New 20 Min Workout that Equates to 3 Hours in the Gym?

By Cliona | May 26 2015 | 10 Comments

I haven’t been embarking on my fitness journey as much as I would like to but I did work out last week and wanted to try something new to tell you all about. I had been hearing people going on about Miha Bodytec for ages and I never really knew much about it so I did some research and gave it a go. 

The whole idea behind a Miha Bodytec workout is that you exercise for just 20 minutes and that those 20 minutes equate to a three hour workout in the gym. Yes, I know. It sounds too good to be true and, well, highly unlikely. But I put my preconceptions aside and went along to try it out.

When you arrive, you’re asked to put on some special clothing. It doesn’t look weird or anything it’s just that it has a special fabric that works best with the special suit that you wear.

Once you’re changed, a special suit is watered down and then you have to put it on. Your arms go through the sleeveless jacket and you zip it right up. You also have to wear two thigh bands that look like garters and two arm bands on your upper arms. Once you’re actually in the suit, this is where the fun starts.

Sorry did I say fun? I meant pain! 

You are then hooked up to all these little wires which stimulate all the muscle groups by letting electrical impulses pass through the body during your workout. 

By stimulating 300 different muscles, the effect of just 30 minutes of this muscle activation is equal to several hours strength training with training equipment. And because during the training all the muscle groups are stimulated at the same time in several second intervals, the claim is that all muscles get trained equally (and in particular the deep muscle structures).

I found the impulses to be just like a slight tingling and not painful. It honestly is a bearable sensation through those 20 minutes of exercise. 

Overall I enjoyed the exercise. Yes, it was tough and the electric currents flowing through your body do add an element of intensity to the workout but for people who’s time is REALLY precious, this might just be the solution for you! Now, as to whether it actually equates to three hours of training, we’ll have to wait and see. And lay off the biscuits.

Tell me, have you tried this Miha Bodytec? Are you a fan? Or do you feel that it’s just the latest fad?

Clíona was a guest of Finglas Miha Bodytec for this class. 

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10 Replies to "New 20 Min Workout that Equates to 3 Hours in the Gym?"

  • KittyKat says:

    Oh God ! I just couldn’t be arsed getting trussed up in that suit :-(

  • KittyKat says:

    Or what if I need to pee whilst wearing said suit

  • KittyKat says:

    Or what if I just plain look like a shagging eejit in the suit :-) Ok, I’ll stop now.

  • French Fancy says:

    Or what if I squeezed into the suit but couldn’t get out of it! God, the horror…

  • Banjaxed says:

    I think all of the above mentioned fears are justified!

  • OtherMary says:

    From what I’ve heard, EMS is great for the elderly and for recovery but it doesn’t do much for those who are already fit.

    To be honest, you can work out so in 20 – 30 minutes that you are absolutely buggered afterwards. Minimal to no breaks between hard exercises. Or you can exercise with minimal effort for 3 hours and get nothing out of it. I’m not knocking this device; I simply doubt it’s the lazy person’s secret to fitness. I for one definitely want one of those, but so far nothing :D

  • Product Junkie says:

    I think it would take me twenty minutes alone to get into the special clothing :-)

  • Nomes says:

    I agree ^^ I really do believe “no pain no gain”. As OtherMary said you can do a lot more burn in 20 minutes than in 3 hours depending on what you do – the 30 Day Shred for example, is 20 minutes of pure agony when you start but you get fantastic results in a matter of days.
    If it helps tone up a bit then brilliant, go for it but I wouldn’t be relying on it to make me drop the pounds!

    • OtherMary says:

      Not everybody exercises to lose weight, though. Exercise does very little for weight loss anyway. I’m sure athletes would be using this thing if it gave them an edge in training, but they don’t. Instead it helps the frail, which is fantastic…just not the same thing.

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