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Sneak Peek: Benefit Perk Up Artist concealer kit

By Aisling | June 21 2012 | 11 Comments

He’s smooth, sleazy and looks like he wants to perk you up in a way that’s totally unconnected with makeup and totally connected with sweet sweet lurve.

It’s that handlebar moustache and those shades – just cue the Barry White.  But we should try to forget that he picked up his makeup skills on the sets of 70s porn films – because his concealer kit is pretty great.

With three concealers, a  dinky application brush, a decent mirror and a much more robust hard plastic case than we’re used to with Benefit kits this is a good ‘un.  I’m particularly pleased about the case – I loved my Realness of Concealness Kit and Confessions of a Concealaholic more than life itself but the cardboard casing slowly disintegrated in my handbag.  No such fear with this one.

Three shades of concealer reside within – a yellow corrective colour (think Lemon Aid), a beigy Cover up (think Boiing) and a pink Brightener “to lift tired eyes in a heartbeat”

Available August €34.50


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