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By Aisling | January 29 2013 | 39 Comments

Yeah they’re bad for our hair.  Yes we know there’s no quicker way to fry and frizzle every strand on our heads.  But goddammit we need them sometimes!  How can we face life without them: a life of frizz and sticky up bits and cows licks and that curly bit at the side that just won’t lie down with any other type of hair tool?

We know all that evil exists between the metal plates of scorchio.  BUT. WE. MUST. USE. THEM.

Sometimes anyway.  But if you’re a daily user we won’t hold that against you either.

For the last couple of years the GHD has taken the Best Electrical Hair tool award in the Beaut.ie Awards – but you know I don’t think everyone was actually voting for the GHD brand.  GHD has become a synonymous term for all hair straighteners – just like Hoover has become a synonymous term for vacuum cleaners of all makes.

Remington and Babyliss are just two of the brands that also manufacture great hair straighteners  and there are others – supermarket own brands, celebrity hairdressers like Nicky Clarke and the rest of the lads  - there are tons of different makes and models.

So is the GHD actually the brand that you use?  Or have you found hair straightener heaven with another brand?

Rate your favourite!

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39 Replies to "Rate it: best hair straighteners"

  • The Blonde says:

    Not a huge commenter, but something Im going to take up for the new year! I used to straighten my hair every day perhaps twice a day, very rarely do now and its made a huge difference (I still, however blow dry every day!). Ive had a ghd amongst other straightners over the years, I have a babyliss one at present pro something or other that cost me about €50 and its the best one Ive ever owned. Other ghd fanatics have also agreed with me on this. I think hair straighners is one thing which the cheaper brands have definately caught up with GHD on.

  • Aurora says:

    I have used many different brands but will always go back to the ghd. Nothing else compares

  • MaryGoLightly says:

    GHD’s all the way – have had mine for 5 years now and they’re still perfect :)

  • boo says:

    I have a Remington that’s not too bad but I used,my sisters ghd at Christmas and have to admit there is no comparison.

  • lainey316 says:

    I have a GHD as well, haven’t tried many others. I had a Peter Marks vocuher, so… I used to use it very rarely but getting in the habit now – bad habit!

  • Flicks says:

    GHD are just the best for anyone with frizzy tempermental hair. Was wondering though what people reccommend for curling hair, not the wands, cause they are only lethal in my hands, end up with burn marks everywhere. Need advice on tongs or electric rollers?

  • Orla says:

    I had a total control (I think that’s what it was called) years ago that was equally as good as a ghd if not better, it looked the exact same too, sold it to a friend though when I cut my hair short. Now I’m using a remmington one that I’ve had since 1st year in college (about 8 yrs now) and it’s absolutely brilliant! My roommate bought it with a hairdryer for €40 in argos at the time and gave it to me when she moved back to America – and she had a huge mass of big curls that were perfectly tamed by it! :) It’s absolutely fantastic :)

  • Aoife says:

    I have curly hair and the GHD is yet to be beaten! Others will straighten it, but it won’t last all day. I’ll get horrible flicks and frizz! The GHD would have my hair straight til I wash it again!

  • IceQueen says:

    GHD all the way. I have a remington at home at the moment as my GHD isnt working. But the remington just doesnt cut it. Cant wait to get the proper GHD back!

  • ZsaZsa says:

    I’ve never used a GHD so I cannot compare them – for the last 2 or maybe even 3 years or so I have been using a Remmington Ceramic Hair Straightener – not sure which one – and I think it is good. My hairdresser said that some of the cheaper brands have come along so much that they are catching up with the GHD’s!

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