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Break out the Motilium: Tom Cruise ruins polo neck wear for men. For eternity

If I was ever in two minds about men in polo necks recent pictures of everyone’s favourite Scientologist have caused me to be of one mind. If that makes sense. And that mind shrieks: HURL. Crazy...

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Sexy nurse

No carry on please Matron: HSE proposes new dress code.

TAKE heart readers. The next time you or a relative are stuck on a hospital trolley or have to wait months on end for an out-patients appointment you can be assured the HSE has the real issue of the...

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I’m afraid of my hot press: share your weird and wonderful phobias

Even typing the word ‘hot press’ brings me out into a cold sweat.  The copper tank in particular freaks me out – I have a fear that I’m going to fall into the tank and drown....

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Boris reading captioned

Nail Art Goes To The Dogs With Pawdicure Polish Pens: Boris reports exclusively for

I’m sure I’m going to regret letting him do this – he’s already demanding that he be known henceforth as our canine correspondent, sigh – but today’s post is a...

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Get a Gorgeous Arse with “20 layers of butt makeup”

Perusing the Huffington Post yesterday, the secrets behind Victoria’s Secrets notoriously OTT ‘fashion’ shows (if fashion is now categorised as some bras and feathers) were revealed....

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Read More |December 3 2009 | 12 Comments

Crotch Scene Investigation: Brazilian waxing granted reprieve in New Jersey

Oh it was pun city in the press when the state of New Jersey considered banning bikini waxes back in March. “Details are fuzzy!” Hairy escape for waxing!” “See the forest for...

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Magnetic face mask: an antiaging miracle. NOT!

Ah here, would ya? I know people wear magnets and feel they help with conditions like arthritis and so on. But a magnetic device for wrinkles? Fit this fetching looking device onto your noggin for a...

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Ooooh, snazzy new false eyelashes… for men.

Ah Jaysis. I was prepared to allow them a lick of concealer, a smudge of guyliner, even a flick of manscara. But this male grooming thing is rapidly descending into madness – madness, I tells...

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