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Rooney Mara: what a difference a change of hairstyle makes

By Aisling | April 17 2012 | 19 Comments

The pictures that were released of Rooney Mara on the set of her latest film The Bitter Pill show a completely different girl than the one I fell in love with as Lisbeth Salander.  Instead of being hyper styled and sexily weird she’s smiling sweetly and looks so normal.  She’s wearing a messy ombre wig, very little makeup and is bundled into a trench coat.

Because Rooney kept her Salander-esque look during all of the Girl With The Dragon Tatoo’s  publicity and the Awards season I really thought that she was embracing the goth lite look – polished and sophisticated it suited her petite frame and her face so well.  Read Rooney Mara is the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: makeup maketh the woman for more on her incredible styling in that film.

Oscars 2012 (pic via

But she’s an actress and one in high demand – so of course she’s got to change her look.  It’s really amazing  how different she can appear though.  We knew from her appearance in The Social Network that she was capable of this chameleon ability to take on the look of whatever character she’s playing – and hair again plays a huge part

 The Social Network. Bet she regretted dumping him eh?

Are you a fan of changing your hairstyle drastically?  I have to admit I’m a total wuss when it comes to doing anything too drastic – I’ve changed the colour quite a bit and it has rarely suited me – plus I can’t bear the thought of cutting it short.  A fringe has been the height of the excitement really and I usually can’t wait to grow the fecker out.  I’m not brave like Lynnie – check out her pink dip dye here.

But do you dare to change – or do you stick with the tried and trusted?


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