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All hail Amy and Tina! Can they host everything from now on, please?

By Kitty | January 17 2013 | 23 Comments

Forget the dresses, the stars of this year’s Golden Globes were most definitely the super-duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It’s not often that women get to host big award shows, let alone two of them, but they pulled it off marvelously.

The on-stage banter between presenting duos can often be forced, seem over-rehearsed, or just be downright claw-your-eyes-out awkward, (i.e. every Eurovision, ever) but theirs was natural, relaxed and most of all, tremendous fun to watch. It’s obvious that they have great craic together in real life and just watching them makes you want to be in their gang.

Their jokes were spot on, as they poked fun at the room filled with shiny celebrities, but they still managed to be good-natured, rather than mean-spirited *cough*RickyGervais*cough* all while completely being themselves.

Not only did they do a brilliant job of hosting the awards, they also looked flipping fantastic while doing it. I especially liked how Amy arrived on the red carpet in a saucy tuxedo as Tina’s date.

I already loved these two, seeing as they’re each behind two of my favorite comedy shows, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, and seeing them nail the Golden Globes gig just further proved what amazing and hilarious ladies they are. I pretty much want them to host everything from now on. I’d even watch Winning Streak if it meant they were presenting it.

So are you a fan of Amy and/or Tina? What did you think of their presenting style? And what else would you like to see them host?

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