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Don’t Tell Memmeh: Mother’s Day Gifts To Surprise And Spoil The Most Important Lady In Your Life

You know that moment in your childhood when a kindly aunt/uncle/neighbour would press a note or coin into your little paw, gave you a wink and say ‘now, that’s just something for you,...

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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: H&M €30 | River Island €107 | Office £60 | Alexandre Birman from Harvey Nichols £910 | River Island €95 | Penneys €24

Shoes, Handbags And Fashion: Wardrobe Wish List

Some people wish for pretty cosmetics and and fabulous fragrances. But I dream of finding shoeboxes and  hatboxes under the tree. So from beautiful boots to flirty skirts, here is my wardrobe wish...

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Etsy Beauties: Clockwise from left, Aqua Chalcedony Cocktail Ring in Sterling Silver €97.75, Night Song Victorian Fantasy Ring €22.75, Popart Glass Ring €26.55, Large Baltic Amber Sterling Silver €44

Cocktail Hour: Statement Rings Are Big, Beautiful And Back With A Bang

Cocktail rings are having a big, chunky moment. This year we’ve had the midi ring and the mani ring, but the cocktail rules this time of year. And who doesn’t like the sound of that. So...

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Mango €30 | Accessorize €14 | Mood from Debenhams €9 | Mood from Debenhams €14.50 | River Island €20

Statement Earrings: Add Glamour To Your Outfit In Seconds!

Do you want to add a dash of razzle dazzle to your wardrobe in four seconds flat without having to do any jazz hands? Well you’ve come to the right place. Drop earrings can be a fabulous...

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Zara €24 | Zara €26 | Penneys from €7 - €10 | Betty Jackson at Debenhams €30

Statement Neckpieces: Big, Blingy, Brilliant. Are You Rocking The Trend?

The detachable collar has been ubiquitous for the last few seasons, but huge chunky statement necklaces are so money right now. If your taste in jewellery only usually runs to small, dainty pieces why...

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Pierce off: Lady Gaga gets a septum ring, makes us think about piercings

Never one to shy away from body modification – you may recall those weird prosthetic lumps’n'bumps she sported during the Born This Way promo –  Gaga has just added a piercing to...

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Fashion prediction: Five hyped up trends that will go straight to the SALE rails?

Each season, we’re told about the absolute must-haves for the months ahead; magazines scream about how this piece will bring you bang up to date for spring/summer. Heck, I’ve been guilty...

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Fairy on the Christmas Tree: Glam it Up With Shiny Sparkly Accessories Earrings, Bracelets, Neckpieces, Rings, Shoes, Belts, Bags

Never overdo accessories, as simple is always the most elegant. It was the uber chic Coco Chanel who told us that when dressing to go out, you should look at yourself in the mirror – a full length...

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Quirky but cool Gift Guide. Irish made: but don’t worry, there isn’t a shamrock or a shillelagh in sight!

Now, I know that when it comes to presents and the words “quirky” and “Irish”, it can immediately set off diddly-eye alarm bells and conjure up images of leprechauns and other such twee...

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Brad and Angelina’s new jewelry: the meticulous design process behind the range

I know it’s hard to imagine them ever having a free second, but Brad and Angelina have none the less found the time to fashion a jewellery range. This is the description: The ‘Protector...

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Read More |December 3 2009 | 17 Comments

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