Maternity jeans guide – 3 good options on the high street

By xgirl | January 3 2013 | 11 Comments

There’s something amazing about the first time you put on a pair of maternity jeans. I think I actually whispered “Where have you been all my life?” as I pulled mine on – full panel stretched practically all the way up to my bra strap – and my bump experienced the comfort of being encased in soft, stretchy fabric, with no waistband digging in and no buttons that could only be held closed using a ponytail band.

It made me wonder why we don’t always just wear jeans with elasticated waistbands and although the baby is heading towards 9 months, I don’t mind admitting that I did briefly consider pulling out the maternity jeans for Christmas day and its associated food-fest (though in the end I stuck with stretch jeggings).

Maternity jeans generally come in 3 variations: the ones with little elastic sections in an otherwise normal waistband, the demi-panel ones with a full piece of elastic across the waist which sits below the bump, and the full-panel ones with the stretchy fabric that covers the whole bump.

While the kind with elastic inserts in the waistband might be useful very early on, I preferred the demi or full panel styles. The demi panel were perfect for the stage when I was no longer comfortable in normal jeans, but not yet big enough for the full panel and they remained comfortable for most of my pregnancy (for the last month I resorted to leggings for comfort). The full panel jeans gave that extra bit of support to a growing bump and the extra layer of fabric was cosy in winter. Choosing one style over the other may come down to personal preference, but here are a few options currently available:

H&M MAMA jeans are well-priced at €39.99 and these full-panel skinnies in stretch denim are a great maternity wardrobe staple.

Topshop’s Supersoft Skinny jeans (€55) were my favourites during my last pregnancy and come in an array of trendy shades. They have a comfy demi panel waistband and a nice amount of stretch in the fabric.

If skinnies aren’t your thing, then try Gap’s full panel sexy boot (€60). Looking past the name, this is a lovely leg-lengthening style and the dark indigo wash makes it a good dressy option.

If you have maternity jean favourites, let us know what they are!

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11 Replies to "Maternity jeans guide – 3 good options on the high street"

  • EvieM says:

    I had those Topshop ones on my first pregnancy and I hated them. I carried very high though so could get away with wearing my normal jeans til about 30 weeks and maybe by then I was too far gone for the underbump ones as the panel wouldn’t stay up and kept flipping over so I kept it folded down. One my second pregnancy I got the Gap Always Skinny Full Panel ones, I love the look of them (somewhat similar to the H&M ones above) and they seem like they’d be quite comfy, sadly I never got to wear them. Third time lucky ehh?

  • PinkPanther says:

    That’s so funny, I was actually a bit jealous of my friend’s maternity jeans over Christmas – they looked so comfy and my J brand skinnies were digging in post food fest! (I’m not pregnant).

  • ladyelvis says:

    I found the Zara maternity jeans great, I wore them constantly. Hard to find though, occasionally they’re on the website. I’ve kept them in case we lose our minds and decide to have another!

  • I love my maternity jeans. In fact, my husband told me that I barely hid my enthusiasm for switching to maternity jeans early on in this pregnancy. (I think I was about 9 weeks pregnant when I made the switch – not so much out of necessity, more out of desire to be in stretchy pants again!)

    I love the Mamalicious over the bump jeans, and the New Look maternity jeans with the elastic panel in the waistband. I think I wore jeans more during my last pregnancy though because I was pregnant through Spring, Summer, and Autumn. This time around, I am tending towards more winter dresses and leggings, and I have to say that when it comes to a choice between jeans and leggings, leggings win out in the comfort stakes no matter what the style of jeans.

  • *Aisling* says:

    Lots of good recommendations coming in on Twitter:

    Salsa Denims; H&M and Citizens of Humanity all getting the thumbs up!

  • Ems says:

    I had those H&M jeans -they were great, really comfy and a great fit for all my pregnancy, I loved them!

  • Lisa says:

    Boob Maternity over the bump ones – hands down the best maternity jeans EVER. Tried a number of other brands and they all fell down all the time, the Boob ones were just really comfy.

    They also do great breastfeeding clothes for after baby is born.

  • Lisa says:

    I agree- the Topshop jeans are AMAZING! Im wearing mine now and im 36 weeks pregnant-bought them when I was 18weeks gone and they still fit perfect..I dont wanna take them off!!

  • Lexi says:

    I LOVE the H&M ones! Have worn them from 14 weeks to 32 and the skinner pair are just too small now, however the straigter leg pair are still going strong! Really pleased with them and they don’t look like maternity jeans when on.

  • SparkleSparkle says:

    i had a pair from Next and they were very comfortable, as well as the ones from H&M. the maternity leggings from H&M were fantastic too. my baby is 3 months old and i’m still occasionally wearing the maternity jeans, thouhgh not having the bump to hold them up is a bit of a problem, but the large panel is handy for breastfeeding, keeps the belly covered.

  • Jo says:

    Id also like to add that New Look have fantastic jeans, again they are the under the bump band but its thick enough that its almost going half way up my bump! Ranged in price from 19.99 to 29.99 and they are super quality. Much better than the ones i got in Topshop!

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