Inglot’s New Dublin Flagship Store: My Makeup Adventure

By Laura | October 2 2013 | 30 Comments

This week I took a trip to the new Inglot flagship store on South Anne Street to have a nose about. While there, I got to meet and chat with Inglot ambassador and renowned makeup artist, Jon Hennessey.


The store is a great addition to the area – Inglot’s artists take a pleasingly helpful but non-invasive approach to sales, and the eyeshadows in particular easily rival Mac’s quality and shade range. The store will be offering a range of services from makeovers to regular classes, and frankly I don’t know a makeup artist who doesn’t keep some Inglot products in their kit – so it’s certainly worth a look. The store has a lovely studio upstairs fully equipped for any makeup eventuality – it’s a nice environment to have your makeup done in.

Jon has an impressive celebrity client list and a serious reputation for intelligent and innovative makeup. He’s also the first straight male makeup artist I’ve EVER met. So that’ a hurrah for us straight ladies.  Unfortunately he’s married with a babby – but sure you can’t have everything eh?


While he worked his magic on my face, Jon shared his makeup holy grail – contour, colour, tools and textures. Having good tools goes without saying.  He argues that the colours we choose work best when tailored to our natural colouring. Contour is obviously a major enhancing technique that is every woman’s friend, and should work with the existing structure of her face.

Jon sees texture as a great way to express ourselves through makeup, and he did an interesting look on me that made a technique normally consigned to the runway infinitely more wearable. All the products used are from Inglot.

inglot 3 (4)

  • After sorting out my foundation in his signature minimalist fashion,
  • Jon pressed a very sheer wash of red lipstick onto my lips with… an eyeshadow brush!
  • He then proceeded to apply an ultra-matte loose powder shadow (in a scarily hot pink shade) to the centre and outer corners of my lips.
  • He built this up until it produced an interesting effect – the contrast of textures made for a pleasingly just bitten look (Jon described it as ‘Snow White’ lips) that didn’t feel dry and lasted nicely for a few hours.

inglot 4 (3)

I’m familiar with this technique in a high fashion context, but it proved surprisingly wearable and I admit I rather liked it. Being a makeup artist myself, I’m seriously hard to please and don’t generally like having others do my makeup, so this was indeed a successful outing.

photo 5 (2)

What do you think of Inglot? Are you a fan?

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30 Replies to "Inglot’s New Dublin Flagship Store: My Makeup Adventure"

  • siobhan says:

    would like to see the final photo

  • Senora Espana says:

    Love inglot nail varnishes but strangely enough have no other products of theirs. I think a trip to South Anne Street is needed to rectify that.

  • Bea says:

    Love Inglot – amazing range of colours and tolls – all very reasonable. Have been able to find good substitutes for sadly discontinued lip colours here.

  • Bea says:

    tolls??? Try tools… bad keyboard day.

  • Tina87 says:

    Only just had my first lesson in Inglot LV on Sunday. Have come to the conclusion that i will never be able to apply eyeshadow, because even though i was doing each step on my left eye after she did the right, i STILL looked like i just rubbed the palette on my eyelid :(
    I did buy a lovely 5 colour palette though

  • Jane says:

    I’m looking for a nice dark pink lipstick at the minute. I know where I’ll be heading for late night shopping tomorrow :-)

  • Gizjit says:

    I’ll definitely try Inglot after that review but up until now I’ve heard nothing but bad things about them :-(

    • Laura says:

      Interesting Gizjit- definitely not every product is amazing but the eyeshadows can’t be faulted!

    • Aisling says:

      They can be hit and miss but the Freedom palettes are a definite winner. I’d avoid the new brow pencil though – I actually can’t get any pigment from it. Maybe it’s better on someone with lighter coloured brows than me

    • ZsaZsa says:

      I’m surprised that you have only heard bad things – they have some very good products.

    • Shopad says:

      The shadows are really good competition to MAC alright, but they break really easily, even without being dropped. Same goes for the likes of multi-coloured (striped) powder blush/bronzer/highlighters. Gel liners are the best out there, won’t budge. And they are so competitively priced.

  • Edelmc says:

    Can u list the products used? I am esp interested in the foundation, contouring and lip products used? Looks fab! I think MAC really have to up their game….my heart will always belong to MAC but lately the limited edition culture has put me off a bit….and with the likes of Bobbi brown & armani bringing out fab collections and inglot offering great colour ranges I find myself doing the dirt on MAC!!!

    • Laura says:

      Certainly Edel – The foundation was AMC Cream foundation in LW100, some AMC face and body illuminator in 61, Red Lipstick 178 (though he hardly used any) and AMC Pure Pigment Eye shadow in 66. I’m not wearing any contour, just the blush I had on when I went in, which was Mac’s Well Dressed. Hope that helps!

  • amberangel says:

    OMG – passed by at lunch time – had to go in for a nose. I have their nail varnish, which is brilliant and their eyelash curler. So jumped right in and opted for a statement lip colour. Their freedom range lets you choose 2 lip colours @ €6 each, so got an every day one and a statement one and then the palette itself is €6. Then of course if I use or am bored with a lip colour I can just go in and choose another one for €6. Have tried the day one and it’s nice and moisturising………so we’ll see how the statement one goes:-) Would too love some tips for their other products as they’re so reasonably priced!! Ta

  • IceQueen says:

    Laura, that lip colour is gorgeous. Can you tell me the colours he used in each product?

  • red*razors says:

    i adore their gel eyeliners, particularly the weird colours :) i bought a bobbi brown one recently, being a bit of a makeup snob, and it’s awful in comparison. too wet, so it keeps rubbing itself off when i’m applying it. i have an inglot matte lipstick too and it’s easily as good as my mac ones.

  • LesaC says:

    Love Inglot products but not a fan of their staff, especially in the Blanchardstown shopping center branch…..really unfriendly and unhelpful.

    • Emmie says:

      I have found that with their staff too, been to all locations except South Anne St and found them incredibly rude. Not into their loose pigments, think Mac’s are far better. Have a few eyeshadows and I think they’re great!

  • sirilovise says:

    I’ll have to visit the next time I’m in Dublin – whenever that’ll be…

  • Byzantina says:

    We had an Inglot, which opened in June 2012, at Victoria Square in Belfast, but when I went a couple of weeks ago the shop was closed down. I was hoping it had just moved, but it seems to have gone completely :-(

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