Suits You… Not: Do You Speak Up Or Keep Schtum In The Face Of Beauty Blunders?

By Lynnie | January 13 2012 | 26 Comments

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Picture the scene.

Your good friend is debuting her new hairdo. She is beyond delighted with it: it’s exactly what she wanted, what she asked for, she’s thrilled silly that her hairdresser has FINALLY given her the cut/colour/upstyle that she’s been campaigning for.

Meanwhile, you are trying to stop your jawbone, which apparently turned to lead when you clocked the hack of her, from hitting the floor and hoping that she’s too busy enthusing about this Godawful hair don’t to notice that your mouth is agape. You’re thinking that there was a reason her hairdresser refused to go along with it for so long. You worry that the wind will change and she’ll be stuck like that forever.

And then you choke a little on your coffee and try to disguise it as a cough when she asks that fateful, loaded question.

“So – what do you think?”

Faced with a scenario like this, how do you answer? Do you admit what you really think? Do you sidestep the question and maybe say that it’s nice, but you think you preferred it before? Do you turn sycophant and gush about how gorgeous it is?

Whether it’s a hair disaster or a make-up mishap (she’s showing you how she’s gotten the hang of smokey eyes, you think she looks like a deranged racoon who’s gone a couple of rounds with Katie Taylor), do you speak up or keep schtum in the face of a friend’s beauty blunders?

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26 Replies to "Suits You… Not: Do You Speak Up Or Keep Schtum In The Face Of Beauty Blunders?"

  • Banjaxed says:

    I’m a bad friend… I would probably say something about it not being my style but that I’m delighted she’s happy with it… I wouldn’t be able to lie and say that I loved it but I couldn’t completely tell the truth either and crush her… It’s a hard one, isn’t it?

  • RiRi says:

    I would never have the guts to tell her how she looks, I would just say ‘Ya it looks good’ and that’s it nothing more, nothing less.

  • Snowdrop says:

    Nope, wouldn’t have the liathroidi to tell a person. I’d be afraid to hurt someone, and like if they’re happy with it. . . .does it matter what I think?

  • Hmm, it’s a tough one. I think I’d say something along the lines of preferring her hair or make up another way, maybe suggesting to help if its makeup.

    In fairness if she’s chuffed to pieces, I’m not sure my opinion is any more valid though unless you’re friends with Helen Flanagan (Rawsie from Corrie) Sweet. Jesus. What are her friends thinking? Would the cab driver not even tell her?

  • Acat says:

    Oh thats tough! I usually say its nice then in the next few days subtly drop I love you hair like this, I think this colour looks great on you, hints. I wouldn’t ruin the buzz when they had just gotten it done.

    I got my hair chopped really short and was just out of the hairdressers. Met a friend and she said “Oh, your hair!!” and that was it. I took the hint, but I still liked it. After a few drinks a few weeks later she was telling me how great my hair was, and how nice it was when I styled it myself. Said after the hairdressers I looked a fright. I just went with it, not mentioning that I had been trying, and failing to reproduce that look for weeks!
    I have let my hair grow back and every time I have a hairdresser appointment my friends all start saying how much they love my long hair!

    Thing is I liked it like that and would prob get it chopped again if I could afford the upkeep!

  • BerG says:

    I would do the cowardly, side-step or soft shoe shuffle as my Dad calls it. Would say i was glad they were happy with it but i think it was nicer another way. I would hate to ruin someone’s buzz, but at the same time would not lie outright if i hated the new look.

  • MUFD says:

    Having been a major dabbler and experimenter in hair styles, shapes, colours, ditto for looks, clothes, makeup, you name it… out of financial necessity when I was younger and couldn’t afford the “cool stuff” the other teenagers were wearing (and later coz I realised I enjoyed being quirky – now am more pedestrian, not so much exciting anymore), I always felt gutted when someone dissed (gently or otherwise) what I was currently sporting. It’s so rude to presume anyone has the right to comment on what your appearance is. People sometimes have no style, plain and simple. Or no confidence. Or no money. Or no interest. Or an overdeveloped sense of style that doesn’t work… but if that’s the case, they’re trying looks out to find what they like… that’s the way I see it anyhow! Let’s face it, our mothers think they have the absolute right to nitpick and comment on everything, and we all know how much that p*sses us off! If someone likes something and I hate it (case in point, a friends DREADFUL haircut lately), I try to remember that it’s /my opinion/ that it’s awful, and not hers. My only role is to be supportive (and later, if she happens to move on and says it was awful herself, then I can cheerfully agree of course!)

  • Caitríona says:

    I hate when this happens! A friend of mine got a fringe cut in after various hairdressers refused to give her one for YEARS! It really didn’t suit her face at all and she has really curly hair that never stays straight and a cow’s lick. It was awful. She loved it though so I obviously didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I avoided saying anything. There is no need to be mean but I couldn’t lie. When she was photos of it she hated it and asked me for my honest opinion so I gave it. I told her I thought her hair looked better before and that it was just too much maintenence for somebody with curly hair. The fringe was gone swiftly and she thanked me for my honesty. I think you should keep critisism to yourself unless it’s actually asked for. If she loves it, your opinion is irrelevant and will only upset her. I would’nt outright lie either though!

  • Cait says:

    I’m awful – I immediately gush that I love it. I had a friend who got a haircut with a fringe that did NOT suit her and I told her it was gorgeous without even being asked. My boyfriend is the opposite and immediately told her the fringe didn’t suit her and he preferred her hair before. He’s always so blunt that he gets away with it because people expect it from him now. And he doesn’t say it in a nasty way just a straightforward honest way.
    I hate friends doing the false enthusiasm to me though. Like Acat I had short hair and everyone said they liked it, but now that my hair is long they are telling me never to cut it short again!

  • lainey316 says:

    I’d be relatively truthful with close friends on things like makeup, clothes, an updo but would be very, very careful on a cut or colour – if it’s not something that can be removed at the end of the day there’s limited scope for not upsetting her!

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