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I like to think that I’m not very squeamish. Having been raised as the youngest of a million smelly boys, I’ve been equally exposed to frogs, nails and puppy dog’s tails as I have to sugar, spice and everything nice. I’m sure I’d make an excellent cleaner, if I had any upper-body strength.

Despite my lack of prissy tendencies, there are some very harmless words that can send me on a wave of cringe-gasms.  Yep, words. Most of ‘em don’t even mean anything bad, they just sound yucky. Fassbender himself could utter one of these and it’d induce instant knee clamping and teeth gnashing.

My list, though it pains me to type it, is:

Panties  - There’s something about this that just sounds so horrible to me.

Cunnilingus  – Eurgh! Okay, to be clear, I haven’t got an issue with the act itself but cunnilingus, seriously? It sounds like some sort of fungal infection. What’s more, the male equivalent - fellatio, sounds like somewhere you’d go on holiday. “Oh, we had a lovely time on the coast of Fellatio! Great deal on flights too!” See?

Furnish – Doesn’t it just sound mouldy? Like you’ve left your bread in the air and it’s gone all furnish-y. Gak.

Okay, your ugliest words, throw ‘em at me!


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83 Replies to "Rate it: inexplicably icky words"

  • Lobbery says:

    That word the Americans use for the lady garden. Oh Jesus, I don’t even think I can type it: P**sy


  • le smurf says:

    Belly – I hate the word belly with a passion unknown! Waaah – I know I’m a weirdo!

  • Nicole says:

    I have an irrational hatred for the words “moist” and “creamy”. Not good when you read makeup blogs frequently.

  • Acat says:




  • Vonfluffy says:

    I hate the word pubic and smear eugh

  • Rachel says:


    On their own all are horrendous, together it’s just downright wrong

  • miss golightly says:

    Yummy Mummy (ok that’s two words but I LOATHE that expression!)
    P*ssy (gross, gross, gross)

  • miss golightly says:

    Yummy Mummy (ok that’s two words but I LOATHE that expression!)
    P*ssy (gross, gross, gross)
    nom nom

  • I hate the word moist and I visibly cringed just typing it. The girls at work know this now and it’s now called the m-word after one of them said the salmon we were eating was lovely and m**st. vom.

    I hate the words panties as well but if you put those two words together, my stomach churns!

  • EllieSausage says:

    Hate the word ‘Loath’just because an ex-boss (horrible woman) used the word all the time…i cringe when i hear it

    Also can’t stand ‘facetious’ for no apparent reason

    And then there is a also a list of words that anooy me when people pronounce them in certain ways…like scone….i use it and pronounce it like rhyming with ‘bone’…if u catch my drift and it drives me mental when people pronounce it scone rhyming with ‘Gone’

    It also annoys me when people use ‘Too’, ‘Two’ and ‘To’ incorrectly the same with ‘There’ and ‘Their’

    I could go on and on but i’d bore ye all…and no i’m not an English teacher or anything like that!!..just an ordinary beauty fanatic!

    • salsera says:

      I used to work in a Protestant boarding school. All the Protestants said ‘scone/gone’. I was the only one who rhymed it with cone.

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