Picking jeans for your body shape: the rectangle or boyish figure

By Rosemary | October 25 2012 | 16 Comments

We’re continuing our jeans spectacular with the rectangle! Otherwise known as a boyish figure, the rectangle often gets a bit of slack because people assume that, if you are straight up and down with few curves to contend with, you’re home safe – when, in fact, things can get even trickier if you have the tendency to resemble a tube.

If you are of a boyish persuasion, you have few curves – your hips won’t be that much wider than your waist, and your chest size will follow suit. What is often assumed is that boyish figures are really slim, Kate Moss types; while Kate Moss has got a boyish figure, they can range all the way up the size scale – and it can be pretty tough to find well-fitting clothes as a boyish size 16, especially when plus-size ranges assume you’re an hourglass!

Your figure fixers are anything that’s going to give you a bit of shape – so an ankle-grazing skinny such as Current Elliott’s Blue Note cropped skinny would be good at giving you quite a gamine look. This pair is from My-Wardrobe.com and not the cheapest, but you can find alternatives at Topshop (although be prepared for the denim to stretch a lot) or Dorothy Perkins.

A flared jean, such as Asos’s Super Sexy Flare is going to add a curve. Dark denim is also much more flattering, and if you go for a dark colour rather than a fade, you’ll look slimmer. Faded patches draw the eye – so if your jeans are faded on the thighs, for example, the fading will make your thighs look bigger. No, I don’t know why they would make them like that either!

Oh – and unless you are very slim or your stomach is very toned (and this advice goes for everyone) opt for something with a mid to high rise. Low-waisted jeans are, as a general rule, for those of us who like to do sit-ups.

And your celebrity doubles? Well, think Cameron Diaz (before the boob job), Anna Paquin (and I have kindly included a photograph of when she used to be chubby) and Reese Witherspoon.

I especially love how Anna is giving Reese the stink-eye . . . I am so good at making collages. So have you got a boyish / rectangular figure? What tips ‘n’ tricks work for you?

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16 Replies to "Picking jeans for your body shape: the rectangle or boyish figure"

  • Beckybk says:

    I’m an upside down triangle shape if that’s a shape! No hips at all so I look really top heavy double d boobs! I’m generally a size 12 does this shape apply to me?

  • Beckybk says:

    Well it looks like I’ve no waste. And a bit of a tummy

  • Kitty In The City says:

    Yaaay! Didn’t realise “rectangle” was a recognised body shape! I am quite partial to flares, and cannot stand anything faded, so I’m in luck. Thank you Rosemary! (My shape really does resemble the girl with the newspaper!)

  • Rebecca says:

    Is Reese really rectangular..? Hmm…

    And I think Anna looks adorable. Although she is a bit heavier here than her usual “true blood”-self :-)
    (I think chubby sounds kinda cute, but does anyone really want to be called chubby?)

  • Caitríona says:

    I don’t know what body shape I am! I’m 5’10, size 8/10, 32-25-34. AGH! It’s so annoying, I always see tips aimed at different body shapes and don’t know which to follow!

  • Donna says:

    I am a hourglass.

  • Carine says:

    This is me, the shape immortalised forever by Trinny and Susanna as ‘the brick’. Have very few pairs of jeans because of my shape but will Definately look into these now. Ta.

  • Rosemary says:

    Beckybk, you sound like an apple to me! Check out my post on apple shapes for help: http://beaut.ie/2012/picking-jeans-for-your-body-type-the-apple-conquer-that-muffin-top/

    Rebecca, I call myself chubby so don’t see it as being at all insulting, although I know some people do. I think you can’t please all folks all of the time, and I veer between using “fat”, “chubby”, “chunky” etc!

    Caitríona, yours sound like the fairly perfect body type to me! Probably somewhere between rectangle and hourglass :D

  • Sarah says:

    Does one need a large bust to qualify as an hourglass?

  • SugarAndSpice says:

    Cameron diaz had a boob job??

  • Rosemary says:

    Sarah, no – it’s about your waist-hip, chest-waist ratio. So you might be a B, but a size 8, which would make you fairly hourglass-y!

    SugarAndSpice, check it: http://www.radaronline.com/sites/radaronline.com/files/imagecache/350width/cameron-diaz-breastjob-splashinf.jpg

  • Gigi says:

    I am size 6, 25 inch waist. I DO have hips but I am only less than 5 foot tall, meaning there isn’t much top half to show the fact that I have an hourglass, it’s just like someone put a hand on my head and a hand on my feet and pushed me up :( I have E cup boobs, so if I just looked a little bit curvier (also thanks to my no-ass) I’d be happy out, just 3 inches more height, between waist and hips.
    I end up boyish basically.
    Rant/ :(

  • missmilki says:

    Gigi – I’m just under 5ft tall too, it makes buying jeans a pain. I’d guess my leg is about only about 26″/27″ – I have to take up even the ‘short/petite’ sizes & there just aren’t that many options to start with. Rosemary, maybe you could do a post on jeans for shorter legs? I think I’d be a pear from looking at those photos & an 8-10.

  • Deeabc says:

    I’m an inverted/upside down triangle too Beckybk! Big shoulders in my case though. The rest of me is pretty straight up and down!I just try to draw attention to my waist and hips to balance thing out.

  • Cassie says:

    Thanks for the photo references! Planting a fruit on my figure is never very enlightening.

    Sad to say though, I appear to have the Anna Paquin ‘chubby’ era figure. So whilst I am relieved to have classified me as a definite rectangle, I’m also in the ‘chubby’ category. Booo.

    Unless you’re a Clinique Chubby Stick or in possession of puppy fat, ‘chubby’ is mean :P And I am not a mass marketed lip crayon, nor have I recently eaten any puppies.

  • kayra says:

    I an 5’5 and my breast is 28, my waist is 22 and my hips are 30.
    i am totally out of shape. what should i do to have a hourglass body type

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