Li’l help, please: Organising beauty bits in the World’s Deepest Vanity Unit

By Lynnie | January 28 2011 | 25 Comments

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I have a terrible confession to make.

Although we’ve now been living in our new digs for more than a fortnight, I’m still not fully unpacked. Some of the still-full moving boxes are all books, and they can stay right where they are until we pick up a bookcase next week.

That’s not the worst of it, though: two of the other boxes are stacked to the brim with just about every bottle, pot, tub and tube of make-up and skincare that I have. I’m just don’t know how the feck to organise them in the insanely deep built-in under sink vanity in our new bathroom and it’s a job I only want to have to do once. (That’s such a classic procrastinator line but it’s my excuse and I’m totally sticking to it.)

At home, I had two huge Ikea mirrored bathroom cabinets over the sink in my bathroom (Himself had the ensuite) and they were my perfect beauty storage solution. One side housed skincare for face and body and hair products, and all my make-up and brushes lived in the other side. Although the cabinets were tall (90cm) and wide (140cm in total), they were shallow and so I could see where absolutely everything was at a glance.

I’m stumped as to how I can achieve this with our new bathroom set-up as I’m inclined to be “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to beauty bits but don’t want to leave brushes, for example, on the countertop as they’ll get dusty.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for how I could best organise my stash!

FYI: I have four shelves so deep I can barely reach the back of them and four drawers at my disposal.

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