Poll: Has it ever come out BOTH ends – at the same time?

By Aisling | March 4 2012 | 42 Comments

Don’t ask me how we got onto this subject the other day – trust me you don’t want to know – but anyone who has ever got the Winter Vomiting Virus or a bad case of food poisoning will know ALL about it.

You have no control at all. None. You need to go so urgently that horror of horrors it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

And the Winter Vomiting Virus don’t care if you’re near a bathroom. And it don’t care if you need to puke at the same time as you’re sitting on the toilet.

All I can say is: take the advice given in Bridesmaids and get the hell off the white carpet

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42 Replies to "Poll: Has it ever come out BOTH ends – at the same time?"

  • Maj says:

    Oh God yes its happened and this post has traumatised me. I’m just grateful it hasn’t happened when anyone else needed the bathroom

  • katy says:

    oh holy god, horror of extreme horrors….on holiday last year having to be sick onto a towel on the floor (because due to the other end i literally could not get off the toilet – too much info, i know!) after some horrendous food poisoning. to make matters worse we then ran out of loo roll in our apartment and i had to shout my poor sleeping boyfriend to witness me at my absolute lowest because so i could tell him to go locate more tissues. worst.time.ever.

  • Lorrrrrraine says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahhhahaha. I have learned the value of a sink that is near a toilet, yes.

  • Ellie70 says:

    Chicken Chow Mein.

  • Clarissa says:

    A couple of months ago on a bus on the way to work. I had to grab a bunch of those metro herald newspapers to cover my ass as I walked through Dublin city centre to meet my dad who had to come in and save me. His poor car!!! Worst thing was that was the same bus I get every morning to work so people I knew were on it… Kinda funny thinking of it now I guess!!!

  • Laura says:

    Campylobacter knows no mercy.

  • RiRi says:

    Thanks to god, never but my poor husband has

  • Kindofabigdeal says:

    Yep, this happened me last week in my new job!! I was absolutely disgraced as my new manager had to drive me home. Mooooooooorto to say the least. Have to face back tomorrow morning. Cringe……….. :(

  • Oh God you poor girls where it’s happened in public! Eeek!

    It has happened to me yes, many times, as I have bowel disease. I’m prone to the Winter Vomiting Virus as well as my immune system is low and I’ve had it at least three times. But luckily it’s only happened in my own home!

    Poor person on the bus! And in work! Oh I’m morto for you, you poor things.

  • Dobby says:

    Brazilian BBQ. Horrendous stuff.

  • This week as it happens – both hubby and I have had the winter barf bug!

  • Breige says:

    I don’t think so but when we were learning about food bourne pathogens in college, this was nicknamed ‘two bucket disease’

  • Fiona says:

    Yes. Wah. Thank god for sink being next to loo.

  • Kittykat says:

    No never. But I have thrown up in the pedal bin in the kitchen cos somebody was in the loo. And I got sick on a grass verge next to a busy road once. Was morto as I just knew passers by assumed I was inebriated. I wasn’t. I had had to leave town because I got a migraine, by taxi and had to get the taxi driver to stop and let me out early cos I felt sick and then I threw up on the roadside. Stylish.

  • Kittykat says:

    Aisling, terrifying is right. A drunk got sick in my wheelie bin once ! It was me, but still ……

  • NiamhO says:

    Thank god I haven’t! Dreading the day this happens to me!

  • SLH says:

    Years ago, I was au pairing and the kids, then the mam and then me all got gastroenteritis within 24 hours. There was no escape. We were on holidays and staying in a hotel, so not even the comfort of being at home. All I can say is that after the n-th time you’ve sh-uked (that’s my newly made up word for what your body does to you) you don’t care any more. And you have NO (zero. zilch. nada. niente. nothing) control over your body or what its doing. Fluids came out that I’m sure medicine doesn’t even have names for. And we all (all who were out of nappies, that is) ran out of clean knickers, and then out of clean clothes.
    My fondest memory of this time is the mam walking into the bathroom (I was the last person to get it, so she was already in the recovery phase), to find me lying on the ground, wrapped in a very small towel (all the others had been “used up”), unable to get off the floor. She said “I have to open a window before I can help you. It smells really bad in here”.

    I will never forget it.

  • mandy says:

    One word for ye…Egypt! Myself and my Bf were enjoying our first breakfast in Cairo. Got back to the hotel room and suddenly we just looked at each other in nervous acknowledgement that something bad was about to happen. If you want to test your relationship, try a double dose of food poisoning. Ha!

  • ladyjane says:

    Winter vomiting bug before the thesis was due in, came home from my second ever night shift woke at 1 in the afternoon. Jaysus nights make you feel like crap….oh god oh god. That was the first time I had winter vomiting. Passed out on the floor too hot too cold then being entirely delerious for a day and a half then trying to finish the damn thesis and drop it into college after having half a slice of toast and a cup of tea

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