Benefit Rockateur €34: product thinner than 50C coin

By Aisling | July 15 2013 | 56 Comments

Last week we gave you a Sneak Peek at the hot new blush from Benefit, Rockateur,

However something instantly struck the commenters who responded to the original post – the net weight of the product was a mere 5g instead of the 12g which is standard for a Benefit blush. But the price was exactly the same at €34.


So surely some mistake?  Giving Benefit the er benefit of the doubt, because they’re probably one of our favourite cosmetic brands, we took a closer look at Rockateur.

The first thing to note is that it is in exactly the same size box as every other Benefit blush (like Sugar Bomb, Coralista, Hoola etc).  So if you plucked it off the shelf in a shop you’d automatically assume that you were getting a standard sized product, as it’s the SAME PRICE as a standard sized product.  This is blatantly misleading the consumer.

The second point of interest is how far down the box the product is – look at the original picture I took above and how far down the box the product is.  It should fill the box – instead it looks as though you’ll hit pan before the week is out.  But how much product does the box actually contain?


There was only one thing for it.  It was out with the Stanley knife and the pretty box was deconstructed.  The amount of product you’re getting is actually thinner than a 50c coin.

This is incredibly disappointing.  Benefit fans are among the most loyal in the world, they love the brand.  What on earth has happened here?

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56 Replies to "Benefit Rockateur €34: product thinner than 50C coin"

  • Áine says:

    That’s really really bad form. It’s not like it’s a specific long life formula or anything.

    Badly played benefit. It would put me off.

  • Sandra says:

    This is really bas form. Deffinately not getting it now and spending €34 on it!!

  • Carky says:

    Oh my god that really is misleading. I guess they are hoping people will buy it and not notice, since the box is the same and the pricing is the same. Bad form.

  • Shygirl says:

    Thats a terrible way to treat customers.

  • Jenna Shore says:

    So disappointing!! Has really put me off buying it – definitely not worth €34!!!!

  • Aisling says:

    Actually just noticed (from depths of makeup bag) that Hoola is 8g and Sugar Bomb is 12g, I just assumed they were the same size because of the box – and they’re both €34 too

  • EvieM says:

    That is shocking, the only Benefit blushes I’ve ever gotten we’re Dandelion & Georgia Peach, but I certainly won’t be purchasing any others after seeing this, very misleading to loyal customers.

  • Cabbage says:

    That is so cheeky – if the packaging were slimmer it would be acceptable, but as you say it is blatantly misleading the customer!

    I generally think Benefit products are overpriced, but to be fair the likes of Coralista last forever and a day, so you do feel like you’ve gotten value for your money.

    This is just a SWIZZ.

  • Brass Neck says:

    Oh, oof! That’s dreadfully bad form. Reckon Benefit will answer questions about it?

  • Grace says:

    Wouldn’t expect anything less from benefit to be honest…make up products which are on a par with Rimmel, Collection etc but marked up to high end prices because they spend all the money allocated for products on packaging designs and marketing – makes you feel like you’re getting a great product but all your paying for is a nice enough product (that you could get from most other cheaper brands) in a very pretty box with a fun name IMO. Don’t get me wrong – I love Coralista but it is a total rip off! Have lots of benefit products that I got from promotions like the diet coke and flake one but I would NEVER pay for one of their products, especially after trying them – they are either mediocre or it’s easy to find dupes (benetint vs collection lip and cheek stain and high beam vs no7 illuminating lotion were recommendations from a youtube video and I’ve never looked back)!

    • Tina87 says:

      Ive been looking for that No7 illuminating lotion, where did you find it? My Boots doesnt seem to have it :C

      • fififinx says:

        Hey, Tina! Boots are online now. and you can get them to deliver to your home store for free. Totally cool (and hopefully they’ll now update the Bourjois stand which hasn’t been updated in Dundalk since about 1820 ;) )

    • shannairl says:

      COMPLETELY agree with this. The only Benefit product I’ve loved & raved about was the They’re Real! mascara but I would not pay full price for a full size tube. I think the trial kits they do are a great idea but not a hope in hell of me ever paying anything near Benefit prices for one.

  • Paris B says:

    Goodness! Sneeze on it and it might just all blow away!

  • OtherMary says:

    Misleading. Not illegal but certainly unethical and deserving of bad publicity.

  • Polly says:

    Can do anything to contact Benefit about this and find out what they have to say?
    I follow lots of (mostly Irish) beauty blogs and in a given week they all seem to review (mostly positively) the same press samples they’ve been all sent out. It’s no secret that cosmetic companies are using the blogs to advertise but it goes both ways – if standards are poor or products are bad value people need to know and blogs are great for this – especially But nothing will change if the cosmetic companies don’t know. Go on – use the power you yield to find out some answers for us! x

    • Polly says:

      sorry I meant “power you wield” – not yield! :)

    • sarah says:

      Can I second this?

    • OtherMary says:

      Yes. I have stopped reading blogs that give good reviews to everything. Products have to be rated based on their merits alone and shite needs to be called out as shite because if I want advertising, I can buy a magazine.

      In this case, €35 for 5g would be perfectly fine if other shades of the same product (blush) were also €34 for 5g. Even 8g is cheating because it’s 50% less than 12g.

    • Aisling says:

      Standards in the cosmetic industry and misleading consumers deliberately are subjects I feel very strongly about – this was the theme of my last book Gorgeous To Go (get it if you want to know why and how and when who does what to whom in the murky world of Irish cosmetics and pricing. I did a LOT of industry research for this book! ). Benefit don’t have to respond to this – there’s no ambiguity here and it wasn’t a mistake, it’s obviously a decision that they chose to make. Will they regret it?

      Well that’s up to you. If you feel strongly about it retweet, forward and share the life out of this post so that as many people as possible can make an informed decision

      You are the consumer. You have the power

  • Ladyelvis says:

    Holy cow! Bad show from Benefit! I agree with Polly-would love to hear what Benefit have to say about it. Surely they have some explaining to do. First Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, now Benefit. Ikey, as me ma would say.

  • Sarah says:

    I have Dandelion, Hoola and Coralista in the original size boxes but there is no way I am replacing them when they run out. The amount gets consistently smaller and price higher, not to mention the scandalour Euro rip-off price. It’s Buh-bye Benefit from me from now on.

  • Therese says:

    Wow! This was on my ‘to buy’ list but its now most definitely not!! What a swizz!

  • Nurse Fancy Pants says:

    That is Incredibly misleading. The thoughts of spending that much for so little product- you could easily buy that without realizing the difference in product size cause as you say, it is identical to the regular sized blushes. Unimpressed, benefit.

  • calico says:

    Wowser! I’ve never been a huge benefit fan as I find them a bit gimicky. Christ on a bike though there’s no bang for your (many) buck(s)! 34 quid for 5 g of product in a cardboard flaming box…..jog on kitty.

  • Áine says:

    This is bothering me more than I thought it would as well, really poor bad form.

  • Aifs says:

    Ridiculously loyal Benefit fan here! I am so disappointed with this. Getting 8g or 12g for €34 is one thing when it lasts absolutely ages but really, 5g and same price? There’s no defending that. I have contacted Benefit over less before so I will be doing it again. Armed with my Coralista, I will be asking questions of the manager at the Macys Benefit counter nearby….when it’s out. Really unimpressed. It’s nearly like selling their mini They’re Real for the same price as the full one.

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