Creme De La Mer: The Moisturising Soft Cream Review + Pics

By Emma | September 10 2012 | 15 Comments

Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

During the summer I was using The Moisturising Gel Cream by Creme De La Mer – I know, how fancy of me! Just as I was nearing the end of my pot the brand came to town, and a little part of me hoped they might replenish my stocks while they were here. They went one better, and left me with a pot of their latest innovation, the Moisturising Soft Cream.

Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

The pot I have is a pre launch lab sample – this makes me feel quite tingly and special, sap that I am, but it also means mine doesn’t look like the ones that are now on counter. Just in case you were wondering.

But back to the cream! The first major launch from the brand in five years, the new product sits beside four existing formulations: the original rich, luxurious cream, the ultra-light gel cream, the moisturising lotion and finally, the oil absorbing lotion – all containing the brand’s miracle broth.

Creme de la Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Now we all know the story but I love it, so here it is again: miracle broth was created in the 70s by aerospace physicist Max Huber, after a lab explosion left him with severe burns on his hands and face. Over 12 years he perfected the formula, thanks to a top secret bio-fermentation process. The products today are made to the exact same recipe, though the brand is now part of the Estee Lauder family.

The Moisturising Soft Cream is for anyone who wants the rich texture of the original cream but finds it too rich for their skin. Right so, that’ll be me, then – or anyone whose skin tends towards oiliness. It has a soft, lightweight texture but also feels incredibly nourishing, thanks to what the brand describe as ‘advance absorption technology.’ It should appeal to a younger audience, although the price – €130 for 30 ml – may not.

Creme de la Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream

And while we’re talking price, look, I know it’s extortionate. I know that will put a lot of people off. But we all know that the import of luxury goods goes way beyond performance or packaging - though no complaints on either score – to how they make you feel when you use them.

So if you would feel like an eejit who just spent more than a hundred quid on a very nice face cream, this clearly isn’t for you. Others might feel pampered and indulged by the same experience. It’s a very personal thing and entirely down to your own values and preferences. As for me? Well, sap that I am – I’m loving it.

What’s the most expensive beauty bit you ever bought?

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15 Replies to "Creme De La Mer: The Moisturising Soft Cream Review + Pics"

  • littlesis says:

    I couldn’t justify the price, but it does look lovely! Nice pics too :D

  • Emma says:

    Thanks littlesis, I get so much use out of those half shells I saved from my scallops one evening! xo

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    Thing is, I know Creme is very expensive, but those who swear by it – SWEAR by it! It’s wonderful if it suits your skin

  • Miss Star says:

    I was warned off Creme de la Mer by a beautician but I have to say I really found it excellent for my easily-irritated, excema-prone skin. That being said I did find that over time my skin became a bit dehydrated, as if it wasn’t being treated all the way down, but I am definitely considering re-buying it to just use as a nightcream.
    Oh and lucky you Emma!

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    Miss Star – beauticians tend to warn you off any product that they themselves don’t use. They’ve slated everything from Elemis to Aveda to me – I don’t listen to them, just use what suits your skin

  • Aundrea says:

    Looks amazing! Cannot justify the price at the moment but maybe someday after the little one is all grown up I might indulge. Only 14 years to go…. I may make myself a little countdown calendar ;)

  • Shona says:

    It sounds like such a lovely, luxurious product. |But I’ve just never been able to justify that kind of money on a moisturizer. It is crazy expensive. Whenever I drag my husband into Brown Thomas, he likes to play the “Guess how much this hand bag costs” game, and now at airports, his favourite game is “Guess how much this Creme de la mer product costs”. Says it all!

  • jessabell says:

    the thing is, i could technically afford to buy this, but I dont think i could afford or justify scrimping and saving to repeatedly replace it. I now only buy products i can comfortably afford to replace when they run out. Mind you, If money wasnt an issue and it suited my skin I would be hopping it 100 odd quid or not lol, people can bang on about how over rated and over priced this is (and it is definitely over priced) but people who use it really adore it for a reason.

  • Lisa says:

    Sales assistant gave me a go of this when I was buying my (equally extortionate but works really well and lasts forever, honest) C de la M lip balm: it is gorgeous. That said, can’t justify buying anything at the moment as I have weird pregnant skin and who knows whether something that suits/doesn’t suit it now will still be ok in a couple of months’ time.

  • Lisa, I have the lipbalm too and I love it. It has also lasted me forever. Like you said, very expensive – but makes a lovely gift option!

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