Room 101: Celebrities you love to hate

By Karen | July 26 2012 | 68 Comments

We all have a celebrity – or two – that we just love to hate and for me it’s a toss up between Craig Doyle, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and every reality TV star – ever.

Craig Doyle
Where do I start with Craig Doyle?  I’m sure he’s a lovely fella, I’ve nothing against him personally, but who thought it’d be a good idea to stick him into a studio and let him make wooden one-liners to camera? Wasn’t he grand – brilliant in fact – with the travel shows and the sport and the chat? He’s never off the telly!  Into Room 101 with you Craig, there’s a good lad.

Would you buy a used shower from this man? Even if your folks were getting one?

You won’t be too lonely in there Craig, cos I’m sending Rihanna in after you. Sulky little madam. Yes, yes, I know. Grammy Award this, Billboard Hot 100 that – it doesn’t change the fact that whenever I see a picture of her I have the overwhelming urge to scream ‘PUT SOME CLOTHES ON’ – and stop scowling.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart – where do I start? You’re a multi-millionaire, an actress with a career in overdrive and you’re still only 22.  Would it KILL you to crack a smile every now and again? You don’t have to turn into a kids’ TV presenter but, you know, maybe the next time you’re collecting an award for your work or photographed going to some glittering event you could at least TRY to look happy about it?

But you’ve a good excuse to look narky for the foreseeable I suppose now that your affair with your Snow White and the Huntsman director has just become public.  We’ll be seeing a few thousand more grumpy expressions from you – click here for a gallery of gloom.

TOWIE/Geordie Shore/Tallifornia/ Big Brother
There’s a particular circle of Hell reserved for celebrities who are famous just for being famous.  To me none are more heinous than the ones who went on to become ‘somebodies’ and release perfumes and their own line in fake eyelashes. Why on earth would anyone want to smell like a hairdresser from Leeds? Go on, into the Room. You can leave your fake tan, you won’t be needing that where you’re going.

Will Smith?
And then there’s the odd ones.  A friend of mine isn’t sure why, but believes Will Smith is the ‘root of all evil’.

The door to Room 101 is open -tell us who’s driving you bonkers!

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68 Replies to "Room 101: Celebrities you love to hate"

  • cailín says:

    jesus wasn’t expecting that photo of Craig!!Ollie Muyres and Michael Buble annoy me- Ollie’s cheeky chappie routine grates on me , and I’m not exactly sure what it is abnout Michael that gets me!

  • LauraLou says:

    I despise Madonna, Rihanna, georgia salpha & nicholas cage.

    Dont ask why, but i dont watch/read anything to do with em.

    the madonna one is obvious. haha

  • le smurf says:

    I really dislike Rosanna Davison! A lot!

  • Aine says:

    Ugh sooo many! Madonna is probably top of the list though. I could not be paid enough to go to her concert. If she comes on the radio I switch it over quicker than a quick thing! Deffo agree on the riri and towie/Geordie cres!. Pull the handle!

  • Fifibelle says:

    Kristen Stewart, for the same reasons as you Karen, the perma-scowl is not a good look. Plus, it’s like her choice of career and the huge success she’s had are beneath her. I do wonder how this cheating business will affect her career now! (Schadenfreude anyone?)

    Tom Cruise-he freaks me out

    Justin Bieber – a pox on his house!

    The various Kardashians

    Cheryl Cole

    God this list could on for a bit!

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow. Just….UGH! She is currently selling a tray – A TRAY!!! – on her GOOP site for like, $240.

    I mean, UGH!

  • SJP's Missing Mole says:

    Oh and this morning it’s obviously Kristen Stewart. She always was a mardy mare, but reading her tale of driving all around LA last week just to find a grubby deserted parking lot where her married lover could GO DOWN ON HER IN A CAR……*puke*

  • Ciara says:

    I agree with Cheryl being sent to annoy us from the depths of hell.
    How quickly people forget her wooling the head off a bathroom attendant back in the day. She is nothing but a jumped up Geordie knacker who lucked out. I cannot understand a syllable that gushes from her veneered mouth and sincerely wish she would beat a hasty retreat back through the seven levels of hell to where she belongs.
    I would have said that she could bring Will.I.Am with her and all, but ever since I saw him on Graham Norton with Miriam Margolyes I have become a bit more tolerant.
    Craig Doyle needs to disappear also. The only reason I decided to go with an alternative television provider was that I refused to contribute in any way to his lifestyle. I’d love to know how much of my tv licence goes his way. He’s such a gowl.
    I think that’s me done.

    Might have a few more later on.

  • MilkyMoo says:

    I do try not to actually “hate” anyone – it’s a very strong word…but I am intensely irritated by the notion of Rihanna. One thing nobody ever seems to mention is that she CANNOT SING.

  • Ciara, I’m sitting in a deathly quiet office and I’ve just cackled out loud at your comment – Hilarious!

    Ta for that ;D

  • littlemisswonders says:

    I fully understand that people are all entitled to not like whoever they want – but the whole “Cheryl beating up toilet attendant” thing gets on my wick – it was 9 years ago, she hasn’t (that I know of anyways) done anything remotely like it since and she did the community service. Everybody makes mistakes – I can only pray I’m not still being judged on what I did six years ago…

    Can I send Cher Lloyd and Lady Gaga – they both bug me and I haven’t a clue why….

  • Isabelle F says:

    Oh god, that picture of Craig Doyle is creepy! It’s the same come-hither face he uses to flog us all broadband, it looks so wrong! #scarredforlife

  • Caroline says:

    Kerry katona, Katie Price, Peter Andre, Alec Reid etc – pointless people

    Agree about Cheryl too!

    Can’t stand that Brendan Oconnor, why do RTE give him any airtime

  • Juniper says:

    I know Craig quite well…he is a toned down version of his television persona in real life! He is lovely but just a tad over eager with a smidgen of ego!!

  • Cait says:

    Kim Kardashian – sex tape, fake marriage, plastic face
    Justin Bieber – Bratty McBrat
    Madonna – treats her fans like crap, erased everything that used to be cool about her – I just want to smack the smug right off her face
    LeAnn Rimes – owner of a million teeny bikinis that no-one wants to see

    I think I’d better stop now to safe-guard my blood pressure

  • Shanna says:

    God Craig’s very hairy!

    Can not suffer:

    +1 on all the orange reality people.

    Frankie Boyle. JIMMY BLOODY CARR. Lucy Kennedy. Rihanna. Kanye West. TWINK. Bruno Mars. Beibhinn Byrne. Caroline Flack. Katie Price. Kate Moss. Mother Kardashian.

  • Tabitha says:

    Jessie J needs to be exiled from this planet. Preferably to the one furthest from the sun. I also have a severe hatred of golfer Ernie Els. It stems from my childhood. I don’t know why I hate him so. I just decided as a young ‘un that I can’t stand his face and little has changed!

  • Eyelashgal says:

    kristin stewart she is just too “cool” to even smile!!!!!
    Michelle Heaton!!!!

  • Baby in a corner says:

    Def kanye west, I must admit I do watch kardashians, in the most recent episode he was ordering kim to wear diff clothes … Way too much ego and smugness! Also madonna for the same reasons!

    EL james and the whole 50 shades phenomenon!

  • Nicola says:

    Ah, I always had a soft spot for Craig Doyle. He used to do a holiday programme when I was younger, I loved him on it. I thought he was quite good on The Panel, too. And I like the way he’s utilising the armpit as a sexy zone in the photo. It’s an underrated body part.

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