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POLL: do you use text/Twitter speak in conversation?

By Aisling | May 6 2012 | 31 Comments

Language is fluid, constantly evolving and changing.  It reflects cultural change, the things that are important to us at certain points in time and new words enter the dictionary with every edition, all this is well known.

Whenever slang enters the dictionary there is much weeping and wailing about the “dumbing down” of language. And although I think there’s nothing wrong with informal language, I have found myself worryingly using text and Twitter speak as part of normal spoken language lately. Not on purpose – it’s just happening. I can see people who don’t really use these mediums looking at me like I’ve two heads when it happens.  For instance I told my boss last week that I could “totes” stay late and another person in work that I was “devo” over something that had happened.

I know both of them thought it was time for the men in white coats to be called.

When something funny has happened I have been known to SAY “lol” and obviously OMG and “totes amaze/ridic” are  part of my daily bread. I now find myself actually saying “sadface”; “happyface” : and you know the quality of your conversation has plummeted when you’re using emoticons in speech. Lately I have also been fighting the urge to say “hashtag” to sum up a situation in one handy phrase

WTF is going on?  Do you do this too?

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