Specs Appeal: Would you wear fake glasses?

By Lynnie | February 8 2013 | 38 Comments

Prior to getting my eyes sliced open and remoulded with a laser beam in 2011, I couldn’t understand why anyone who didn’t need glasses was so enamoured with the idea of wearing them.

I’d spent the 13 years previous having people ask to try on my specs in all sorts of situations and talking longingly about how they wished they needed them, and how much smarter they looked with a pair of eye frames perched on their nose, and how they thought they might need an eye test, actually, and even if it turned out they didn’t need glasses for their fractionally less than perfect vision they might get fake ones with non-prescription lenses.

“Is that a thing? Would an optician just put, like, clear lenses in frames for me?” I was asked frequently, whereupon I’d have to resist the temptation to point out that most glasses had clear lenses – y’know, to help with the seeing through them thing – and since I’d always had to have a hefty prescription in mine, how the feck would I know if they’d go along with the non-prescription fakery?!

Oh, it’s all coming back to me now. Deep breaths.

Anyway, I recently ran into a Vision Express (I’m not endorsing them, other opticians are available, etc) to hide from from a cloudburst and kill a bit of time by indulging in what had been one of my very favourite things to do pre-op: trying on ALL the glasses. And, as had been the case before my surgery, they were mostly just meh on me.

Then I tried on these bad boys and it was all change.

Holy sheet. They were AMAZING. They suited my face so well that I actually looked better with them than without, and they were just big enough to tap into the current fake hipster/meedja glasses trend without making me look like a Late Late Show audience member circa 1992. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still thinking about them – a lot – but at the guts of two hundred smackers, they’re too rich for my don’t-actually-need-glasses-anymore blood. If they’d been around the twenty quid mark, I’d be wearing them right now.

I miss having glasses to hide behind and, having spent most of my adult life wearing them, I still sometimes don’t feel quite like me without a pair of specs. I can kind of see (ho ho) a pair of non-prescription glasses in my future for times when I want to feel more myself, but what I want to know is this.

Would you wear glasses if you didn’t really need to?

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38 Replies to "Specs Appeal: Would you wear fake glasses?"

  • Chloe says:

    People wearing non-prescription glasses do tend to annoy me too, I’ve had glasses since I was eleven & was jealous of everyone that didn’t need them. But ow I’m so used to them & they suit me much more than going without, so if I got laser surgery I probably would miss them.. Just maybe not enough to buy fake ones

  • Aoife says:

    Lynnie…have you been reading my mind??!! I’ve been watching ‘House of Cards’ and I’ve been lusting after Claire’s oversized tortoiseshell ray bans (v similar to ones pictured!) …. but I had laser eye surgery two years ago and my eyes now work. I’ve too been flirting with the idea of non-prescription lenses. I had the most gorgeous pair of chunky blank Chanel frames before my surgery but glasses definately dont look as good with prescription lenses because they make your eyes look smaller. Conundrum!

  • Atkin says:

    Lynnie, the good news is you will probably need glasses again when you get older :D I have worn glasses since I was 8 so almost 25 years! I don’t need them all the time, only to drive, read watch TV and working at the PC. I can safely leave the house without them so I don’t mind wearing them, it is nice to have something to hide behind. As for wearing fake glasses, I don’t get it. To me it would be like wearing braces because you like the look

  • Anna says:

    As for wearing fake glasses, I don’t get it. To me it would be like wearing braces because you like the look

    Exactly. Or walking around with a stick. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 9, and got contact lenses when I was 17 – which is twenty years ago now. I was so keen to get away from specs as a teenager that I still can’t fathom why anyone would wear glasses when they didn’t have to (that said, I am too much of a wuss to risk laser surgery). I had friends in college who started to need glasses for reading and ended up wearing them all the time because they looked cool, which always really annoyed me.

  • witchgirl26 says:

    I don’t get this at all. I’ve never needed glasses but have tried on friends ones in the past for a laugh to see what I looked like with them on. Wouldn’t be rushing though to wear them if I didn’t have to.

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Nothing against people who do wear them – sorry that last line might have sounded a bit bad. Just agreeing that I don’t see the point in pretending you need glasses to go along with a trend.

  • ZsaZsa says:

    As someone who needs to wear glasses I don’t get it at all! I would love not to have to wear them! I’m unable to wear contacts and I have a fear of lazer treatment so I have no other option to wear them.

    On the point of people saying they would get their eyes tested and consider getting non-prescription eye glasses… Everyone no matter if they need glasses or not are meant to get regular eye checks! It’s no just about your vision but about the health of your eyes!

  • IceQueen says:

    This is just like every season when the Catwalk shows models wearing glasses to try and make it look cool to wear them. It has never worked since this started in the 90’s. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I dont recall seeing anyone wear fake glasses on the red carpet with their ballgown!

    Most people who actually need glasses hate wearing them. Anyone I know does and I know I hate wearing mine. But until surgery comes more into my price-range, I will stick with them.
    I currenly wear a pair not unlike the ones in the pic. But mine are Chanel. At least I no longer have to wear those wire-frame ones like in my early teens.

  • Buttons says:

    I paid €4500 so that I wouldn’t have to wear glasses again so this is one trend that I would NOT be following!
    I have a freakishly small face and head, so no glasses suit me. Sunglasses look totally ridiculous on me, even the smallest, child sized ray bans look stupid.
    Actually if anyone with a small face has the same prob finding glasses to suit them has any hints on what I could try…please let me know!

  • TGIF says:

    no way in hell!! i hate having to wear mine, just feel much less confident in them. would love to go for the laser surgery but just too scared!!

  • Miss Y. says:

    Pfff… I have really cool glasses and get complimented on them very often but to be honest I’d rather be without glasses. Unfortunately my eyes only started to deteriorate when I was about 19 and they’re still deteriorating each year, so I can’t get laser treatment. Contact lenses wont work either as I have sensitive eyes and terrible hay fever, my eyes are one of the first areas that get irritated.

    Also, glasses are still not sexy, you know. Mine may suit my face very well and look really cool and modern, but when I go out with or without the glasses the amount of attention that I get is hugely different from none (with glasses) and ranging to some (without glasses) ;-)

  • Shygirl says:

    To be honest I think its a bit daft to wear non prescription glasses. I don’t get it at all.

  • Babodpower says:

    Held off going to the optician for 6 years in and effort to not wear glasses!! Knew there was problems with my eyesight but in an attempt to try and not wear glasses i am now stuck with them ALL the time!Ended up when I eventually went that I have UV burn on one eye,shortsightedness and rugby ball shaped eyes!!! Why anybody would wear them just for the look goes beyond me.

  • Brass Neck says:

    To me, as a reluctant glasses wearer, this is like carrying a crutch as a fashion statement, or putting your arm in a cast. I can’t help but think that somehow – not sure exactly why – it’s in really bad taste.

  • Karen Quinn says:

    I am a total magoo and require glasses all the time. It’s been that way since I was 13. I have conatct lenses but work at a computer and reading all day so really only wear them at weekends or going out.

    I’ve embraced the spectacle wearing and own at least ten pairs chopping and changing them daily depending on what I am wearing (they are mostly cheapie Specsavers ones with 2 or 3 more expensive pairs). I don’t despise wearing them and have kind of come to regard them as another accessory. In saying that if I could wake up in the morning with perfect vision without surgery I’d be delighted.

    My sister with 20/20 vision has been obsessed with wearing glasses for as long as I can remember and is all over the current trend of wearing non prescription ones.

    Yes that is the sound of my mind boggling…

  • Macloon says:

    I have really really bad eyesight and my glasses make my eyes look minute.

    I have glasses since I was about 7 and absolutely hated them growing up, but I’m so feckin blind I couldnt’ go without them.

    They really interfered with playing sports and I couldnt’ see my friends in the swimming pool.

    I wear contacts 24/7 now. I know I shouldn’t do this but I do.

    My optician is always giving out to me but admits that, amazingly, my eyes are grand.

  • splodge says:

    I always wanted glasses. Ever since I was a kid I just thought they looked cool on people. (also totally wanted braces-finally got them when I was twenty)
    My last eye test I was told I COULD get glasses as my eyesight wasn’t great but that I wouldn’t NEED glasses for a few years. So I’m happy to wait.

    I know people wearing fake glasses must be incredibly irritating to people who actually have to wear them but do bear in mind that unlike a cast, crutch or walking stick or hearing aid which tend to be more functional than stylish glasses are designed now to be both. Different frames to flatter different people, allow them to express themselves, go for certain looks and all that – so they’ve become accessorized.

  • Grace says:

    I got my eyes blasered in August, Lynnie, so I feel your pain! But I have to say on a whole, I feel more flexible about what I can and can’t wear, love the time-saving of not having an extra step in y beauty routine, having to carry contacts/glasses/solution etc., & being able to watch tv with fear of breaking my specs on my boyfriend’s shoulder, & most amazingly, being able to see in the shower!!

    But it does feel a little bit like a part of me is missing sometimes :-( My geeky-meets-sophisticated side got lost somewhere between laser, drops, and recovery goggles.

    I have found myself more drawn back to glasses now, but, frankly, i just think it’s really knob-ish to wear glasses when you don’t need them. I am going to settle on some trendy hisptery sunglasses – that fills the void for me(!) – give it a try Lynnie?

  • annie says:

    Like Macloon, I *should* wear glasses but don’t – I wear my contacts round the clock. I eventually told my optician and she made me switch to monthlies rather than dailies (which is actually saving me money) but really I should wear glasses at least some of the time.

    The thing is, I tried on a really nice pair of hipster-ish frames in the shops that actually really suited me (which is probably the first time in my entire life that has happened) but I couldn’t get them because my prescription is so bad, the lens would be too thick i.e. coke-bottle glasses.

    Basically, I am too nerdy for nerdy glasses. Sake.

  • Lynnie says:

    Aoife – see, I feel like you and I are more used to seeing ourselves with glasses, so it would be ok for us to have non-prescription ones, right? Right?

    Maybe we should start a secret support group ;)

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