Don’t rate it! Worst beauty buys ever

By Aisling | February 5 2013 | 99 Comments

My life seems littered with the detritus of discarded jars and bottles.  Of creams that brought me out in a rash, of mascara that instantly flaked all down my face and of foundation that just made me look frankly weird.

It’s no wonder that some people stick to the tried and tested – never venturing further than the lipstick that suited them twenty years ago and the face cream that they’ve been picking up in the supermarket since the year dot (when it was still called Quinnsworth possibly).

There’s some desperate stuff out there – and I bet you’ve tried out lots of it.

Rate what you hate!

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99 Replies to "Don’t rate it! Worst beauty buys ever"

  • mummypupper says:

    Gatineau melatogenine(is that how it’s spelt,who knows).It’s like a jar of white concrete…..avoid.Also didn’t like Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara,I found it very clumpy

  • ZsaZsa says:

    First thing that pops into my head is L’Oreal Luminizer Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes – nice product but I didn’t like the applicator! Oh and both Bourjois Healthy Mix foundations – did not last on my t-zone at all plus I struggled to find a good colour match for my skin tone! I’m sure I could think of more things…..

  • Grá says:

    Boots No7 Colour Calming Green primer. A total waste of time! It just didn’t do anything, got stuck to various parts of my face, foundation didn’t go well over it… unless I’m using it wrong…. but Ive used green stuff on my face for years and primers so I couldn’t be.

  • sarah says:

    i found Benefit Bad Gal mascara very much a let down. I love bog-brush size wands but the formula was so dry and flaky. Another mascara let down i found was Lancome Hypnose Drama. I adore Lancome regular Hynose, so thought i buy the Drama one. Found it didn’t really add much drama at all! Lashes stuck together and went spidery. Too much faffing about to have to make your lashes look dramtic. Very disappointed.

  • Shygirl says:

    Any home waxing strips I have used are always crap.

  • Janette says:

    Maybelline mascaras, despite all the hype and good reviews, never worked for me.

  • aine says:

    There’s a clinque city block or however it’s spelled, I even have a friend who even works in clinique and she says it’s awful as well.

    It just kind of melts down your face.

  • Atkin says:

    Anything by Benefit.

  • IceQueen says:

    @ Atkin – I agree about Benefit. I’ve only used the Erase Paste which is awful and doesnt do what it claims. And the Bad Gal Lash mascara which was nothing special either. Went straight back to my False Lash Effect. They didnt give me much confidence in using anything else by Benefit.

    The Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara wasnt much cop either.

  • Babodpower says:

    Revlon photo ready foundation!! Was like Edward Cullen after it! Their mousse foundation was awful as was their single matte eyeshadows.Bioderma is a bit of a disappointment,it doesn’t remove waterproof mascara as good as cheaper alternatives,does ok to remove everything else though. Bought Benefits fine one one last weekend and while I like it it’s €34 for a product that will probably last me a month,it’s tiny!!! Catrice lip tint,God awful stuff! Could go on all day about bad products,think its best to stop now.

  • lyd says:

    Benefit foundation was just terrible for me!

  • sweetlikejelly says:

    Benefit Badgal Lash- flaked everywhere
    Urban Decay 24/7 pencils- Ran under my eyes
    Inglot gel liner- too runny
    Elf liner- too hard!
    Nars Sheer Glow- Worse than any cheap foundation I’ve ever bought
    No.7 Primer- didn’ help at all
    Urban Decay gloss- too gloopy
    Illamasqua cream blush in Sob- so stunning but lasts 4 seconds
    Kate Moss Lippie in No.3- makes me look like a corpse and tastes awful

    I’m sure there are dozens more but thats all I can think of right now!

  • Babodpower says:

    @sweetlikejelly I ordered Illamasqua cream blush in Dixie from Debenhams on Sunday and they emailed me earlier to tell me they hadn’t got it in stock,kinda glad now…

  • Sara says:

    Any anti-frizz product ever :(

  • Lel says:

    Benefit They’re Real mascara. I think I must be the only person to hate this!! I always got black marks just under my eyebrow from the mascara transferring from my eyelashes throughout the day.

  • Louise29 says:

    Quinnsworth – oh my god – had totally forgotten about that place….
    I have an endless list, but the most recents are max factor smokey eye effect, No 7 primer and foundations, benefit boing concealer, nivea face moisturiser (dosen’t soak in)

    Its always a little bit sole-destroying when a product you’ve heard loads of good things about is not right for you…

    @shygirl, i used feel like that about at home wax strips – tried all the expensive ones Veet etc. but now i use plain old Boots own brand and after lots of practice i think they’re great. Only on face and bikini line though – i think the legs take too long so don’t mind paying to get that done.

    The strips just need patience and practice!

  • Shygirl says:

    Yea Sara I do find that they make your hair more frizzy sometimes especially if your in a hot atmosphere like a nightclub.

  • Fiona says:

    ^ Hah, Sara – yes, any product that promises perfectly defined curls. LIES LIES LIES.

  • Shygirl says:

    Louise I’m at the stage I don’t want to waste any more money on them. I think if you are doing your legs you would someone to give you a hand.

  • sweetlikejelly says:

    @Babodpower- It might be because I’m quite oily but I just find it had no sticking power whatsoever. And I don’t have the same issue with Bobbi Brown cream blushes. I’d still like to try one of there powder blushes though just to see how they are!

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