Voya Bright Eyes Eye Cream Review

By xgirl | March 1 2012 | 12 Comments

voya bright eyes

I’ve been curious about the Voya product line for quite a while, but the Bright Eyes eye cream, €52, is the first product I’ve actually tried. To be perfectly honest and up-front about it, the high prices on these products is what puts me off, especially when I can find skincare products of similar quality from companies with a similar ethos for far less. And while I love an Irish success story and the fact that the products are based on locally-sourced ingredients, I still find it hard to shell out above-the-odds for something that isn’t necessarily a superior product.

Nevertheless, let’s see what I actually thought of Bright Eyes when I trialled a sample.

Firstly, the packaging is nice. A glass bottle gives it a nice, reassuring weight and the pump top is easily controlled to only give you as much product as you need each time. There’s a nice minimal look to the bottle, ideal if you like to keep your beauty products on display where you can admire them.

Then the ingredients. Based around the seaweed for which Voya is famous, Bright Eyes is also packed to the gills with organic plant oils and extracts. The inclusion of ten different essential oils seems like overkill, especially given that I don’t even detect any fragrance when using it, but since I don’t like fragrance in an eye cream, I’m not complaining.

voya bright eyes texture

So how is Bright Eyes to use? Very nice, as it happens. The light gel-cream formula spreads smoothly on the skin and sinks in quickly, leaving the eye area feeling smooth and soft, with no surface tackiness or oily feeling. It creates an ideal base for makeup, but I also like that it doesn’t leave a shine on the skin if I’m not wearing makeup. And I’ve experienced no eye sensitivity whatsoever from it, even when I slather it on before bed.

Bright Eyes is a good hydrating cream and is doing a nice job of tackling the fine lines that have appeared on my dehydrated skin recently, but from an anti-ageing point of view I don’t think it’s going to do much more than that. This is a good option if you’re looking for an eye cream to hydrate and smooth, but it’s not going to do anything more hardcore than that. It’s good enough for me to continue to use, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t purchase it due to the high price-tag.

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12 Replies to "Voya Bright Eyes Eye Cream Review"

  • Deirdra Carroll-Murphy says:

    Woah! Steep price, I’m all for buying Irish, but I’ll stick to my aveeno cream..though I lust after creme de la mer….sigh

  • Maj says:

    How would you rate it in comparison to the caudalie cream xgirl?

    I think the price tag is insane, my dior one that i love is €43!

  • Ellie70 says:

    I refuse to buy Voya products due to their inflated prices. I just expect a bit of realism from an Irish company. It would be great if someone from Voya came on here and explained their pricing policies but I don’t see that happening. I will be sticking with my German made Weleda skincare products.

  • Maj says:

    I got the voya seaweed bath before-€16. I was told i should get 4-5 uses out of it and the box said 3, followed the aftercare instructions but i never got the second use of it because there was mould growing on it after 2 days!

  • florrie says:

    Ooh, I love Weleda too. Must admit the Voya body range is brill. Re price- extraordinary…but it is nutrient rich compared to all the pretty packaging and blurb from BT brands. Im a chemist and can tell u there are no nourishing ingredients in any of the highly priced high street brands. It is all for packaging + marketing. Seaweed is amazing, and loved in Asia for its myriad of healing and ANTIAGING properties, which will explain Voya’s success there. I will go hungry if I can get quality skincare.

  • Nicola says:

    I live close to the Voya seaweed baths, and I love them. I also really admire what they’ve done with the brand – it’s in some great places and seems to have done really well.


    The products I’ve tried really don’t seem to match the price tag. In the baths they have their hair range and body wash, which I thought would be amazing. But they were just a bit blah. It took loads of product to get a lather, and they didn’t have an effect so amazing that I felt the need to buy anything.

    What I will say is I adore their signature scent. I’ve been dreaming about their scented candle for months after sniffing it, but I really can’t justify the money (€35 or so). I got their eau de toilette for Christmas though, which is lush, though the smell doesn’t stick around too long.

  • Beemer says:

    I got Very over-excited and bought a loada Voya products in a Spa deal thing before Christmas: Ritzy Spritzy toner for the face- love it, My Hero Oil- amazing, Totally Balmy cleanser- wouldnt repurchase, will stick to Origins Energy cleansing Oil- also got Masquerade Face Mask (more a serum? Dont get it…) and the bath seaweed which I agree with Maj is waste of money…

    See all I bought listed like that, makes me realise what a total gobshite I am with the laser card and a glass of bubbly in hand!!

  • Grá says:

    Nicola- natural products take longer to lather/ don’t lather that much at all because they don’t have the chemicals in them which cause the bubbles. I have used Weleda in the past. Liked it I must say but for some reason stopped using it. Can’t remember why though…. Doh!

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Woah that is some price tag! I agree that seaweed is amazing for your skin but my mam still has a giant thing of powdered seaweed that she got bout 5 years ago at a show for about €25 and its still grand. Think I’ll stick with that!

  • misscosm says:

    God I SO want to like this brand but they piss me right orf with their ludicrous prices…there really is no justification for it. Also they have never responded to an enquiry, and stockists are, or claim to be, lacking samples. Harrumph. ((((Ren)))

  • xgirl says:

    I prefer the Caudalie eye cream, Maj. The Voya one is hydrating, but doesn’t have the same plumping effect that the Caudalie one does, and you need a lot less of the Caudalie cream. The Voya one is probably good if you like a less rich cream.

  • Maj says:

    Thanks xgirl, caudalie is my go to for when i run out of the dior, dior is 43 and caudalie is 29, both are fantastic. Why on earth do voya think they can charge 52!!!

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