Impressed as Feck with Budget Beauty buys from Catrice, Essence, Barry M

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We’ve already discussed my ninety-billion per day Galaxy Ripple habit, but I want everyone to appreciate how much of my budget goes into fuelling that love affair. I do indulge in a splurge now and then, but I’m a budget girl at heart.

Recently, I’ve been holidaying on the coast of Impressed-As-Feck island because of some new affordable cosmetics that I’ve collected.
Essence 2-in-1 eye-liner is a true black liquid liner
It lasts all day without so much as a solitary flake or smudge and applies like a dream. The thick brush is fairly useless, unless you want to bring out your inner Central Bank loiterer and scribble it up to your brow bone, but the thin side is so easy to control. I’m going get another one as soon as I run out; it’s so much less of a faff than gel liners!

Catrice Volume Plus mascara 
Surpassed my expectation. This kid is not effing around when it promises volume – my lashes were causing hurricanes on the other side of the world. This STOMPS all over some of the pricier mascara that I have, then drinks their milkshake and calmy walks away. Again, this didn’t smudge or flake over the course of the day.

Essence Matte Top Coat
I have to admit I was dubious before I tried it and now I can’t do my nails without mattifying them at the end. It was under three quid but adds a cool, quirky edge to any run of the mill colour.

Great budget nails
When it comes to nails, my three favourite brands are Barry M, Catrice and Essence. By the grace of the cosmetic gods, these also happen to be cheap as chips – you’ll have change from a fiver with every one. I love Barry M’s shimmery Tangerine, Catrice’s tomato red Fred Said Red and Essence’s soft coral C’est La Vie (see pic above).

I’m delighted with my little inexpensive collection, they’re all brilliant in terms of quality and affordability. Have you discovered any purse-friendly treasures lately? Share your must-haves!

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38 Replies to "Impressed as Feck with Budget Beauty buys from Catrice, Essence, Barry M"

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Oi, wummin, you’ve put it in the wrong author tag. I think it’s very obvious that you don’t have a galaxy ripple addiction.

  • Beth TV says:

    I’ve a Catrice mascara and a eye liner pencil and I have to say, both are fab regardless of the price. Am well happy with them.

  • Love me some Essence too, Lorraine, a good portion of my nail creations are done using ‘em, that coral and the gorgeous Lime Up especially – great Summer colours for feck all p.

    Essence have also released Nail Art Dry Drops (excellent quick dry solution and brilliant trick for toesies). They’re XXX Gel Shine Topcoat too gives all the shine of Seche Vite, just doesn’t dry as quickly.

    One uhmazing find (thanks to Karen LovelyGirlyBits) is that Dealz do Sally Hansen & Revlon polish and other bits and bobs. All for €1.49!!

    I picked up a SH three pack because I wanted the nail whitener pencil but the Nude SH lippie that came with is staggeringly good! The colour is Sunbeam and I’m addicted already (the third thing was a clear lipgloss that tastes like Persil tbh but 2 out 3 ain’t bad!)

  • jess says:

    Models Own are magnifique and £5 each, plus I think there are some pretty good deals so the more you buy, the more you save. So actually, by buying nail varnish, you are creating free money. True story.
    Topshop is also great.

  • Sunshine says:

    definatly going to try some of these out! Im desperatly trying to grow my nails again (gave up after 25 years of biting them and last 8 months before work stress kicked in and I started again :() so painting them all sorts of pretty colours to keep me away from them! Quick question- a couple of weeks ago there was a blog about a really good webiste that was extremely cheap for makeup and brushes, I had a look at it at the time but was waiting for payday. Now for the life of me I cant remember what it was!! Tried checking my internet history but to no luck. Anyone any suggestions what it could be?!

  • Sarah says:

    Any tips on where to pick up Essence when I’m back on my native shore tomorrow? I need a nice light coral and that one looks perfect.

  • Shanna says:

    Yes I LOVE all of the above. Local chemist recently had a sale on Essence & Catrice, I nearly had a seizure, Essence polishes for 70 cent?!! Yes please!! That Catrice Fred Said Red is gorgeous, it’s my new favourite red since my Gosh Lambada went all gloopy.

    CherrySue I have that topcoat too & it’s gorge, it stops Chanel from chipping!

    Is Dealz like Supersavers? I’ve seen make-up in Supersavers when I’ve gone in looking for my beloved Maysan curry paste but it’s hit and miss in the make-up department.

    Ye olde 2euro shop can have serious bargains too! Usually batiste, make-up wipes, W7, etc.

  • Jess, TopShop are exceptional for their polishes, their metallics are some of the best quality and unique colours I’ve used. Just be sure to buy online though, we’re ripped off atrociously with their prices here.

  • raragiggles says:

    Catrice mascara is just amazing, ten times better than the expensive Lancome stuff I got as a pressie!
    Also, Essence & Barry M are just brilliant at all around quality cheapness, the lip liners from Barry M are great for half the price of other makeup brands!
    Gosh isnt too bad too, its a tad more expensive but I think its an in betweener, them days u really need a wee treat!

  • Hazie says:

    Essence matt top coat = deadly.

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