Weekend blather

By Aisling | May 26 2012 | 29 Comments

It’s the weekend yes – but that still means there’s loads of time to chat!


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  • Polkadotty says:

    Morning all..switched shifts today so I’ll get some sun! :) just started couch to 5k.. Anyone any feedback on this?

  • bojangles says:

    Morning all, lurking but no blathering for a few weeks: too much work + family issues going on, but getting through it, such is life/death.

    Fantastic weather is making me smile again, so can’t wait to get out there.

    Polkadotty – definately do the C25K, it’s brilliant. I started in January and last week did the 5K for the first time – whoop! I’m late 40s :( (auld blatherer)and couldn’t run to catch a bus, so it is do-able. Took me longer than the 9 weeks but who cares. It’s a great sense of achievement just doing it and having something to aim for.

    Have a great w/e y’all.

  • Polkadotty says:

    Ya bojangles I feel good even attempting it.. And it seems very doable.. Nice easy buildup! Any advice on best brand of runners to purchase?

  • Acat says:

    Morning girls! Hope all is well, am just heading out to enjoy the sun, yay :) Polkadotty – get gait analysis in elverys or somewhere else if you can. I got it done in the one on suffolk street, guy was lovely. Ran on a treadmill for a few mins and then he watched the video to see how my foot fell and advised me the best runners for me. He went through cheapest to dearest. He told me to hold off on the dear ones till I was running a lot.
    I finished the couch 2 5k a few months ago, was great! I would say stick to the plan and dont skip any weeks or push yourself too hard. You are more likely to get injured if you do that.

    Off out to the sun, happy Saturday everyone!

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Oh happy weekend all, me and my little doll are off to do a bit of shopping. Been up since 5am, conjinctivitis doesn’t look too bad today but shades are staying on regardless.
    Gonna meet my best pal, have a bit of lunch, little splurge, then home and maybe have a walk in the sun. Can’t imagine I’ll do 5k like you brave ladies!!!!!! But I’m behind you all the way…….in spirit :-)

  • sevda says:

    I started c25k last year. I didn’t get to the end cos I joined a running club so got to about week 6/7. I use to swop between a few podcasts for variety. 5k101 has less annoying music I found. It’s great to get you started. I did some of the weeks 4 or 5 times when I didn’t feel ready to move on.

    Have a facial at 12.30, facials are my favorite beauty treatment. HAve not had one for 8 months.

    Debating whether to do 1 hour in work after the facial to get ahead. There are only 2 of us (out of 4) and if I just did my invoices I’d save 2 plus hours with no phones ringing.

  • @ Sevda i’ve never gotten a facial done ever!!

    I’ve done masks…..

    i take it they are that good?

  • Chloe says:

    Cel, I’ve only had two (one when on work experience in a beauticians, & one when my godmother brought me to a spa) And I’d give anything for another one! Would really love a long one with extractions, etc to get my skin in better shape. Though I just love the feeling of anyone else doing my make-up/ face!

  • mademoiselle says:

    Happy weekend ladies! Glorious sunshine out. I am just going to give this essay an hour more and then hitting the road to Limerick to see my bf.

    Good luck with the couch25K. I have given up smoking and was hoping to start running but haven’t made the time yet between work and college.

    Right, less skiving, more essay writing.

    Have a fab w/end ladies, enjoy the facial Sevda and I hope things get easier Bojangles x

  • boredmum says:

    afternoon all – Hope everyone is enjoying this fabulous weather, i know i am, such a lovely day and the breeze is fantastic

    Just about to have a siesta with my lil man, (any excuse) lol

    Lynniedoll – Hope u r feeling better soon, if you can get chamomile teabags, boil them up and leave them in the fridge so they are nice and cold, the relief you will get is fantastic, i had a very bad eye infection 2 years ago when we had a heatwave aswell, its such a pain,

    Fair play to all of you who are doing the couch to 5k, i have fallen off the smoking wagon, again, and will definatley try to do the c25 when i give up,

    Gonna have a few Ice Cold Pints of Bulmers later on with the hubby with loads of ice, can’t feckin wait, i love summer

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