Horrid Ciate manicure sends me into “get the look” overload

By Aisling | February 18 2013 | 7 Comments

It’s award season – the IFTAS, the BAFTAS, the Golden Globes and the rest of the lads.  It’s Fashion Week all over the gaff too.

Which means that we’re inundated with “Get the Look!” emails with every PR company in the wurrrld “reaching out” to show us how to copy a look using their products.

Which is fine you know.  Some of them are great – Lancome and Mac in particular do really good ones (we featured Adele last week and we’ll show you the Mac IFTA ones later) – but many of them are not.


This one is terrible.  “Get The Look! Kate Hudson”.  But it’s not really Get The Look at all.  It’s just “use some random nude nail varnish and you will have nails vaguely similar to the ones Kate Hudson wore to – gasp – some American style award”.

And the nails look horrible.  It’s not even as though Ciate show us some exciting nail art or anything new and different.  Sure that’s the kind of nail polish most of us wear every day.

“Get The Look” is a term which is being overused and abused.

But don’t worry.  We have our bullshit detectors set to “stun” and we’ll weed out the gack.

In the meantime though tell us: do you like “Get The Look” posts? Let us know!

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7 Replies to "Horrid Ciate manicure sends me into “get the look” overload"

  • Atkin says:

    I really really dislike “get the look” posts. They are just glorified ads or rehashed press releases. I also sometimes doubt the authenticity of them.

  • littlesis says:

    I like some of them, but have to agree with Atkin some of them are just thinly veiled advertising campaigns.

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    Yeah they’re definitely something which has gone crazy this year and every wimmins site you visit has them up – exactly as they were sent to them. Is bizarre. I don’t mind a bit of it and it’s fun to copy a look using makeup that you can actually get your hands on, but this Ciate one was pushing it a bit too far!

  • Neasa says:

    I think the nude nails are perhaps not the most striking element of Kate’s look here alright! Love the orange Stella McCartney, she looks AMAZING.

  • Danaii says:

    I believe Kate Hudson’s manicurist actually said she used Ciate for this look, pretty sue it was featured on elleuk.com or something. So this one’s valid

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    Danaii – I know – I just thought it was really lame get the look!

  • Naomi says:

    I expected to see something awful with the blog title!! It’s not that horrid is it??

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