Creme de la Mer: The new Blanc de la Mer Launch & News on Counter Freebies!

By Emma | February 29 2012 | 16 Comments

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My hands have never looked so pretty. They’ve just spent an hour being generously slathered in one of the world’s most premium skincare brands. Crème de la Mer were in town, and they told me all the news while demonstrating their lotions and potions on my lucky hands and arms. My face has never been so jealous.

I’ll hold my (prettified) hands up: I’m a complete sucker for a fancypants brand, and they don’t come much fancier than La Mer. If you’re not familiar with its origins, it was developed half a century ago by aerospace physicist Max Huber, to treat his chemical burns. Using a top secret bio-fermentation process he created the Miracle Broth, which is packed full of nutrients and the basis of many of the products in the range.

While that all sounds brilliant and intriguing, I should point out that the exact ingredients of the Miracle Broth are something of a mystery, and the brand don’t go in much for things like releasing clinical data, to prove the efficacy of their products. So it’s a case of suck ‘em and see – and at those prices, I can’t really afford to do much, er, sucking.

So while the Crème de la Mer lip balm is one of my most prized possessions, it’s also the only La Mer product I’ve ever owned. This is partly because of the prices – 30ml of the original cream will set you back €125 with the lip balm alone retailing at €58 – but also because, if I’m honest, I’ve felt intimidated by the brand, and afraid to even look in the direction of the counter. And the old location in Brown Thomas Dublin didn’t help: it felt very exposed, but I’m assured that the new location is much more welcoming and conducive.

I confess to feeling a little anxious about the meeting. Were my shoes shiny enough? Were my nails chipped? Did I have something in my teeth? But honestly, they could not have been more lovely. They were here to talk about Blanc de La Mer: The Brightening Collection, which will be on counter in Brown Thomas from March.

creme de la mer: blanc de la mer

Originally formulated for delicate Asian skin, these products should also work well on pale Irish types (with buckets of cash). The collection includes three products: the Brightening Lotion Intense, to tackle hyper-pigmentation, improve the texture of the skin, and prepare it for the other products in the range; the Brightening Infusion Intense, to calm and soothe the skin while targeting dark spots and boosting the benefits of the final product, the Brightening Essence Intense. This brightening, anti-aging serum claims to increase the luminosity of the skin while repairing visible damage.

All the products contain the Miracle Broth, to sooth redness, and the Brightening Lotion and Essence both contain the brand’s Smoothing Ferment, intended to tackle dullness and improve skintone by accelerating the natural cell turnover of the skin. The Essence also contains a Youth Ferment which, you guessed it, is intended to promote younger looking skin.

Now, brace yourselves for the prices. Are you sitting down? Right, so: The Brightening Lotion Intense is €100 for 200ml, the Brightening Infusion Intense is €110 for 125ml and the Brightening Essence Intense? €265 for 30ml. Yup. That’s the guts of €500 for the entire collection, which is intended to be added in to you normal skincare routine, as a three step process before your moisturiser. Oh, and don’t forget to add SPF to protect all that newly brightened skin.

I probably won’t be trying that out anytime soon. But I also picked up a couple of interesting snippets at the meeting, which just might be more relevant to those of us who don’t have a handy money tree in the back garden:

the creme de la mer counter menu

The complimentary menu of services at the Creme de la Mer counter

  • The Crème de la Mer people are actually not scary in the least. They call counter visitors ‘guests’. Isn’t that nice?
  • They love it when people come to the counter. They know we are afraid and they don’t want us to be. They also know that mostly, we won’t buy – many of their lifelong customers replenish only twice a year. They’re ok with us just looking. To begin with
  • To encourage more guests to the counter, they offer a suite of complimentary treatments. There is no obligation to buy. The treatment menu was just revamped and it is seriously tempting. Did I mention that it’s free?
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16 Replies to "Creme de la Mer: The new Blanc de la Mer Launch & News on Counter Freebies!"

  • Maj says:

    It sounds to me like once you sit down to try one of the complimentary treatment menu items that you could be ‘trapped’ into finding it difficult to get away without buying.

  • those prices are a little nauseating. But it looks pretty…

  • Oh I love me some CDLM… I plan on picking up the Oil-Free lotion when I go to NY this year, worth the monday for an oily visaged person like myself and is the only thing that has actually kept my skin matte without drying it out.

    I’m also afraid of approaching the counter, I don’t want them to think I’m wasting their time with no intention of purchasing. I’ll have to be brave and go say hi next time I’m in BT!

  • ArtDonatella says:

    Emma, here’s your twin! I ALWAYS pass by their counter, I never, ever inspected or swatched their products: how can you? A swatch only would cost me a ‘fiver’ in my mind :D!

  • Sabrina says:

    I would love to try, but i’m so scared that i will love the creams so much that i’ll be forced to spend every penny i own in one swoop. Looks yum though.

  • Jayde says:

    I don’t know, I’d rather know what’s going into the stuff that goes on my skin before I splash out that much money on a measly 3 product collection! Not that I would, maybe on a Beyonce budget but I’m on a Boots budget at the moment. So until I’m rich and famous I’ll be shuffling past the Creme de la mer counter with my head down. I don’t see how people can shell out so much money for a few “Miracle creams!i mean come on! Don’t these people have rent to pay? Bills?? Do they not eat???

  • I’m definitely planning to hit up the counter for that hand and arm indulgence! xo

  • Maj says:

    I would be put off by the lack of ingredients or scientific research. Are they any good with samples? I’d have to KNOW this stuff is amazing before considering it, as i don’t have chemical burns i’m not convinced

  • OtherMary says:

    I am not cool with buying something that does not list ingredients either. I can trawl through research myself if I want to, but it needs to be independent research. This type of secrecy leads to scepticism, rightfully so, one one hand, and product worship by those who buy into the miracle hype.

    I got Crème de la Mer once for my mother as a birthday present. She really liked it but she has tried many other creams before and since, and been just as happy. If a cream addresses a particular skin concern you have, then great, use it.

  • Mariga says:

    Maj: By law a product must display a full list of ingredients, from the highest to lowest concentration on the packaging. So, you will find that on the box. ‘Miracle broth’ may not be mentioned as it is a marketing term not an ingredient name!! (It’s actually bio-fermented sea kelp, good for skin, relatively cheap and found in a lot of good skincare products at a fraction of this price). These particular emperors new clothes have been fooling a lot of people for a long time. Brilliant marketing, not so brilliant skincare.–It-costs-530-pot–ingredients-cost-just-25–brow-furrowing-truth-stars-favourite-wrinkle-cream.html

    (ps when a skincare company has peer -reviewed clinical data that shows good results they shout it from the rooftops, not keep it a secret).

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