Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved: My NYE Mani

By Lynnie | January 4 2013 | 10 Comments

Would you believe that it was only in the final hours of 2012 that I got around to trying Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips? I’m ashamed to admit it, really. I mean, I bought my first packets of them two years ago in the States, before they launched this side of the world, and I’ve been amassing a healthy collection ever since. But like any truly nerdy collector worth their Dalek-shaped salt shaker, I was reluctant to open the pack and actually, y’know, use them.

Aside from hoarding some hard-to-get patterns that had been Target exclusives, I sort wanted to keep them for a special occasion. After all, at €8.95 a pop, they don’t really feel like a cheap DIY manicure option for everyday. So when 7 o’clock on December 31st rolled around and my nails were still buck naked, I pulled out a pack for an emergency New Year’s Eve mani.

I decided to go with Misbehaved, since the shimmery champagne background colour seemed appropriate for the night that was in it and the fishnet detail worked well with my black lace dress.

They were supremely easy to use and took less than half an hour to apply (they’d probably have been on in five minutes but for the fact that I stopped to watch the fireworks and, er, kept taking champagne breaks. Mmm, bubbly.) Each pre-sized strip is covered with a thin protective film and a backing sheet which you peel off before lining the strip up with your nail and firmly it into place. You fold the end over the nail tip to form a crease and then file away the excess, and since there’s zero drying time you’re left with nails that are immediately good to go.

Unlike other similar products I’ve tried, I had no issues with the strips wrinkling or creasing on my curved nail beds. Warming them in my hand before applying probably helped, but I think it was mostly down to the fact that Salon Effects are super thin and flexible: they’re made with nail polish rather than plastic.

By the by, I was easily able to get two nails out of each strip as mine are quite short at the moment, so I still have eight sealed, unused strips leftover. I recommend peeling off the protective film before cutting the strips in half (it’s difficult to find an edge to remove this layer on the hacked off end once they’re cut) and trimming the already perforated tab to fit your “other” cuticle. Being able to eke two manicures out of each box makes these strips decidedly more cost effective.

As you can probably see from the photos, I made a bit of a mess of the sizing and chose strips that were too narrow to provide full coverage for my ring and little fingers. That was my own fault, though, and overall I’m well impressed with Salon Effects. I’m now into my fourth full day wearing them with only some minor tip-wear to report, although I have noticed that they’ve begun to lift ever so slightly at the base of the nail. I have to say, though, that this hasn’t caused any breakdown in performance and would probably be imperceptible to all but the most extreme perfectionists.

I could kick myself for waiting so long to try them and I have a feeling that my Salon Effects collection – yes, even those rare Target exclusives – is about to be seriously depleted.

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10 Replies to "Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Misbehaved: My NYE Mani"

  • Banjaxed says:

    And I really didn’t like these at all :-). They felt very heavy on, like wearing Shellac (which I also didn’t like) so I took them off the next day! I got the blue glitter ones, maybe they feel different? They were a bit fiddly to put on I thought but looked good once they were on but as I took them off the next day I can’t comment on the wear.

  • Makeup glitz says:

    Bought these in deals before christmas. im glad I only payed 1.49 for them because they were crap, peeled off within a day :(

  • LynnieDoll says:

    You know what Lynnie- I think I might give these a whirl at the weekend and see what happens!!! I was put off becasue I thought they might be hard to apply, but they seem ok from your description…

  • miffyonline says:

    I also bought a few packs of these 2 years ago in the US before they launched here and yes, they are still untried. I bought flowery patterns as I planned (and still plan) on using them on my toes – I reckon they would last a good few weeks on the tootsies. All I need is a bit of good weather and an excuse to jazz up the toes this summer :D

  • Shanna says:

    I can’t get motivated to use them at all, I’ve a few different brands of wraps in the stash – including the Sally Hansen ones for toes – but I dunno, I’ve never actually been bothered enough to use them. I don’t know why! They look lovely. Have been wearing nudey nails for about a week (GASP) – haven’t gotten back into polish mode yet!

  • Lynnie says:

    Banjaxed – the sparkly ones might be thicker but I don’t notice any ‘heaviness’ when I have Shellac etc on so I might not be as sensitive to it. Just as well given the amount of glitter I like to pile on to them, really ;)

    Makeup glitz – ah that’s very disappointing.

    LynnieDoll – once nails are well prepped and you take a little bit of time to choose the right size, line them up properly with the nails etc I reckon you’ll be grand.

    miffyonline – yeah I get ages and ages out of even crap cheapy decals on toes so they should last well. And I keep hearing that this summer is supposed to be a scorcher so hopefully there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get the feet out *crosses fingers, makes sacrifice to sun gods*

    Shanna – mine were nude almost all over Christmas, and absolutely everyone I met feckin’ commented on it. I literally didn’t have time to do them!

  • MARY says:

    i bought these before looked fab and lasted and lasted so long in fact it was next to impossibel to remove had to soak in remover and file off in the end

  • Sarav says:

    I love these and have done several different manis with them now! It definitely helps to buff your nails a bit before you apply these. I also warm them up in my hands while it still has the backing and platic film on them. It helps the edges adhere better. I also always put a clear coat over the top. I know this takes away from the “no dry time needed” but I find that it really helps the longevity of them.

  • gobo says:

    I’ve used both the zebra print and some nude ones which were in dealz in the last year. I thought they were great. They took a little while to get on and you need to make sure your nails are clean and oil free before applying otherwise they will lift. Also, use the orange stick to make sure they are pressed down all along the side edges of your nails. The best thing was the fact that they were good to go as soon as on, although with the nude ones i did apply a quick dry top coat on top to seal them onto the nail.

  • Feefs says:

    Oooh I’ve always been fascinated by these but had convinced myself they would be way too complicated for someone that’s awful with nails (me). Hmmm they’re not seeming so complicated now, and I spotted some fab chevron ones in Boots the last day… :)

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