The Kardashian Kollection: when celebrity fashion lines get it wrong

By Rosemary | November 21 2012 | 38 Comments

The big celebrity news from the past few weeks – in case you’ve been living under a rock – is that the Kardashian Kollection has finally (er) landed on UK and Irish shores, across Dorothy Perkins stores across the country. Judging by Kim’s own style anyway, it wasn’t too tough to guess what the collection would be heavy on – but it was still a surprise to see so many bodycon dresses lined up together. The kollection is a serious ode to Herve Léger’s signature bandage dresses, albeit with a far lower price tag: items start at €32 for a Kardashian klutch (sorry, couldn’t help it) and rise to €99 for the lace trench koat (this could run and run . . .)

What’s been most surprising of all about the kollection – at least for me – is just how bad everything is. What can I say? Maybe I’ve been spoiled in past seasons by stellar collections from celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham and the Olsen twins. This collection is choc-full of uninspired, bargain-basement prints; even cheaper stretchy fabrics; and boring, body-hugging cuts that would be a tough sell even for the most body beautiful among us. Even the leopard print is wrong, and I take leopard print very un-seriously altogether; before this kollection, I hadn’t met a leopard print I didn’t like! But you’d have to pay me to sport the print above.

While there’s no doubt in my mind that the girls themselves look perfectly serviceable in the clothes – check out Kim’s killer kurves, above – one also has to question the amount of retouching that was used in the snaps. Is it just me, or does Khloe Kardashian Odom (what? I watch X Factor USA) really not look like that in real life? And while Kim’s breasts look mahoosive in the above snap, on the top they look positively miniature.

The important disclaimer for the Kardashians is, unfortunately, one that hasn’t quite translated over here. In the US, the Kardashian Kollection is sold exclusively in Sears, a department store that might be a Dunnes / Heatons equivalent for us; here, it’s sold in Dorothy Perkins which, while it’s not super upmarket, is definitely not bargaintastic. (Then again, the Olsens do a cut-price line too, so maybe the Kardashians are building up to bigger and better things!)

What do you think? Is the Kardashian Kollection a hit – or is it a miss? (And what would you buy, if anything? I will grudgingly admit that the lace trench isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and mixed with a few cooler items the PU jacket could be quite cute!)

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38 Replies to "The Kardashian Kollection: when celebrity fashion lines get it wrong"

  • littlesis says:

    i think it’s a bloody awful kollection! I wasn’t expecting much anyway but even still, it’s bad. It’s cheap looking and as a leopardprint lover, I am appalled.

  • le smurf says:

    Not surprised at all – cheap miserable tack. Not surprised that el Duchess sent back the clothes the Kardashians sent to her! AS IF she would even think about wearing them!!

  • EvieM says:

    Mank…was having a nose on the new “eu” Dotty Ps website this morning and when I click on new in the first few rows of pics were all Kardashian Kollection. Now I’d expected it to be fairly tight fitting and a bit tartyish based on Kims wardrobe but it’s manky, I wouldn’t take a decent present of anything in that collection. It all seems to be based around Kim too, you’d never really see Kourt or Khloe in that kind of get up, Khloe is generally quite well dressed (with the odd jumpsuit thrown in). There is definitely major photoshopping going on though, the boobs are hilarious…sure maybe Kanye got her to get a reduction.

  • Shygirl says:

    I don’t think its that bad, but I wouldn’t expect them from a celebrity fashion line. I kinda like the 3rd picture, with the white jacket and gold dress.

  • Ashling says:

    Does anyone else think Koutney and Khloe didn’t pose for those pictures? it looks like their heads have been photoshopped onto someone else’s body. Especially Kourtney in the 1st picture.

  • fififinx says:

    It’s exactly what I’d expect from the Kardashians – cheap and naaaaasty. At least they stayed true to themselves!

  • Caitríona says:

    I think Americans are used to less quality for their money. Zara is considered upmarket over there and H&M usually only has the CRAP stuff. They’re completely different shops over there! So I guess this makes sense, the clothes are cheap both in price and just in general. That gold dress looks horrible and tacky even in the photoshopped promotional photo. I must say I have no issue with the leopard print itself but the dress is just not nice (but Khloe looks lovely!). I’m glad it’s not just me who thinks this, I didn’t want to sound like a total snob, but YUCK!

  • In the top picture it looks like Kourtney is posing for her confirmation photo.

  • Daisy says:

    I have to admit I did buy a wallet from the kollection and there were a few nice tops for over jeans!

  • wonder woman says:

    I lauged out loud in the shop, the absolute utter hack of the clothes

  • Ciara says:

    The clothes are cheap and nasty, hilarious that they’d think Kate Middleton would wear them!

  • Meg says:

    Everything looks so shiny and flammable! And it’s all really recognisable as part of the “Kollection” (urgh!). I like with the Olsen lines and Opening Ceremony and House of Harlow that they look like good clothes that could be from a number of brands, not just whichever celebrities’ clothes. To me it’s no different than a top with D&G or Prada emblazoned across it. But then, the Kardashians aren’t known for subtlety so as least their sticking with their brand identity.

  • Karen Monoxide says:

    In the ones where they’re all together, it looks like the pictures were taken separately and just Photoshopped together to make it look like the one photo, if that makes sense.

    And for the clothes; it’s all been said above!

  • atkin says:

    Why are you surprised, the Kardashians are cheap, tacky and tasteless.

  • Nead says:

    Even if the Kollection was ok to look at, I think I would be put off it, knowing that these 3 geniuses had a hand in creating it.
    Luckily its positively awful and unwearable, so no tough decisions next time I’m in Dorothy Perkins.
    I am surprised that they kreated (OMG I can’t stop) a range for Sears though, like I can understand celebrities lending their names to H&M, Zara and so on but I think Sears is viewed by Americans as more like a Michael Guiney’s or Heaton’s to us.
    Not very kool…

  • Em says:

    Wish the Kardashians would stop pouring themselves into the dresses. It does them no favours. Dont get me wrong, a bodycon dress can be nice, but they not when you have to BATE yourself into it, as the Mammy would say.

  • Juniper says:

    I got up close to the Kollection the day it launched in DP in London, it is truly horrible, the worst pieces are the pollyester ‘silk’ shirts!

  • Laura says:

    All of it looks rotten. Then again,i would have no interest at all in anything they do,or wear.

  • freckleface says:

    Cheap, tacky, horrific. That is all!

  • limesmoothie says:

    I get the Dotty P email, as I’ve bought a few cute dresses from there this year.

    Made the mistake of clicking on the link – complete and utter tat that would shame Primark. And at ten times the price of la Primarque. No thanks, Kardashians (whoever you may be).

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