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Stylish and practical storage from Muji

By xgirl | November 19 2007 | 11 Comments

Muji acrylic drawers

I suspect I’m similar to many of us here in possessing what could pass for a makeup shop, but is in fact my own personal collection. With so many products to choose from, however, I found I was using the same things over and over when my collection was all packed away in makeup bags. And then I discovered Muji storage solutions.

Made out of clear acrylic, there are stackable drawer sets where I can arrange all my makeup by either product, colour theme or brand; round jars where I can stand my makeup brushes, lidded jars perfect for holding cotton wool and sectioned boxes where I can sort all my bottles and jars.

I can now see everything at a glance and playing around with my collection is much easier. Most items are pretty reasonably priced, with the drawers being the most expensive, but if you buy one or two pieces at a time, it won’t be too hard on your wallet.

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