WHOAAAAA WHOAAA she’s gone viral. Christina Aguilera is happy to be a fat girl now?

By Aisling | October 2 2012 | 14 Comments

The woman with one of the biggest set of lungs in music and a tendency to make every song ten minutes longer than it actually should be, has said “no more” to speculation about her weight.   In an interview with Billboard magazine Xtina said that she’s fed up to the back teeth with detractors from the record industry calling her fat.

“You’re dealing with a fat girl now” she said “Get over it” adding that she was sick of being toothpick thin.  When her record producers called an emergency meeting to tell her to lose her extra 15lbs as quickly as possible as it was affecting record sales she basically told them where to go.

Every single news outlet picked up the story and ran to the ends of the earth with it. It appeared on websites, blogs, Twitter and Facebook until it was eventually revealed as a hoax.

“Christina never said those things” said her spokesperson.  And if anyone had actually READ the Billboard article they’d see that in fact no she didn’t.

It was a spoof Tumblr site that just made the whole thing up.

Loads of red faces and LOTS of retractions have appeared – which just show how crazy we are for celeb news that any old crap can be published without any fact checking whatsoever.

Does this kind of thing surprise us? Or is is just more over excitable viral networking?


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14 Replies to "WHOAAAAA WHOAAA she’s gone viral. Christina Aguilera is happy to be a fat girl now?"

  • not surprised, a lot of “news” websites want to be the first on whatever information from whatever celebrity and don’t bother with fact-checking.
    Now Christina, I don’t care that you are skinny or curvy, but we need to talk about your make up and fake tan (although the latter got better lately).

  • EmmaCat says:

    So much admiration for that voice, she may over-sing mariah style, but she’s amazing! And having seen an old pic of her recently, i thought it was a bit scary. She was FAR too thin, her head was practically larger than her waist!

  • *Aisling* says:

    I don’t actually think she’s that big that’s the thing. She can wear really unflattering clothes (like the leotards) but lets face it they do very few people any favours. THat whole viral thing was ridiculous – if you google it you’ll see that every US gossip site had to pull the piece or publish retractions.

  • Peakaboo says:

    That person who created it belongs in PR, that’s about all I can sum up from this.

  • EmmaCat says:

    spot on aisling, he’s actually got a really nice figure, she just doesn’t wear the most flattering clothes sometimes. I think the same goes for Britney now she’s on the us x factor, gorgeous body, but their clothes are too tight, it looks uncomfortable!

  • littlesis says:

    It’s strange how so many journalists and bloggers could reprint the story and not check the source? I suppose it just illustrates the strange culture of copy and paste that we live in.

    She needs to stop wearing some of those outfits, skinny or not. Though I kinda love her crazy violent and brightly coloured new video!

  • *Aisling* says:

    Emma – Britney looks fantastic on the Xfactor doesn’t she!

  • PinkPanther says:

    I bet she’s about a size ten in real life which is massive in Hollywood. So was none of it true? Is she even Ecuadorian??

  • EmmaCat says:

    She does! Have to say, i’m genuinely happy for her, she’s come on so much from her eh, well breakdown i suppose. Glad she’s doing so well now!

  • anorak says:

    This woman is a SINGER. Her VOICE is amazing. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

  • *Aisling* says:

    anorak – of course you are right, that should be what counts – but in the record industry it’s all aout image

  • Anorack says:

    Ah here, aisling Tell me about it. I was just being all pure and biblical for a moment. Imagine that kind of world…… *sighs*

  • Gwen says:

    She doesn’t look bad now but she looked alot better thin weather people like to admit it or not…..and I just can’t get behind her “I am happy to be curvy” nonsense….not that there are people who aren’t I just don’t think she is one of them. This is the girl who publily called Kelly Osbourne “fat” back when she was thin and Kelly was bigger and now all of a sudden she is happy to be curvy? Yeh…not buying it.

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