Weekend Blather

By Beaut.ie | March 10 2012 | 24 Comments


Praise the Lord and pass the wine. It’s the weekend!


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  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Morning! :)

  • Gossipgal says:

    Morning. Feel like I was hit by a truck. Sat up too late last night watching Homeland and am wrecked now. Hope Lidl have running jackets left

  • typo Queen says:

    morning heading home from the big schmoke to see the rents.

  • Sparkle101 says:

    Morning all. Bit tender – heading off to do the shopping now, very exciting! Am planning a dinner party for next weekend and trying to come up with some ideas. Does anyone have any full proof recipes they use?? I’ve never thrown a dinner party before!!

  • Mazerooni says:

    Morning all! Quiet weekend planned, heading to London weekend after Paddys so must save the funds! Also car insurance and health insurance up for renewal in April! Gah, why must everything come together!!!

  • VanillaLime says:

    Hello all!! Haven’t been on much lately – hope you are all well!!

    Sparkle – I don’t do a lot of dinner parties (though I love to cook) but I have made this for a crowd and it went down well – it’s good to have something more or less ready before the guests come so you can talk to them and not stress!!


    and my sister made this last time I was at her place:


    I love Rachel Allen, Catherine Fulvio and Clodagh McKenna for recipes, there are plenty to be had by googling!

    Have something no cook for starters, maybe hummus, other dips etc – buy dessert or make the day before – mostly, make life easy on yourself and enjoy!

    Have a great weekend all!!

  • Ellie70 says:

    Happy weekend all, myself and the sis are off to Galway for a few days on Monday. We are staying at The Park House Hotel. Sis and I don’t get to spend much time together so really looking forward to it. Anyone know of any lively pubs in Galway where a bit of craic can be had on a weekday night?

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Gossipgal, thanks so much for mentioning the Lidl running gear. Will take a spin up tomorrow to my nearest to see what’s left. Really want some trousers.

  • Sparkle101 says:

    VanillaLime – thanks for those links, someone else mentioned Chicken Tagine so it must be a sign. Going to do a test run tomorrow – very nervous!!

  • VanillaLime says:

    Sparkle – good luck – don’t be nervous, have a nice glass of wine and enjoy!!

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Ergh. Unless you’re a XS, don’t bother with Lidl Glasnevin for the running gear.

  • Gossipgal says:

    KitC sold out where I am as well. Hopping mad. Only saw it this morning

  • Kitty In The City says:

    The jackets looked quite nice. I was proabably a XS when I was 7.

  • Orla says:

    Ellie – the Dail is always a good option, great for a bit of craic :)

    Beth if you’re around, I just saw your comment from yest!!! Are they really the same thing??? Just goes to show how important packaging is.. seeing as I didn’t realise they were the same and I thought I didn’t like PG Tips!!! :) Thanks for the info!!!! x

  • sevda says:

    Ellie it’s been years since I was out in Galway on a week night but it use to be a town that was you’d get a few out on all week. Taffes, front door, the dail, maybe kellys and dew drop. They are all within walking distance.

    I went to aldi thursday evening hoping to get running tights and there was only odd pieces left. Lots of fun runs coming up so I suppose that explains it.

  • Kittykat says:

    KITC, their sizes are huge I found. I got great mileage out of my Lidl running tights :-)
    Long day in work. Had some blueberries that I meant to sling in my porridge and didn’t so rustled up some blueberry and cinnamon muffins this morning to bring into work. Well they were devoured. And a couple of nurses came in when they were gone to ask if there were any more for the doc’s in resus. Bless them. Am being held to a promise to make more during the week.
    Got a phonecall this evening from guy I’m meeting for a drink next week. He is bonkers ! Had me in stitches laughing. Should be a fun date.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    KittyKat – Ooh, where’d you get the recipe?

  • Gossipgal says:

    On third cup of Chai tea this morning. Had cold sweats last night and cant seem to warm/cheer up. Think I have a chill aswell.

  • Orla says:

    Kittykat – hope your date goes well!!

  • Coco says:

    Afternoon all. Lovely sunny day today – so great that spring is properly here by now. I really need to go outside and take advantage of it but have gotten into a dreadful habit of bumming around for hours at the weekend before I even get dressed let alone ready to venture out. All very pleasant but I always regret it when I feel like I’ve wasted the whole day.

    Just did the annual Sunday Times style magazine best product survey – first 1,500 people get a free Liz Earle cleanse and polish kit!! This year you had to pick between six suggestions in each category – no opportunity to suggest anything yourself which i thought was a bit surprising. I hadn;t eve heard of some of the products and had probably tried about three so all very odd.

    Also just bought my second Emma Hardie cleanser this morning – LOVE this product. I’m thinking about going for one of her facials as well to see if it is as good.

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