Don’t Try This At Home: The DIY Lash Perm Kit

By Lynnie | February 22 2013 | 17 Comments

Maybe it’s my perfectionist leanings or my have-a-go attitude – or a heady mix of both – but I’m a big fan of beauty DIYs. There are some outstanding professionals that I trust to meet my (not unreasonably high) standards, but if I can’t get to them for reasons of cash or convenience, I’ll just do my own nails/waxing/laser hair removal/make-up/eyebrows, ta.

I’m very competent and definitely do a better job than a few of the therapists I’ve encountered (bleeding cuticles and having hot wax dropped where it should never be dropped are two horrors that will stay with me forever.) But it turns out that even I have a line that I won’t cross in the name of the beauty DIY.

Home eyelash perm kits have been popping all over my radar of late and, to judge from my blog reader, there seems to be a lot of interest in them. I can see (no pun intended) why: salon lash perming is expensive and results can be hit and miss. Even so, this is one DIY I really not tempted to try myself.

Using a hydrogen peroxide solution in close proximity to the eyes is a risky business and it’s really not something you want to be self-administering through a half-closed eyelid. Eyelash perming is a fiddly job where a second pair of eyes is a very, very good idea and even if you’ve got a mate to help out, I reckon this is a scenario where formal training, together with plenty of experience, is a must.

What do you reckon? Is eyelash perming a DIY that you’d chance trying at home – and what beauty procedures do you prefer to leave to the pros?

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17 Replies to "Don’t Try This At Home: The DIY Lash Perm Kit"

  • *Aisling* says:

    Nope, no way would I do this at home! I can’t even do waxing at home – anything that causes pain needs to be left in the hands of a professional. I can’t work up the courage to rip the wax strips off quickly enough – so as a result it never works
    And I can’t colour my hair at home because I make such a mess in the bathroom

    DIY failure here

  • Marlie says:


    I’m not sure why anyone would want to forego the experience of someone who has been trained to perform these procedures for the sake of saving a few quid.

    And, the thoughts of anyone, let alone a trained professional, putting any type of chemical near my eyes terrifies me, I’m happy with the way my lashes are naturally, thank you very much.

    I’ve tried waxing my legs a few times myself at home, and I suck majorly at it, so I’m far happier to dole out the dosh and get someone else to do it for me.

    The one thing I’ll never pay someone else to for me again though, is my nails. I have too much fun doing them myself now, and I get to save me a good €25 and paint whatever I want on them :)

  • witchgirl26 says:

    I generally do my own nails & bits like that but anything involving eyes (eyelash tinting is a new adventure for me) will be left to someone who is trained to do it properly, thanks very much.

  • joanne says:

    i tint my own lashes and eyebrows at home, next week though am going to get Yumi lashes done as its on special offer-never had my eyelashes permed before so can’t wait to see them after it

  • Atkin says:

    Lash perming? I have heard it all now!

  • Sandy Beach says:

    I had the Yumi lashes done and it was good. Got the eyebrows darkened at the same time too to coordinate colours (I’m a redhead). Don’t think I’d do it myself thought as whenever I bother to tint my lashes myself I’m usually half blind at the end of it.

  • littlesis says:

    I wouldn’t go near it! God knows what I’d end up doing to myself.

  • joanne says:

    how long did it last for you Sandy Beach when you got the Yumi lashes done?

  • Cait says:

    God no. Eyes and DIY don’t mix as far as I’m concerned (apart from eye-makeup obviously!). I’ve given up waxing my own legs because it takes so long psyching myself up. It was taking hours so I’m far happier to pay someone to do it really quickly.
    I do my own nails though. If I get them done I end up being hyper critical because I can do them fairly well myself, so it just feels like wasted money.

  • lochie101 says:

    Nope not a chance. Since I got laser eye surgery (18 months ago) I have become so freaked out with putting anything like this near my eyes!!

  • Shygirl says:

    No, no and no!

  • Sandy Beach says:

    Joanne I’d them done on 3 January and there’s still a slight curve, I’ve normally dead straight, sparse lashes. The tinting really made them stand out for me.

    Kirstie had the Yumi lashes done before and her review is around this site somewhere. Just have a search.

  • joanne says:

    yes I saw the review a while was trying to find places down here that do them quite difficult as false eyelashes seem way more popular my lashes would be curly anyway so will be interesting to see how they come out. That’s great you got so long out of them

  • sugar says:

    I would definitely not try this at home even if I did think that lash perms were a good idea, which I don’t. I can just use an eyelash curler myself if need be, my lashes are that straight anyway. Otherwise I’m fairly diy though, always do my own make up for occasions, do my own nails, dye and cut my own hair, (with help at the back when it gets long). Have tinted and shaped my eyebrows with success but would prefer someone trusted to do it, tinting my eyelashes just didn’t work, doesn’t feel particularly safe to do myself.

  • AineJ says:

    I’m fairly DIY adventurous! I’ve tinted and permed my own eyelashes more than once, and have even epilated my own bikini area. I find if I spend enough money on the equipment then I feel obligated to actually follow through! That being said, I used to have flawless, spotless face skin and the beauty gimmick queen in me decided to try serums… spotty-chin AHOY! :(

    Perming was worth it though. I tend to be miserable at getting my eyelashes to curl and Ive stopped using mascara as much, but with the combination of perming and tinting my lashes and eyes look amazing and AWAKE, which is something for someone who is continuously called Dopey or accused of being asleep! The kit itself cost about 70 yoyos, but I’ve already used it twice and since a perm is roughly 30 euro anyway, I’ve almost already made even! Plus I dont trust beauticians with my eyes. They always get SOMETHING in it. :(

  • StrangeEmily says:

    First I want to add that what I’m going to tell you is extremely dangerous and should NOT be done at home.

    My eyelashes are very full, thick and frighteningly long. Nice right? Other that they’re incredibly straight and fall into my eyes and obstruct my vision.
    I went to a handful of salons only to be disappointed at the lack of curl and how they’d soon be falling into my eyes again in a day or two.

    The last straw was when I decided to try out the new Lash Lift thing going on and there was no change to my lashes at all. It wasn’t her fault and she refused to accept more than half the price as the tinting done did look nice…. she promised to consult with some professionals and get back to me when given a solution. That was months ago.

    So… After researching online I found that some of my bad luck may be due to the age of the perming solution that the salon’s provided (once those bottles are opened their effectiveness declines) and that there are kits out there that include single use individual packets of the perming solution which will make the solution as strong as its supposed to be.

    I managed to get a professional single use kit mailed to my home and after putting it off for a month because I’d never done anything so insanely stupid before so I finally worked up the nerve to do it myself on Christmas Eve.

    I followed the instructions on the box and instead of using the tools provided to glue my lashes onto the rollers I used my fingers instead, same for applying the lotion and neutralizer afterwards.

    My left eye was perfect on the first try, and the right eye took two attempts which may be dangerous and cause my lashes to get brittle and break off, but right now they’re still there. My lashes look slightly criss-crossy for a first timer but having them curled even if its a messy one has me well pleased.
    I couldn’t wish for a better Christmas present for myself.

    As I said above, I will not recommend to anyone to try this at home.
    We all have different levels of sensitivity to the perming solution and I had been patch tested before and had had my lashes done professionally at least 5 times before trying something this insanely stupid. Not to mention as we get older we could immediately become allergic to this stuff without warning.

    The two times I’ve had my lashes tinted professionally my lids would burn and go a scary purple shade for a few hours before going back to normal, so thats one thing I will never do myself.

    Welp, excuse my novel and Merry Christmas.

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