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Thandie Newton reveals surprising fact: turmeric secret to perfect foundation

By Aisling | January 23 2012 | 26 Comments


So it’s not all down to Olay Total Effects eh?  The tinted moisturiser that Thandie Newton has sworn blind is the only thing we’ll ever need for flawless skin can, it seems, be improved.

By turmeric.

The ingredient that’s better known as being a tasty addition to er curry can spice up your skincare routine too.  In Asia it’s been used since the beginning of time to brighten and heal skin.  Because it’s an antioxidant and has anti inflammatory properties, it’s used for medicinal purposes and when made into  a paste can also be applied to blackheads, acne and other nasties.  Asian women use it regularly as an exfoliant and cleanser – and as an antiager.  Turmeric can help to keep skin supple and apparently keep wrinkles at bay.

No wonder Thandie loves it.  But she also rates it for another reason.  Some foundations formulated in the West (like her Olay touch of foundation for example) are too pink toned for her complexion.  (Read: Am I pink or yellow to find out what this is all about) so adding just a pinch of turmeric yellows her base down and makes it suitable for her skin.

Good eh?  Have you got any little DIY tips like this that you swear by?  Adding mayonnaise to your conditioner (some people do this I swear)?  Using salt and sugar as a body scrub maybe?

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