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By Beaut.ie | September 4 2012 | 80 Comments

I’m not going to mention any names here but there are certain brands who are so over rated they make my blood boil.

Living off their reputation they seem to pour all their money into their ad campaigns instead of actually improving their cosmetic offerings.  And boy oh boy do they know how to charge.

Whether it’s rubbish hair products, cleanser that you’d be better off cleaning the kitchen with, crap nail varnish, foundation that makes you look like one of the undead, or mascara that smudges down your face after ten minutes, we’ve all been there.

At Beaut.ie we know what works, what’s good and what you can buy for a quarter of the price that will do the job just as well, if not better.

And you as consumers will have a pretty good idea too.  So what do you reckon?  Who’s living off their reputation?  Who can do with a shake up of their tired and tested ranges?

To the comments and don’t spare the horses!

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80 Replies to "Rate it: most over rated brands"

  • LauraLou says:

    I love MAC, but good god some of their collections are utter shite. The Caroline Herrera collection is shit. Carbon in it doesnt swatch at all, the lipstick has as much pigment as a lip balm.

    The whole No.7 revamp too, its a boring brand that im surprised that is still afloat.

    Sorry cruel.. but necessary :)

  • sevda says:

    Most of benefit products. I had a blusher and the box went to bits and what abou the horrid brush.

    If the company isn’t going to bother putting into a proper box and could only be arsed giving us a brush that is only useful for wiping egg yoke over food, then I’m not going to bother with them either.

    Chanel nail polish – improve the formualtion.

    Mac lipsticks, I have 2 and the formualtion is so drying and I hate the bullets, they look like black tampons.

  • Elmo says:

    I’ve never tried any of their stuff but I can’t understand Tom Ford and their EXTORTIONATE prices. €45 for a lippie? Are you having a giraffe?! @LauraLou I agree with you about Mac Carbon, it’s useless!

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Chanel nail varnish. CHIP CITY!

    Benefit, blushers aside, their products, for me have always been style over substance.

    Also Tom Ford, laughing all the way to his retirement on the proceeds of extremely over priced effective but not life changing products.

  • avicakes says:

    Chanel nail varnish again. the bottles are so pretty on my shelf, but better there than actually on my nails. find nails.inc much better (wearing my special K free red one today!)

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Almost forgot, NARS. Saved for orgasm blush and gloss and when it finally arrived I was really disappointed in the pigment of the blusher. Practically had to dig my brush into it to get a decent colour, ended up binning it. Sleek rose gold has taken its place and, in my opinion, is a far superior product for a tiny fraction of the price.
    The lipgloss colour wise is lovely but it has the consistency of thick jam.

    Have rarely bought an expensive product that has lived up to its own hype with the exception of both NAKED palettes.

  • PirateAtSea says:

    Clinique. I absolutely hate it with a passion. Working onboard as te facialist i always could tell if someone had been using Clinique, their skin would be so dehydrated!! I didn’t understand what my workmates in the spa had against it until I saw the effects on my guests skin time and time again. A friend of mine in another department had the pink bottle toner, the one for combo skin and I asked her if I could do a little test to verify what my work mates told me. I couldn’t believe the whiff of solvents off it so I figured it would work. I got a cotton ball soaked in the toner and pressed it onto the green polish on my toes. The polish transferred onto the cotton ball!!!!! She immediately threw the bottle in the bin and her skin looked so much better for it!

    Chanel polish is useless as well. My mam has a bottle of red and I was stunned when it started chipping the same day! Rimmel used to be fairly bad at chipping as well so I haven’t used their polishes in a while but for the price of that versus Chanel I wouldn’t mind so much. I got four from Urban Outfitters when I was in the States last year, don’t know what brand (maybe their own) and considering the look of them in the bottle the colour payoff was awful as well.

    I think that’s my rant over! :)

  • lainey316 says:

    Benefit, Benefit, Benefit. Rubbish.

    I find most of the cheapie brands overrated – Essence, Catrice, etc – hit rate is about 20% and even then you get what you pay for in terms of how long it stays on my face.

    The recent MAC collaborations have been awful, think there are too many collections and not enough quality. However I hope it’s a blip, am very happy with 90% of my MAC stuff.

    Thalia, I have to use a 187-esque brush, a light hand and a degree of excess tapping to make sure Orgasm doesn’t go clownface on me, mine is superpigmented. That’s weird.

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Totally agree on Chanel nail varnish. Absolute rubbish and my bestie also things the same too.

  • Atkin says:

    Benefit, and Mac. I just don’t get it. Absolutely nothing from either brand has been a winner for me.

  • Junokeo says:

    Totally in disagreement on Nars- the lipgloss is my favourite so comfortable to wear. I love the blusher, multiples and eyeshadow. Armani is overrated, no 7 is indeed boring. Benefit leaves me constantly disappointed. It’s just a bit too gimmicky.

  • LynnieDoll says:

    *thinks* even!!! Apologies for typo.

  • Gracie says:

    Definitely MAC.

    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love some of their products. I have some lipsticks and eyeshadows that I can’t live without. But it is not all good. It depends on the finishes and/or particular products. I love the Cremesheen and Amplified finish l/s(some not all) and the Veluxe Pearl or Pearl finish e/s (again, some, not all). But it doesn’t justify the absolute worship over MAC by so many consumers.

    And while their colour products (e/s, l/s, etc.) offers mid end quality (not a good thing with that pricing, especially in Ireland), I think most of their base products are utterly bad, I mean really bad, with a few exceptions (for e.g. I like Face and Body). There are much better base products out there with a better price offering and much better quality. (And wouldn’t give you orange face *rolls eyes* There’s a difference between a warm tone and an orange hue, dear MAC)

    And the collections: God, they just keep getting worse and worse (again, with a few exceptions). The quality doesn’t match even with the permanent collection. It’s madness!!

    And don’t get me started with their rude and unprofessional SAs. MAC SAs must be the worst offenders in terms of bad attitude towards customers. Believe me, I had dealt with many MAC SAs from various countries (I moved around a lot), and believe me, it’s world-wide. I think I only met 1 (bloody one!) nice MAC SA. And no, sadly, it was not in Ireland.

    Rant over.

  • LynnieDoll says:

    Thalia – really surprised about Nars Orgasm. It’s my number one favourite blush – I have to go really lighthanded on it too to prevent me looking like Aunt Sally!!!

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    Lainey, maybe I got a bad one :(

  • littlesis says:

    Ooh, a good topic. No 7 for sure, the only good thing I’ve bought from them was my concealer brush. Mac foundations except for Face and Body, way too heavy and always badly colour-matched. I couldn’t justify spending on Tom Ford, I think it’s just ridiculous. Oh and Benefit Bad Gal lash is just terrible.

  • I love Chanel polish – I’ve had issues in the past but the formula of the past four or five I’ve tried have been consistently good; Frenzy especially so.

  • susie says:

    Benefit, I’ve tried the ‘cult classics’ that were freebies in magazines and the blushers, absolute rubbish, all packaging no substance.

    No7 still looks boring and old.

    Maxfactor needs a revamp.

    Clinique mascaras.

    ooh and that Pixi brand, what a mark big mark up on rubbish eye shadows made in China!!

  • Sheila says:

    John Frieda hair products. Especially Frizz-ease. I know there’s one sold every second or something but clearly for people who’s hair doesn’t really know the meaning of frizz.

  • OtherMary says:

    MAC. Blind worship rubs me the wrong way. MAC has some great products but some are dreadful. MAC seems to go for quantity rather than quality sometimes, especially with LE collections.

    Benefit too, yes. Benefit has a few good products but mostly its offering seems to be gimmicky, cutsey packages of things you don’t need. Not worth the price even duty free.

    Eyeko. Egads. Now that Eyeko no longer does nail polish and hiked up the prices of its terrible products (eye liner and fat eye stick are offensively bad), it has no more redeeming features.

    Finally, I think that Essie’s and Sally Hansen’s nail polishes are overrated; they are boring.

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