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Lash Stash: Four mascaras I’m loving right now

By | April 30 2012 | 41 Comments


I didn’t know until recently that people intentionally avoided having full on lashes. Spider lashes? No, I’ll take monster tarantula legs any day – but I suppose other people have a lower standard of what’s appropriate during the day than I do. I blame my goth phase.

Anyway since I found this out, I’ve rooted through my stash of mascaras and found a few that give different effects. There should be something for everyone, but do let me know if there’s another mascara that you need for your favourite look!  (Read: 4 Daytime mascaras for more)

 (l-r) Catrice, Maybelline, Max Factor, Estée Lauder

1. The Falsies by Maybelline
For folks that love super black lashes, I recommend The Falsies by Maybelline. It’s thick, making lashes look much fuller and longer. On me, it doesn’t provide lashings of volume or curl. Its main attribute is the intensity of the blackness,so if that’s what you’re after, I’d give this a whirl. (It came in the top five of the Beauty Awards last year)

2. Volume Plus by Catrice 
As I mentioned in my Budget Loves post, Volume Plus by Catrice is one hardcore mascara. It gives big, bold, brow-reaching lashings and all for just a few quid. This is my pick of the pack but might be one that most would save for nights out.


3. Max Factor False Lash Effect
Don’t let the name of Max Factor False Lash Effect fool you, it can be toned down for daytime on lashes that need some extra help. I build this up to my taste but one or two coats gives a lovely but office appropriate amount of volume. If you’re on a budget and want a mascara that you can use for work and play, grab this and take advantage of the build-able formula.  And lots of you love it – it made the top five in the Beauty Awards too.

4. Sumptuous mascara by Estée Lauder
Sumptuous mascara by Estée Lauder creates  fanned out, separated and lengthened lashes. It’s a “does exactly the opposite of what it says on the tin” job because there’s nothing really sumptuous about how it looks but it is lovely.

I imagine, if I were a lady, this is what I would use every day.

So, what’s your preferred mascara? Knock ‘em dead lashes or a more subtle pair of peepers?

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