Inspirational Woman Injured in Boston Marathon Bombing is Back Running

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The Boston Marathon bombing was a tragic event that claimed lives, and affected countless others who have had to deal with the aftermath, both psychological and physical, of having been through the attack.

One of those is Rebekah Strong, who was competing in the marathon and caught in the explosion, and due to her injuries, she had to have her leg amputated.

True to her name, Strong has not let that hold her back, and after a lot of hard work, she competed in her first race since the Marathon this past weekend in the UNESCO Cities Marathon in Italy as a special guest.

Strong has had 17 surgeries since being injured in the bombing and ran the race on Sunday with a prosthetic, but she has been working hard towards this particular goal for a long time. She posted a picture to Instagram afterwards with a caption detailing how much it meant to her to be there and to overcome all the obstacles she has had along the way.

“Yesterday I ran in my first race since the bombing and even though I couldn’t get through the whole thing, the scenery of Italian countryside and the feeling of crossing the finish line….was absolutely incredible. (Next time I get blown up the terrorists should do a better job. They may have taken my leg but they have given me an insane amount of determination in its place.)”


Boston has a lot of incredibly strong citizens, that’s for sure, and Rebekah’s inspirational story is one that we can all take something from.

Via Bleacher Report

Inspirational Woman Injured in Boston Marathon Bombing is Back Running

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