Winter Skin Savers: 6 Moisturisers for Dry Skin

I have dry skin. Have I ever mentioned that? Ah, yeah, only a time or eleventy billion.

Mayday! The Weather! My Skin! Matis, L’Occitane and Clinique to the Rescue!

Never were winter skin savers needed more than right now, eh? Snow, ice, hail, THUNDER AND LIGHTNING DURING THE SNOW, more ice, slush, a sprinkling of extra snow just to jazz things up a bit and temperatures as low as -10 are all wreaking havoc with hides nationwide. Lucky I have some soothing suggestions for you all today then, isn't it? We've already extolled the virtues of loads and loads of great remedies for seasonally ravaged hides, but I have a few new ones to roll out today, in an emergency, like. I've picked a couple of products for body too, because the last time I was exposed to this sort of cold was last February in New York. Before boarding the plane I airily checked the weather and breezily reckoned that 2-to-3 degrees would be grand. As a person who doesn't really do outdoorsy pursuits I hadn't quite factored in NYC's wind-chill, freezingly funneled by its long, grid-like streets. My coat, chosen for style over warmth, was woefully inadequate and even frequent pitstops for lovely cups of hot chocolate did bugger all to thaw my bones. Brrr. By the time I got back to Dublin my legs and arms were itchy, a-flake and lizard-tastic. So lets just say I've learned my lesson, eh?

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What Masque is Right for my Skin Type?

Masques are one of those ubiquitous beauty bits - often seen in films or comedies, they're an instant signifier of at-home pampering. Er, except, most of us haven't a breeze what really suits our skin, and using the wrong one can do more harm than good. So, I hereby present a run down of what sort of masque you might use for your particular skin issue. Don't forget that you can use a masque for oily skin on the sebum-prone areas like the t-zone, and use another one on a different area - this is a great approach to take, particularly if you have combination skin. Leave us your suggestions in comments and tell us what works for you too. Oily and spot-prone You need something to purify and remove excess oil. But just because skin is producing excess sebum doesn't necessarily mean it's being moisturised with it. Nope, oily skin can be dehydrated, as mad as that sounds, so look for something to treat your issues, while being kind to your skin overall. A good product to try is Matis' Pure Peel Masque, a gel-based product that absorbs oil and helps to refine the pores - get it in salons. Mud-based treatments are also good at drawing out impurities, and Skin Ceuticals Clarifying Clay Masque, €31 at Strawberrynet, would be an effective pick. Dull, lack-lustre skin Resurfacing, fruit enzyme based masques with a peeling effect are great for sloughing off those dead skin cells that are making you look like the undead. Brilliant for a quick fix is Chantecaille's yoghurty Fruit and Flower Acid masque, which can be got at Nue Blue Eriu. Expensive though - it's about €80 odd. Elemis' Papaya Enzyme Peel is a more affordable version, and also very nice to use. The AHAs in the formulation act as non-gritty exfoliators, resurfacing skin in about 15 minutes. €27 at Strawberrynet.

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