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By Emma | March 9 2012 | 29 Comments

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I’m locked into a never-ending struggle with my eyebrows. They haven’t been the same since The Day My Sister Got Her Hair Cut, which resulted in a fit of jealousy and the mother of all home makeovers. One dodgy fringe, several peroxide ‘highlights’ and two straggly tadpole brows later, and my transformation was complete. That showed her. Yes, there were tears (most, apart from mine, of laughter), and I’ve been growing them back ever since.

But it’s been a bumpy journey, and I really need professional help. The plan is to get them threaded every second month, and then maintain the shape at home. But come two days past payday, my account is so ravaged I can barely cover essentials like wine and lipstick. Brow maintenance goes out the window.

  • So there are a couple of hero products I rely on. Firstly, I’m never without a good brow pencil, to basically draw fake hair onto bare skin. One of the best is this Superfine Liner for Brows, €15 from Clinique (4): available in four shades, it’s self-sharpening and very thin, so creates fine, natural looking strokes
  • I also like Avon’s Glimmersticks brow definer, €8 (and Rimmel pencils are pretty decent too)
  • I use powder on the rest of my brows, for a softer look. I love the Clarins Pro Palette, €39, (3 which contains three powders, wax, a pinkish eyeshadow and three brow tools, which I’ve managed to lose in the year I’ve had the kit. Psst: check out our review of this too, for even more info
  • Sometimes I switch it up with the dark shade from Catrice’s ‘Help! I Am Stranded’ palette (3): it does the job and is only a couple of quid
  • And in a pesky new development, I’ve recently discovered a couple of mad, wiry brow hairs that stick out at weird angles and just won’t lie flat. I’ve been trying to beat them into submission with Anastasia brow gel in espresso (1), which I picked up in Elysian Brows. To be honest, it’s a losing battle and they usually wrangle their way free by the end of the day

Do you have any tips for me? How do you do yours?

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29 Replies to "5 Great Brow Taming Products"

  • Grá says:

    Emma I use the Rimmel pencils too but I also comb the crap out of them. The get combed everyday after my makeup has been done, again at night after it’s been taken off. I also wipe all the mascara of my mascara brush and use that to shape them when I’m going out (there usually is a tad bit of product on the brush, just enough to darken the lighter hairs in my brows)I guess they kinda look HD, just not too thich though. Last Summer a gal came up to me in a pub and touched my eyebrows. I was like WTF, she said she was admiring them and was wondering if they were real or what! Yep they are darling and stuck to my forehead! DO.NOT.TOUCH!

  • Sugar says:

    Grá haha that’s gas! Had a girl do that to me out one night except I’ve a birthmark on my shoulder she apparently thought was lovely…bizarre!
    I’m also a victim of the rogue hairs, tend to use an old mascara brush and hairspray to keep them tamed, just got some Catrice brow gel that’s clear the other week, it seems ok. Desperate at filling them in myself though, have an e.l.f. brow kit and some pencils but I’m not the mae west at it.
    As for threading, doubt I could deal with the pain. Get them neatened up if I’m getting my lashes tinted, but I have to be sure I trust the person not to go overboard as I’m fair and need to work with what I have. Tend to just pluck the strays myself though.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    I’ve always envied your brows, Emma. I’m guilty of going a bit too heavy on mine, I just like it so don’t really care. My dad’s vision isn’t great and he thinks it makes me look like Elizabeth Taylor :L

  • OtherMary says:

    Strong wet look hair gel in an emptied and cleaned mascara tube. Holds eyebrow hair in place all day, stiff and glossy.

    I have never had any luck with eyebrow gels, and especially not wax, because they are not exactly strong.

  • Since I wrote this I have actually had my brows HD-ed and I love the result. But it is a bit spendy to be getting done on a regular basis so I’ll be back to my DIY habits again!

    Grá, I hope you gave her a slap. Or at least a very stern look.

  • Ellie70 says:

    I have been getting mine threaded for the last few months but it is proving expensive as I have fast regrowth. I try and maintain the shape myself but always end up with one brow different to the other. For Limerick people I highly recommend the young Indian woman at the threading bar at Debenhams, she does a fantastic arch. Be warned she is expensive at €17. I bought the Gosh brow wax and it is crap, it does nothing at all, doesn’t even keep brows in place. I use the Eylure brow pencil in shade 1, it has a comb on one end so is handy for when you are in a hurry.

  • jane hammond says:

    i use a product called colorsport eyebrow definer, if u do overpluck, it fills in your mistakes with ease, its like a felt tip, and the best eyebrow product ive ever used. I also use vaseline to keep them in place, ive tried so many products.

  • MilkyMoo says:

    Has anyone tried Smashbox Brow Tech? It gets good reviews but I’m curious about the holding power…

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t use anything to fill out my brows?! I have proper thick brows that grow fast. Haven’t tried threading but love getting them sorted at the Estee Lauder counter. Other than that I use an eyebrow gel I got in Victoria’s secret of all places & its fanastic at keeping them where they’re meant to be!

  • Banjaxed says:

    I get mine threaded about every second month, have great intentions of maintaining them myself in between appointments, but that never happens! I don’t do much to my brows actually. I use Essence clear mascara to brush them into shape every morning, and if I’m going out I use a brown eyshadow (whatever’s handy) to darken them a bit. Oh, and I dye them every so often (maybe 3-4 times a year) with a home dye kit.

    I think the threading is what keeps mine in good shape, I don’t really have to do much with them any more. Before I started getting them threaded I carried clear mascara with me everywhere to tame them!

  • And Lorraine, you’ve always envied my eyebrows?!?!?! I am ridiculously chuffed, thank you! xo

  • Grá says:

    Emma- I laughed, I was a bit tipsy and she was too, she was very nice, it’s just that her filter of what was appropriate to do and not appropriate was a bit muddled up! :D She spent ages glaring at my eyes, the lads thaought she was going to shift me :D

  • BerG says:

    I use Benefit’s Instant Brow pencil and find it great. Its very quick of a morning when time is of the essence. Has a handy brush on one end and waxy pencil on the other. Its something i will definately repurchase.

    Emma: Your eyebrows look picture perfect in the photo above.

  • Grá says:

    Oops that’s Staring and Thought. Can this day not just end already, I’m hungover and need my bed :(

  • girls world says:

    you mention wiry brow hairs which stick out at weird angles. This may be because you had previously plucked this hair and pulled it out straight. ‘They’ say you should pluck in the direction the hair grows, the hair will then regrow in the correct direction!
    From a Fellow plucker, filler, waxer, liner brow girl.

  • Nicola says:

    I love Bobbi Brown eyebrow pencils, they go on as pencil but kind of turn into powder so they are soft for daytime wear without looking like you are rocking the Scouse Brow! the “wheat” colour is great for those of us cursed with blonde eyebrows as well!

  • Kirstie says:

    I tend to use a stiff angled brush and a powder shadow these days mostly. But I’m not beyond running some mascara through them if I’m in a hurry!

  • Alex Donald says:

    A mate is trying to grow out her brows and she got the 3D brow treatment in Brown Sugar (aren’t brows always in 3D I wondered?!). It’s supposed to help by dying the pale hairs you can’t see around the brow and creating a framework for you not to pluck inside! Looks great on her.

    Personally Benefit Brow Zings always does the trick for me. A brilliant product that last for ever!

  • Edelmc says:

    Emma- where did you get the hd treatment and what do you think of the Anastasia tinted brow gel? I have been dying to try it. Got the mac tinted gel but I always seem to get more on my skin then on my brows!
    Love the look of the clarins palette but I wish they would release a version with cool toned lighter shades of shadows.
    I alternate between mac clear brow gel, mac Lingering brow pencil and Inglot tinted brow wax. I really like all 3 products

  • @Edelmc, I got mine done at Carter Beauty in Blackrock – I put a review up on Fluff and Fripperies this week if you want to take a look. The Anastasia brow gel is good but I find all brow gels a bit messy to work with and manage to smudge them if I’m not very, very careful…

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