Office Beauty Essentials: What Beauty Bits Are On Your Desk RIGHT NOW?

By Emma | November 7 2012 | 31 Comments

office beauty essentials

This post was prompted by a comment here about the beauty bits that are living on my desk. I actually don’t keep too many bits and pieces at work – for some inexplicable reason I like to lug around the equivalent of half a beauty hall on a daily basis. But I’ve worked with more organised types who’ve kept a small bag of beauty essentials in their top drawers, and others still who’ve kept one single solitary lip balm on their desktop.

Here’s a wee peek at the bits and bobs I keep in the office. Most of it’s nail stuff – the Sally Hansen cuticle nail pen is a desktop staple for me, as is the nail file, for obvious reasons. The coconut hand sanitiser and almond hand cream from the Body Shop both permanently live on my desk, and I usually have a lip balm to hand too – at the moment it’s the Becca one I showed you here. A couple of nail colours – this one from Asda, and one of the new Sally Hansen Gem Crush shades – are also hanging about, kept company by the spooky Broadway Impress nails I meant to pop on for Halloween (but totally failed).

office beauty essentials

A quick rummage unearthed this weeny bottle of Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which has been living in my desk drawer, along with a bottle of M&S Autograph New York perfume. I’ve kept this at work for, literally, years now -it’s quite a rich, warm scent that’s a little too sweet for my tastes these days, but it’s down to the dregs and I’m determined to use it up. My favourite desktop beauty bit, though? It has to be these adorable little Benefit stickies – they really brighten up the working day.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us, what are your desktop beauty essentials? What’s on or in your desk at work RIGHT NOW?!?



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31 Replies to "Office Beauty Essentials: What Beauty Bits Are On Your Desk RIGHT NOW?"

  • orlee says:

    Any idea where in Dublin I can get my hands on the Gem Crush polish? My local Sally Hansen stockists only have the Complete Salon Manicure.

  • LynnieDoll says:

    On the desk:
    L’Occitane shea butter hand cream.
    Body Shop ‘grapefruit’ hand sanitizer (smell is brilliant)
    Body shop – Cranberry shimmer lip balm – (limited edition)
    Burts Bees – lemon butter cuticle creme

    In the drawer:
    A few tampons, deodorant, wipes, vitamin C effervescent tablets.

    If I was to start on the handbag I’d be here all day….

  • bigeyedmonster says:

    soap and glory handfood, tiny little tweezers i got in dunnes! Vaseline rosy lips, revlon ‘Mauve it over’ lusrous lipstick which is my perfect work shade! And a small tube of Bio-oil for little perk me up im addicted to it.

  • fififinx says:

    On the desk: Korres Jasmine Lip Butter; Chocolate Lip scrub by Sarah Happ; L’Occitane Date flavour hand cream; Pai Avocado and Jojoba mosturiser (trial size); Boots conditioning nail remover pads and Oral B dental floss ‘cos spinach in yer teeth just ain’t pretty. In the drawer? The dedicated drawer that you have to have the knack to open ‘cos it’s so full? I do not have time to tell you. I work at home ;)) Thank God!

  • LoCo says:

    On desk
    L’Occitane Verbana Hand Lotion
    Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil – can’t actually remember when I last used
    Blistex Lip Relief Cream
    Johnson Baby Wipes
    Cuticura Hand Hygiene Gel

    In drawer
    Caudalie Beauty Elixir
    Sure Deodrant
    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (travel size)
    Eyelash curler!!
    Vitamin B Complex
    Co Q 10 tablets
    And some Revlon Lip butters

  • bigeyedmonster says:

    also just spotted a tail comb, nail file and a nails inc. dark shade called victoria thats used as my emergency cover chips nail varnish :)

  • Lauren says:

    On my desk is Avon hand cream, Cuticura hand sanitiser, Rose & Co. Apothecary Rose Petal Salve, mini Batiate dry shampoo, Ted Baker body spray and a nail file. Bare essentials as makeup is kept in handbag!

  • bojangles says:

    On the desk:
    Antibacterial hand wash (Tesco – there’s a recession)
    Vaseline pocket tin
    Crabtree & Evelyn Nail & Cuticle Therapy (what recession?)
    Flaxseed oil softgels
    Dried cranberries

    In the drawer:
    Rimmel 066 Heather Shimmer lippy
    Sample of Thierry Mugler Alien perfume
    Solar oil nail and cuticle conditioner
    No-AD sun protection (hahahaha)
    Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream
    Boots dry eyes eyes drops

    Various forms of headache tablets

    Looks like I’m a hypochondriac more than a :-(

  • cch says:

    Too many lipbalms…
    Hand cream
    Sanitising gel
    Facial water spray (which I’ve never used because of the grief I’d get from the others!)
    Vitamin C tablets (which I don’t think I can take anymore because I’m pregnant)
    Lens cloth (does that count?!)
    Water!! Essential skincare :-)

  • gemstone898 says:

    My desk is fairly bare of beauty things.

    All I have is Soap&Glory Hand Maid sanitizer and S&G Hand Food.

    The Hand Food is currently being used as a subsitute for smoking. Whenever I get a craving at work I massage the cream into my hands til the craving passes… surprisingly it works!!

  • Cait says:

    On the desk:

    Carmex lip balm
    Atrixo enriched hand cream
    Sally Hansen cuticle pen

    Everything else from nail file to tweezers to powder and lipstick is in the handbag. I only recently moved into this office, I suppose I should set up a drawer to save myself lugging everything around!

  • daisydaisy says:

    an Avon handcream and Burts Bees lipbalm…very exciting I am!!!

  • thefrog says:

    Not much, I’m still working on re-applying make-up during the day.
    On desk:
    L’occitane lavender hand cream
    Cicaplast B5 (almost empty)
    L’occitane cherry blossom lip gloss
    A roll-on of ‘anti-stress’ essential oils

    In drawer:
    Nail file (obviously)
    Biafine cream (it’s a cream for 1st degree burns)

    The hand sanitizer (coconut too) is in the bag.

  • Senora Espana says:

    I’ve got Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel, Vaseline Aloe Vera Pocket Size, 2 hair ties, Palmers Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter and a nail file.

    Have my handcream, toothbrush, toothpaste, plasters and a mini hair straightner tucked away in the drawer!

  • red*razors says:

    only started in my current place, i’m on job bridge at the moment in a university anatomy dept. the only thing i have so far is dr hauschka hand cream, to make sure the routine handwashing here doesn’t destroy my hands :) i LOVE the smell of it

  • praxis says:

    The only thing I have on my desk is a body shop spiced vanilla hand cream, which is waaay to greasy to actually use. This has prompted me to take it home to use at bedtime.

  • Patricia says:

    Vaseline lip therapy
    Hand sanitizer
    Soap and Glory hand food

    In drawer –
    Elnet hair spray
    Body shop blotting sheets
    Tooth brush and toothpaste
    Solpadeine /Sanitary towels….

    I keep the bulk of my make up in the car…..

    There I have….
    One of those benefit boxes (can’t remember name) which has blusher, eye shadow, mascara – then I also have foundation from Pennies (surprisingly good and v cheap) and power…….

  • On the desk:
    Next Super Fruit Strawberry and Vanilla hand sanitizer
    Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
    Neutrogena lips lipbalm
    Dermalogica Climate Control lip treatment
    Sona Stress B tablets (always on my desk to remind me to actually take it)

    I don’t have much in the drawer, except a few bobby pins, hair ties, more lipbalms and a few medicines (painkillers, lemsip, rennie and the likes). As I have a mini beauty bag in my handbag, that’s enough :)

  • Stregalice says:

    On my desk:
    Yes To Carrots lipbalm
    a Clinique gloss that probably is better to throw away
    Avon conditioning cuticle pen (smells like lavender I love it, not so conditioning as expected though)

    In my drawer:
    blotting powder
    2 old lipsticks I want to finish
    hand cream
    nail corrector pen
    tweezers/nail file
    clear nailpolish
    handful of perfume samples

  • Gracie says:

    On the desk:
    A billion lip balms
    Hand cream
    LUSH Shine So Bright Hair Balm
    Lens solution
    Millions of bobby pins
    Vitamin B Complex tablets

    In the drawer:
    Sanitary towels

    Surprisingly I have no hair ties on my desk atm. Iusually have a billion of those as well.

    I have a whole bunch of other stuff in my mini make up bag that goes with me pretty much everywhere.

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