite of food and a catch up, I was hurriedly refreshing my makeup in the loo. It’s easy enough to do a patch-up with a bit of concealer, tidy liner and shadow and re-apply lipstick, but mascara is a whole other beast, isn’t it?

In fact, dear Beaut.ies, I’d wager there are very few of ‘em out there that you can apply in the morning and then add another layer or two later that day without your lashes turning into really horrible-looking clumpy spiders legs of awfulness. I’ve learned this the hard way: Benefit’s They’re Real is definitely not one that you can do a touch-up on for example but recently, and quite by accident I’ve discovered two that play fair with reapplication.

New from Avon is Super Extend Extreme Mascara which is in the April catalogue for €12. It’s actually not that spectac a product but it’s fine for some definition and light volume for day. What I’ve noticed about it – and what you might have guessed, y’know, cos of the subject of this post – is that it doesn’t have a tantrum if you add some more a few hours later. And I appreciate that. Thanks guys.

The other one that plays well all day is Mac’s Opulash, €16.50. Not a new or terribly well-named product, I don’t find this very opulash-y at all as it happens, but I do like the soft effect it gives for daytime and have rediscovered its ways of late. Again, it’s calm under duress and doesn’t baulk when you layer some more on.

I suspect the reason both of these are layerable is that they’re not waterproof, they feel quite soft on the lashes and they don’t do that that crunchy, setty thing that some mascaras do – you can never successfully add more with those sorts once they’re dry.

So – there endeth the results of my Extremely Scientific mascarasperiment. Do you have a favourite lash-flatterer you like to layer? Or one that’s really dreadful and should be avoided in a day-to-night makeup bag at all costs? Tell us in a comment!

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15 Replies to "Mascara: Have You Met One That Can Be Layered & Go From Day to Night?"

  • I think Bourjois – Volume Glamour is the nicest, most “layereble” and trustworthy mascara out there. It also doesn’t flake easily and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, which I higly appreciate :)

  • I use Dior Iconic and I think it’s super! I layer it up at every opportunity and it always looks great! I think mascaras work differently on everyone. This one suits me and my lashes always look nice and long, never clumpy or grubby ?

  • I agree with Cristina..bourjois volume is defo buildable..x

  • I am someone who applies mascara once and never applies any more after that. Funnily enough I actually like the clumpy spidery dramatic lash look and have been achieving it using Bourjois Volume Fast and Perfect ONCE. So definitely not one I’d recommend for layering!

    I own a Collection 2000 Skyscraper mascara that I got in 3 for 2 at Boots and was disappointed with. It elongates lashes but they stay very thin and separated. I’d imagine you could easily layer one like that!

  • Put some vaseline on your lashes a few minutes before you reapply mascara, it makes a difference, softens them up so the spider effect doesnt happen!

  • Bring your eyelash curler and recurl. Dramatic difference!

  • Ooh, I’d be skeeered of recurling. In my youth I used to curl after mascara and only copped it wasnt a good idea when all my lashes broke off.

    Have just discovered a good one for layering later is the new MF 24 hr False Lash. No scary bristly clumpiness.

    But I only discovered that after a day of frustration at how un-mascara’d they looked so I finally cracked and whacked more on. Falsh Lash effect me arse!

  • Clinique high impact mascara. My holy grail of mascaras for sure!

  • Boots no7 lash adapt is great to relayer

  • Dior iconic (if that’s the one in the silver tube!)
    The brush really separates the lashes so it’s fab for layering and not clumping.
    It’s really good

  • Another vote for dior iconic, and the new one, new look is good too but thickens a lot where as iconic is more fluttery.

    I saw a girl in the back part of harvey nichols applying one of their mascaras one day and it looked amazing. I think i’ll go back and get that next, but don’t know which one it is!!!

  • My vote is for Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Volume and Length. It’s my favourite, separates nicely, gives looong, uplifted, thick black lashes that don’t stick together. Just lovely, cheap, and I like the brush which is not a bog bottle, but a plastic wand.

  • MaxFactor False Lash Effect. I used to think that people who applied multiple ‘coats’ of mascara were mad until I started using this. It really rewards building up – you can either be fairly natural or get a proper doll-eyed effect without looking spidery. This is what happens when you listen to Lisa Eldridge!

  • I made the mistake with the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara. I absolutely love the effect of it but it is impossible to get off the next day and as you said cannot be reapplied. I usually use Bad Gal that morning and then They’re Real at night time as a top up. I am so gonna try the advice above! Thanks!

  • Max Factor False Lash Effect is great for layering and for reapplication – Dior show layers and reapplies well too but it’s not as good as the False Lash Effect!


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