What Katy Perry did next: channel Amy Winehouse. Virtually unrecognisable on cover of Interview

By Aisling | February 28 2012 | 16 Comments

katy perry interview mag

“I’m gonna wash that man right out of my… backcombed Amy Winehouse-inspired hair.”

In fact, thought Katy (or more probably Katy’s stylist, team of hair and makeup artists and photographers), I’m going to channel everything about La Winehouse.  Her eyeliner, her pose, her teased updo and most importantly her attitude.

But I’m going to sex it up for Hollywood.  So let’s get a bit of Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox in there ok?

No one will know it’s even me, so you better emblazon my name across my chest on the cover.

Take that Smurfette!

And Russell …

Singer Amy Winehouse is the Rolling Stone cover star

Pic credits: rollingstone.com; stylefrizz.com
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16 Replies to "What Katy Perry did next: channel Amy Winehouse. Virtually unrecognisable on cover of Interview"

  • EmmaCat says:

    She looks more like megan fox than she does herself, i couldn’t believe it was her when i read it!!

  • Laura says:

    I bet Russel is raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagin now! She looks HOT!

  • Kato says:

    I see absolutly NO resemblence to the woman on the magazine and Katy Perry…. Is it just me or??

  • Katie Healy says:

    So unlike Katy to entirely rip off someone else’s style down to a T!
    Her eyebrows look better like this though. I have struggled to say something nice about her.

  • Makeup hair and glitz says:

    Beats the crap blue n pink hair anyways :)

  • Maj says:

    Wouldn’t have recognised her either….love the contouring

  • Michelle says:

    I think she looks kinda like Liz Hurley and not at all like Katy Perry. I have to say I would feel like a mug if I was photographed for a mag and I was changed so much I was unrecognisable. It is the opposite of a compliment and Make up and styling plays a huge part in making over a person into a better version of themselves. But to turn the picture into an unrecognisable image is airbrushing.

  • Bridget says:

    I just cant belive its Katy Perry!!! Agree Maj, love that contouring I thought it was Nelly Furtado……….Im like a biiiird I wanna fly awaay :)


  • Anita says:

    Not Katy-related, but kind of – I LOVE the eye make-up. Is there a tutorial to achieve a similar look on beaut.ie? It looks like it would be simple to do but probably in reality involve tons of steps…

    Back to Katy – she doesn’t look like herself! She looks great, but not herself. If this is all “look what you’re missing” to her husband (ex-husband?), she was a good-looking girl before this anyway, they didn’t split because she had become frumpy (she hadn’t) but because the mister didn’t like her party lifestyle. Lame excuse to break up though, I’d get it if she was an alcoholic but otherwise…!

    (And apologies – I don’t understand the “And Russell…” followed by a picture of Amy Winehouse. It looks kind of like beaut.ie is suggesting to Russell that he consider Amy Winehouse, which is weird because she’s deceased. I’m sure I’m just missing something though!)

  • NiamhO says:

    @Anita, I’m pretty sure the and Russell is referring to the take that above!

  • Grace says:

    I’m seeing more Megan Fox than Amy Winehouse. It’s a very good pic though. And I don’t like Megan Fox or Katy Pery.

  • OtherMary says:

    The contouring looks great, but would look like shite in daylight. Same for the eyes and eyebrows – too stark. It may be cool for Halloween.

    I love Megan Fox for her weirdness and respect the work of Amy Winehouse, but dislike everything about Katy Perry so I’m a bit miffed at the look for this shoot. It is kind of like polishing a turd.

  • littlesis says:

    Not her usual look, but I like it. Blue hair will only get you so far ;)

  • kezia says:

    I believe it’s meant to be an homage to Elizabeth Taylor and I have to say she does not look dissimilar here!

  • stephieshoenut says:

    I didn’t recognise her either , she looks fanflamingtastic in the photo ,way better than the blue hair and yucky pvc dress combo ! If only she wasn’t as mad as a box a of frogs (& not in a good Lady GaGa way ) she could rule the pop world with this look !

  • Jacki says:

    I’m so not fan of this look on Katty. She is starting the way of Gaga and winehouse. She is just so naturally beautiful she should just be her. No gimmics. Between her, Gaga and Niki Minaj, there is a lot of talent that gets overlooked by gimmics. Look at Adele. She needs none of that.

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