Poll: Would you prefer to lose weight more than anything else

By Aisling | January 3 2013 | 47 Comments

While in the hairdresser spending €200 getting Ballyage (only 100 years after the trend has peaked, but sure what the hey) I read an interesting magazine article in Dec. Elle.

It said that according to research women would rather lose weight or maintain their ideal weight than ANY other goal. So rather than getting a degree; being promoted; being in an ideal relationship, or having our dream home (or Dream Cat in my case) we would rather be thin.

As women have gained more independence and status, thinness is seen as a cultural marker of success. And yes I know there are many health risks associated with being overweight but this article wasn’t dealing with that issue.

It was saying that the more successful we become the more we want to be thin.

How do you feel about this? Think it’s true? Take the poll and let us know!

(To help you out here just think about what topped your list of New Years Resolutions).

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47 Replies to "Poll: Would you prefer to lose weight more than anything else"

  • Brass Neck says:

    I’m going to assume that people are voting for “lose weight” because they already have utterly perfect careers, relationships, personal lives, and have achieved blissful inner peace.

    That’s becase the alternative is too fucking sad and distressing to contemplate. :(

  • Emz says:

    I don’t understand why it can’t all be done.. we are women after all! I work 9-5 mon – fri & also study during the nights on tues & thurs but still manage to train with my trainer 3 days a week to maintain my weight, spend quality time with my partner, do well at my job & score high at college. Even do bikram yoga at the weekends to detox after a sat night out with the girls ;) Us women really can do 10 things at once ;) x

  • Gem says:

    No, just no. I really want to do something that I know I can stick to this year.
    So here goes..

    travel more
    visiti my family and friends more
    smile at a stranger now and again
    be more creative
    be happier


  • Beanie says:

    I’m with Brass Neck on this. I’m also thinking maybe people believe that if they just lost that extra bit of weight that everything else will just magically fall into place? It is genuinely sad if people really do believe that.

  • *Aisling* says:

    It just shows that our perception of what will make us happy is so tied up with body image. A lot of us spend our whole lives either on a diet or yo yo dieting.

  • Chloe says:

    I think the reason people choose weight loss is that it’s something you can control, whereas in general, your relationship & career are things that you work at constantly, so unless there’s something specific you want, such as getting a promotion or organising a wedding, you don’t really think of changing your career or relationship drastically! You might just presume that you will finish your degree or move house, whereas people perceive weight loss to require concentrated effort. At least I hope that that’s part of it.

  • Joanne says:

    I think we all want to look well – and if you’re carrying extra punds, losing weight can help you look much better, as well as be healthy.

    I don’t equate losing weight with being thin – to be it’s about being healthy and reasonably fit.

    Dropping weight is not going to fix everything, but it can help you feel better mentally. Plus, when you start to control one aspect of your life, you often find yourself making positive gains in other areas also (such as career, studies).

  • Orla says:

    Emz… how do you manage all of that!?! WOW!

    I’m too lazy to diet or want to lose weight. Of course I’d love to tone up a little.. but only if it happened by magic – I just don’t have the motivation to do it myself, it’s just not one of my priorities!

  • tina10 says:

    Health eating and some exercise should lead you to good health and a good natural weight. If you have to knock yourself out to achieve a certain number on the scales, then I think it will be impossible to sustain long-term.

    I put on 3 stone for each of my 3 pregnancies but my weight afterwards always went back down to the same weight I’ve been since I was around 15 (8 stone). I know that I’m lucky to not have to work at it, maybe if it was harder for me I’d think differently.

  • Eileesh says:

    Personally I just want to get fit .. plain & simple, except it’s not simple ‘cos everytime I go into a new fitness routine my body decides to betray me & I windup either injured or sick ! So this year I’m taking a different approach. First cutting out the crisps & chocolate bars, gradually get into a healthier diet routine in terms of preparing food to bring to work (healthy options at work are foul). By the end of january food changes should be done [I’m allowing for desserts on eating out]. It is NOT a diet .. it’s just an adjustment to eating habits. I’m going to spend the month investigating fitness options by checking classes & whether the instructors are sufficiently qualified to understand the restrictions I have & assess whether their activity is suitable or not. A compressed disc scuppered my last attempt as it evolved into a wandering vertebra as a result of the exercises the instructor gave.

  • Shygirl says:

    Well, it is my new years resolution to lose weight but only because I’ve put on a stone weight in the past 4 months. I also want to get a decent job too, and do some night classes. In some ways its not bad to want to lose weight, in a healthy way, if its something that bothers you.

  • Marge says:

    I want to be thin. My clothes look so much better on me when I’m thin and I can wear what i actually want rather than wearing what conceals my thighs/belly etc. It has NOTHING to do with me being healthy and can consume my thoughts on a daily basis when I think I’m heavy, no matter how busy I am with my work. It’s a fucking misery. And if I look at every single one of my friends, no matter how successful, beautiful or together they are, they all worry about weight a lot. And they are all are in their 30s. It never ends.

  • Coletteness says:

    ‘Losing weight’ is a really hard resolution to keep. Our bodies all work differently and it’s hard to achieve such a vague goal. Why not have ‘take up a new fitness class/sport’ or ‘eat my 5 a day’ as resolutions? You’ve less focus on your own body image, and more focus on the active positive things you are doing.

    It’s really sad that so many women focus on their weight that much. Hard not to though when you’re constantly surrounded by advertising and media which encourages you to obsess over looks and feel bad about yourself.

  • metalrabbit says:

    I started a new business last year. I totally neglected my weight especially in the last three months because I was so busy and caught up in work. I have a wonderful supportive partner and four cats that are always plotting to take over the world. I have the other things in my life pretty much in balance (except the cats)so halting and reducing my expanding arse is the thing I’m doing for me. I don’t want to hate shopping for clothes any more, I want to feel better and healthier.

  • Grá says:

    Hmmm I’d say sure weight doesn’t matter but I gained half a stone last year and it’s actually made me a happier person. I wasn’t underweight I was a normal 8 but I was always cold, tired, I’d get sick and anaemic quite a bit. Now I’m a size 10, I haven’t been ill in a year, I’m only tired when I’ve over-done it party wise :) And during Xmas I was told many times that I had a great figure. Skinny aint what it’s cut out to be. I do have issues with pain but that is a muscular thing not a weight thing. More yoga stretching should fix that :)

  • OtherMary says:

    What this is is the pressure from the media and general public for women to be attractive. Attractive by men’s standards. And everybody knows that fat is gross and ugly! (Sarcasm.) Same with make up, clothes that make women sexually appealing – and yet are used to justify rape! – high heels etc. The truth is that a woman’s value should not be – cannot be – judged by her weight, facial symmetry, or dress. And yet it is, all the time, everywhere. I would be willing to bet that were the same survey conducted among men, it would yield different results.

    Where did I read recently that the majority of men go to the gym to get fit but the majority of women go there to lose weight?

  • PinkPanther says:

    That’s crazy. I wonder were those statistics created for controversy? I question how the survey was worded because I find it hard to believe that women would prefer to be in an unhappy relationship and stuck in a miserable job than be slightly over weight. What is thin anyway?

  • Emz says:

    LOL Orla… Everyone asks me the same thing, but i work in a office all week so just sit on my bum & last thing i want when get home is to sit on my bum again (although saying that i used to love it). It all changed when my diet changed – nothing drastic, just green tea instead of regular tea, wholegrain instead of white in bread, pasta, rice etc & eat mainly turkey, lean mince & chicken. I allow myself one cheat day a week – i chose a sunday & eat whatever i want that i have been craving all week like chocolate, crisps, chips watever! Then cravings gone for next 6 days lol It works for me, i have sooo much energy now for trainig, work & college. I never have any motivation to work out at home so i go to a personal trainer & sometimes the classes he has like bootcamps, boxercise etc… great fun! x

  • Nix says:

    I take my hat off to anyone who is truly happy with their body shape, it’s become such an issue now with those bloody BMI charts and obesity figures getting ready to skyrocket.
    I don’t know what to say to you Marge, it must be truly soul destroying having those thoughts on some of your bad days, hope it gets a little easier for ya.

  • fififinx says:

    I lost 30 pounds two years ago. I have better things to worry about than my weight now! (And no, it didn’t improve my life – but it did improve my health!)

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