Can Sleepwear Ever Be Cozy AND Sexy?

By Lynnie | January 25 2013 | 34 Comments

There’s really only one category of clothing that I hate shopping for, and that category is underwear. And before anyone jumps in with the importance of dressing well from the inside out and how a fancy pair of knickers and matching bra can make you feel like a new woman who can kick the world’s arse, let me tell you that I know that already. It’s a sentiment I agree with, actually. But I’m a fussy cow and I knows what I likes, and sometimes it’s just bloody hard to find underthings that live at the intersection of “feels really comfortable” and “looks awesome and a bit sexy.”

Sleepwear is a case in point. I don’t like anything strappy or short so my ensemble currently consists of a super cozy fluffy light blue dressing gown with spots on from, er, the kid’s department of Marks & Spencer and sets of cotton David & Goliath t-shirt ‘n’ trousers pyjamas featuring cartoonish illustrations.

This set-up ticks the comfy and awesome boxes pretty beautifully, in my opinion, and while Himself protests that these are sexy jammies, they’re not exactly chic.

Especially when paired with fluffy socks or UGGs or my indoor flip flops.

So when I noticed recently that the dressing gown and several pairs of the PJs were starting to look kind of tired, I thought I might replace them with slightly more grown-up versions. Nothing too slinky or sexy, now; no crotchless shorts or Maribou-trimmed see-through babydoll nighties or any of that eejitry. (Sorry, Himself.) I just wanted something a bit more sophisticated than the current gear that would still be cozy enough to cope with cold winter mornings or to curl up on the couch of an evening.

How foolish I was to think that such a thing existed.

It seems to me that there’s no middle ground between “warm” and “sexy” when it comes to sleepwear. Apparently you can be cozy and look like a fleece-wrapped Yeti or you can look fabulous and freeze your tits off, but both? At the same time? Ahahahahaaa. Fuhgeddaboutit.

from the ridiculous to the sublime at Agent Provocateur (sadly out of stock) and ASOS; Cheryl goes for comfort

The one true exception that I found was this machine washable cashmere dressing gown with silky belt from the M&S Rosie for Autograph collection, but Rosie clearly designed the range for people as tall as herself and it absolutely swamped my frame.

Oh yeah, and it costs the guts of €300.

If I happen across a silky kimono style dressing gown and matching PJs with hidden microfleece lining I’ll be sure to let you know, but in the meantime tell me this: what’s your own sleepwear style?

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34 Replies to "Can Sleepwear Ever Be Cozy AND Sexy?"

  • Sandy Beach says:

    Long sleeve, button up, long leg cotton pyjamas. Quite hard to source. TK Maxx is where it’s at. Any of the other stores it’s fleece, fleece, fleec in that style or short sleeves, shorts, tank tops, etc. My arms can’t take the cold.

    My house coat is brilliant – zip from neck to ankle, black velour and a hood.

  • Chloe says:

    I’m the exact opposite – I end up in a vest top & shorts, so I can layer blankets around myself without overheating!

  • Shygirl says:

    New look often have cute pjs.

  • Beanie says:

    Have you ever been onto the Hush Pyjamas website? I’m not sure if I’m allowed post a link to it, but their lounge wear and pyjamas look gorgeous, I’ve never bought from them though cos I can’t afford it right now…but one day!

  • Marlie says:

    I don’t have anyone to seduce with sexy negligee, so all of my sleepwear is courtesy of Penney’s mix & match stuff. I wear a vest top and shorts when I’m sleeping (I’d be too warm to sleep in any more, even in this cols weather), and I have a few pairs of fleecy pyjama trousers for lounging around. I’m happy to keep my sleepwear spending to €10 at a time until I have someone to impress! :P

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    Warm fleecy pjs for me. Bedsocks, hot water bottle, fleece hoodies for added warmth. My husband says I’m the most unsexy old lady when I’m going to bed. If my shoulders are cold I can’t sleep.

    Men think you should sleep in the nude or in a piece of see through gauze, I’m sorry but this is the real world!

    I draw the line at a onesie though

    Beanie – of course put up the link, we’ll all have a goo!

  • Shygirl says:

    I asked my fella if he found the first picture sexy, and what would he thought if I wear them. He said they were confusing, and thought she was wearing 2 pairs of knickers.

  • Beanie says:

    Here’s the link to Hush Pyjamas.

    I frequent their website for covetous purposes mainly, with an intent to buy one day in the more than likely far distant future!

  • Cait says:

    I’m all for the warm cozy fleecy variety, particularly as I live in an insanely badly insulated house. When I’m in bed at night in fleecy bottoms, t-shirt, hoodie and socks with the duvet to my chin my face and nose are still cold – stupid house. I did try to get something for my wedding night though and I got a silky nightdress thingy. It looked awful and the husband hated it. To be perfectly honest he hates the fluffy jammies too. He’s like Aisling said – thinks we should sleep in the nude, in Ireland, in winter.

  • Miss Golightly says:

    I like sleeping in a nice chemise and although I love pajamas (particularly men’s style ones – think Cary Grant in the 50′s!) but hate the way the legs roll up during the night and end up around your knees – so uncomfortable!

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