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dry skin

Winter Skin Savers: 6 Moisturisers for Dry Skin

I have dry skin. Have I ever mentioned that? Ah, yeah, only a time or eleventy billion. Anyway, I’ve been stockpiling moisturiser samples for a while now ahead of the winter and since it...

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Read More |December 1 2010 | 21 Comments

Mayday! The Weather! My Skin! Matis, L’Occitane and Clinique to the Rescue!

Never were winter skin savers needed more than right now, eh? Snow, ice, hail, THUNDER AND LIGHTNING DURING THE SNOW, more ice, slush, a sprinkling of extra snow just to jazz things up a bit and...

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eye patches

Matis Radiance Eye Contour Patches: Arrr, Me Likey

Ah I love an auld shortcut, I do, in my beauty endeavours as much as in my driving. So I was a happy bunny indeed when I got hold of a box of Matis’ stick-on undereye patches, €24.95, which...

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Read More |June 16 2009 | 3 Comments
Matis Reponse Jeunesse Climatis

Skin Update: L’Occitane Out, Matis Reponse Jeunesse In

Just in case you were all tossing and turning at night worrying about how my skin’s getting on, here’s an update: shortly after I posted about L’Occitane’s new Organic Olive...

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Read More |May 25 2009 | 11 Comments

Matis Youth Grain Exfoliant Face Cream

Like your exfoliants a weeny bit on the grainy side and packaged in purple tubes? You’ll like this Youth Grain stuff from Matis, so. It’s part of their Résponse Jeunesse line, which is a...

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What Masque is Right for my Skin Type?

Masques are one of those ubiquitous beauty bits – often seen in films or comedies, they’re an instant signifier of at-home pampering. Er, except, most of us haven’t a breeze what...

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