Refreshing Honesty: Nicole Richie Admits to Not Knowing How to Apply Makeup

By | January 11 2012 | 11 Comments

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Like a lot of Hollywood stars, Nicole Richie reaches straight for her phone’s speed dial when she’s got a date with a red carpet and a camera lens because she knows the pros are always gonna have the tricks of the trade to make her look the best she can. What’s refreshing about Richie though, is she’s admitting it.

“I actually don’t know how to put on makeup – at all,” she told, ‘fessing up to only possessing a lash curler, undereye concealer and Maybelline mascara. I kinda love her for this, cos there’s lots of us like her.

However, we don’t, obviously, have the services of a makeup artist to hand when we want to head down the pub for a few, do we?


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11 Replies to "Refreshing Honesty: Nicole Richie Admits to Not Knowing How to Apply Makeup"

  • ellie70 says:

    Speaking of make up artists, I have been thinking of having one of those hour long make up lessons at Inglot. I am at my wit’s end to know how to hide the dark circles under my eyes and reckon I need some professional help. Have any of you gals ever had an Inglot make up lesson and do you know if the MUAs are professionally trained? I’d like to know before I shell out €30!

    On Nicole Ritchie – I bet those eyelash curlers are Shesioda! I read somewhere, probably here, that Anna Wintour has a MUA and hairdresser come to her house every single morning. Gawd, I could do with that LOL.

  • On one hand I believe her – I know well that any time she’s on the red carpet a pro does her hair and make up, of course they do! She wouldn’t be seen dead at a ‘do’ without the pros being let at her. So I believe that she doesnt’ do her own make-up.

    ON the other hand, she’s been famous for YEARS and getting her make up done daily for YEARS. Would she not have picked something up?!

    I picked up how to cook from watching my mother cook, you know? Surely to God after YEARS of expensive, trained, professional make up artists doing your face you’d know how to throw on a bit of slap?

    So I think there’s a bit of giggling ‘Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl’ going on there with the bould Nicole. ‘I just look flawless like this all the time, giggle’.

  • my first response to this… “MY BIG FAT HAIRY BUM!!!!!!”

    er… oh… wait my bum isn’t hairy.

    I can’t believe that. Not a single bit.

  • Sabrina says:

    I think she is so cute, a bit thick obviously but cute all the same.

  • Dee says:

    So she doesn’t own a foundation!? Ah here now!

  • jenny says:

    Karen, you’re gas! Lol

  • Aisling says:

    Karen – agree!

  • To be honest, I wouldn’t mind not knowing how to apply make up if I had the funds to pay people to do it for me!

  • Ellen Sheehan says:

    random question but how much are the shu uemera eyelash curlers?

  • Clarissa says:

    @ Ellen…. I bought mine in BT’s Grafton St for €25 I think. Might have been slightly more. But they IMO are worth the price :-)

  • Ellen Sheehan says:

    @ Clarissa, thank you :). That’s not a bad price at all def want to try them.

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