Blather: Thursday

By Beautie | January 17 2013 | 48 Comments

There’s nothing like good blather and banter on a Thursday!


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  • Bobby Pins says:

    Morning all! A huuuuuuuge thank you to all who posted re London yesterday. It’s really heartening and heart warming when strangers take some moments out if their day to send information. So big up to the landaaan massive x

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Morning all, I am typing from ‘dublin’. My trip was cancelled yesterday due to adverse weather conditions in the Uk on Friday, we were advised not to travel. So I now feel 10 tonne lighter. Got 2 busy days ahead but sure there here at home, so delighted with myself.

    BP – write yourself a list, if you left Oz, what would you miss??? what has become your norm…. sunny days, your little car….
    I used to travel to London a lot with work and it never appealed to me. I used to live up North in the UK and I loved it, I found the people a lot friendlier.

  • Fiona says:

    ^LynnieDoll – yes! I travel to Manchester a lot and LOVE it. Had I to leave Dublin, I’d move there without a second thought.

    I’d echo what most people said about London yesterday. It’s a great city but you have to have plenty of money and plenty of energy to enjoy it to the full. I lived there as a young un, and while I have lots of friends and family still there, I wouldn’t move back unless I was earning a hefty salary.

  • Shygirl says:

    Morning all! I’m doing a slimming aid drink this week, I desperately need to lose weight! I’ve gotten far too heavy. I’ve used it before and found it good. My interview went ok, it was just the first round of interviews. If I’m successful and get a second interview they will let me know within 10 days. I have 3 job application forms to post today. All I can do is keep trying.

  • says:

    Morning ladies,

    How are we all today!! I got an extra 20mins in the bed this morning was flipping amazing!!! :)

    Good luck with all the jobs shygirl :) and yahoo for the bad weather lynnie doll!! :)

  • Laineyb says:

    Morning everyone! Was anyone else stuck to the bed this morning? I had to be surgically removed but at least it’s thurs! Had great plans to start the Couch to 5K yest eve but I didn’t quite get past the ‘couch’ part. I’m so lazy I even shame myself sometimes! Le sigh!
    Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my UD Naked Pallette. Also think when I get paid the end of this month I’m gona treat myself to some NIMA brushes. Hearing loads of good stuff about the mitt too so I may give it a go – she’s doing an offer on them at the mo!
    Anyway that’s enough blabbing from me! Have a great day everyone xxx

  • EvieM says:

    Morning all. Congrats on the interview Shygirl, hope you get through to the next round. Had a few hours work yesterday morning and again this afternoon. I work part time, it’s busy enough during the summer but only a couple of half days every few weeks in the winter. Every little helps at the moment as we are skint until hubby gets paid at the end of the month. Co I know what you mean about the few extra minutes, ds slept in til 8.10am this morning, I’m delira with myself for the extra hour in bed, hubby still woke me getting up at 7 but I didn’t have to climb out of the cosy warmth for another hour =D

  • thefrog says:

    Hello there!

    Got a fire alarm at work, had to stay 30mn outside (-7° and 10cm of snow). After 15min we went for a coffee!

    And I’ve been fighting with the IT system for my work trip. Turns out I’ve validated my own work trip to Dublin but it did not reach our travel agency, so I had to cancel it and then do it again. I feel like the world’s greatest fool because I cannot use this system properly. Sigh.

    The lovely snow of the previous days has turned into a grey icy mud on the pavement, it’s very treacherous. Oh well, it’s the weekend soon!

    @LynnieDoll, great that your trip has been cancelled. More time with LittleDoll!

  • Chloe says:

    Morning everyone! Shygirl, good luck with the job applications :) laineyb I have the nima mitt & I love it! Especially this week when I’ve been wrecked, it feels so much easier to use.
    I’m still in bed! Woke up early to do college work from under the duvet :D

  • Lilypetal says:

    Morning! :)
    At work after a major night out feeling absolutely fine……I’m waiting with bated breath for the hangover to come at raging at me full force.
    Anybody know of any good ( and cheap ) shampoos? My hair has recently decided to go dry and dull and nothing seems to work!

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