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Expensive Vs budget jeans: is it worth flashing the cash on your denims?

This is one of fashion’s BIG questions. And when I write big in capital letters, y’all know I mean business. Most of us will, at some stage throughout the week, throw on a pair of jeans,...

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jeans hourglass

Picking the right jeans for your body type: the hourglass

If you’ve got an hourglass  figure you probably already know that most women would kill to have it, and most men would kill to touch (slap those hands away!) – think big boobs, a round...

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My jeans journey – picking the right jeans for my body shape

How do you get on with jeans?  Got a hundred different pairs stuffed into your wardrobe that you can’t wear because they’re hideously unflattering?  Well you’re not alone –...

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Illamasqua Launches at BT2, Grafton Street

I may as well give it up right here at the start: I bloody love Illamasqua. I’d been watching it online and through things I’d read in the UK press for a while, and recently we broke the...

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